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Le littoral de la Corse By istintu
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Le littoral de la Corse : un panorama des plages de l'Ile de Beauté. La Corse beauté sauvage.
String Of Pearls: Meeting The Challenge Of China’s Rising Power Across The Asian Littoral By Christopher J. Pehrson, Strategic Studies Institute
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China’s rising maritime power is encountering American maritime power along the sea lines of communication (SLOCs) that connect China to vital energy resources in the Middle East and Africa.... More > The “String of Pearls” describes the manifestation of China’s rising geopolitical influence through efforts to increase access to ports and airfields, develop special diplomatic relationships, and modernize military forces that extend from the South China Sea through the Strait of Malacca, across the Indian Ocean, and on to the Arabian Gulf. A question posed by the “String of Pearls” is the uncertainty of whether China’s growing influence is in accordance with Beijing’s stated policy of “peaceful development,” or if China one day will make a bid for regional primacy. This is a complex strategic situation that could determine the future direction of China’s relationship with the United States, as well as China’s relationship with neighbors throughout the region.< Less
La TEMPÊTE XYNTHIA, Paroles du littoral, Deuxième édition By Nicole MANDON
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La tempête de marée Xynthia, dans la nuit du 28 février 2010, fait vingt neuf victimes à La Faute-sur-Mer. L'Etat décide de détruire plusieurs centaines de... More > maisons. L'auteur concerné par l'inondation et le projet de démolition de sa maison, participe à la vie intense du village au cours des mois qui suivent. Ses "outils" de sociologue sont avant tout l'observation et l'écoute. Elle propose un ouvrage riche de témoignages et de réflexion qui nous entraîne dans les méandres d'une mémoire oubliée, dans les conditions de vie chamboulées d'un village appelé en partie à disparaître, dans la beauté singulière d'un paysage aux cieux infinis se mêlant aux horizons marins, et nous révèle peu à peu la complexité du littoral et de son évolution.< Less
Scratch Revised By Peter Spacek
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Contemporary scrimshaw on surfboard fiberglass. Surfing and littoral images by Peter Spacek,
14—Tom Swift and the Coupe of Invisibility By Victor Appleton II
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In this 14th novel in the series, Tom Swift is approached by the Navy to do the impossible: make stealth ships quite literally disappear. Not just to RADAR, but human sight as well. He already has a... More > primitive panel that can hide a stationary person or small object, but how to deal with the moving ocean? How do you cover a large warship? Fortunately, he has several very good people and several inventions that might help show the right path. Once he manages to create an invisibility device he sets out to test it by installing it into a special bright red coupe. But, on a test drive, terrorists and other traitors manage to steal the car. Tom must find a way to defeat his own invention and regain possession of the coupe, as well as to try desperately to find some way to do this without making his invention useless. Deadly danger lurks on the streets where Tom and his best friend, Bud Barclay, hunt for the coupe, including an Iranian terrorist with a very distinctive feature who would rather see Tom dead!< Less
14—Tom Swift and the Coupe of Invisibility (HB) By Victor Appleton II
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In this hardbound edition of the 14th novel in the New Tom Swift Invention Series, Tom is approached by the U.S. Navy to do the impossible: make their RADAR-invisible ships truly invisible, even to... More > the human eye in broad daylight! Things progress almost too well before disaster strikes. During a test of a small car outfitted with the technology, a group of terrorists and turncoats kidnap Tom, nearly killing him as they steal the invisible coupe. He must come up with a way to not just see his nearly perfectly invisible car, he must also do it in some way so that he doesn't ruin its use in the Navy project. It is a balance of tasks that are almost too much for the young inventor to juggle. And, with the Navy and the FBI breathing down his neck, has Tom overstretched himself on this one?< Less
French Seaside Ports & Resorts - Vintage Postcard Album By FishesEye Publishing
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A nostalgic scrapbook and rolling slideshow with historic views of France's most pictureseque ports and pleasure resorts. Over 100 old photos, vintage postcards, prints and posters: fishing boats,... More > markets, daily life, tourism, lighthouses... 19th and early 20th century images, many hand-colored. From Normandy and Brittany to the Cote d'Azur. PDF Ebook supplied with optional rolling slideshow functionality.< Less
Many Winters Waiting By Evan Wilson
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In this book, an insider traces his role in the fight for jetties at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina. The author resolves a dispute over how many fishermen died in Oregon Inlet after the Congress... More > authorized jetties there in 1970. He explores the role of journalists in stirring meaningless controversies over whether the fishermen deserved a stable Inlet through which to steam to their fishery in the Atlantic. This well-sourced book picks up with the return of the fishermen from service in World War Two, moves to the campaign to jetty the Inlet, explains the public policy wrangling throughout the 1980s, and describes the economic and psychic effects of this seemingly never-ending campaign in the waterfront settlements up and down Pamlico Sound. The book is more than 84,000 words in nine chapters, contains dynamic photographs by Drew Wilson, as well as government ærial photos, maps, and explanatory schematic drawings. The 26-page Index contains more than 1,700 entries.< Less
un séduisant professeur By Coralie Beaujour
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Etudiante en sciences naturelles, Monique est sous le charme d’Alexandre Castillan, professeur de zoologie. Elle bondit sur l’occasion d’un stage de biologie marine pour... More > s’adonner à sa passion... et le côtoyer chaque jour. Ses émotions sont mises à rude épreuve mais Alex semble bien répondre à son attirance... Toutefois le stage se termine ; comment leurs relations vont-elles évoluer à la rentrée ?< Less
Strandings By Giles Watson
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Giles Watson's first collection since his return to Australia in late 2013, 'Strandings' begins with a series of poems inspired by beachcombing expeditions, capturing moments of sympathy with... More > stranded animals in the littoral zone, before widening its field of vision to take in a range of sights, sites and experiences in and around Albany, Western Australia, and further afield.< Less