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Hometown Money - Enrich Community with Local Currency By Paul Glover
eBook (ePub): $26.99
We’re making a community while making a living! Since 1991, local currencies have added millions of dollars worth of spending power to local economies, stimulating millions of dollars of extra... More > trading among local people. Many communities have done this by issuing local paper money called HOURS, valued at least $10.00 per HOUR. HOURS can become a mainstay of local commerce; keeping wealth in the community; promoting local production, local ownership and ecological responsibility; encouraging local pride; raising the minimum wage; and helping people get paid for doing what they like to do. Dozens of cities and towns have started local currency based on this book< Less
Hometown Money: How to Enrich Your Community with Local Currency By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $17.00
The founder of Ithaca HOURS explains step-by-step how to start and maintain community currency. Millions of dollars of Ithaca HOURS have been traded since 1991. From philosophy to management, this... More > book is an essential resource for enriching your community by printing local money.< Less
Local Liquidity By Molly Scott Cato
Paperback: $6.45
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All across the world local communities are starting their own currencies to counter the problems caused by the financial crisis and the misallocation of money towards the gambling circuits of the... More > casino economy and away from local economies. Molly Scott Cato frames the post-2008 financial crisis in terms of the failure of effective demand. Quantitative Easing has not only increased inequality, as indicated recently by the Bank of England, but has also created only ineffective demand. The report includes an authoritative account of the different types of local money that are in circulation across the world from Germany's hugely successful Chiemgauer to the currency issued by Banco Palmas in Brazil and Rotterdam's Nu-Spaarpas.< Less
Maryland Paper Money: An Illustrated History, 1864-1935 By Fred Maples
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This non-fiction documents the history of Maryland's national currency era from 1864 to 1935, and illustrates the beautiful currency in detail. The currency was issued by 138 Maryland banks from... More > Friendsville in the west to Berlin in the east. While national currency notes were issued by individual banks, they were federal paper money and circulated across all states and territories. Research for this book required hundreds of interviews and thousands of hours, and involved cataloging surviving national currency notes, documenting bank histories, and the lives of the 810 known bank officers who signed the currency. The research pulled extensively from the U.S. National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Maryland Historical Society, local historical societies, Comptroller of Currency Annual Reports, U.S. census records, newspaper clippings, and family interviews. Almost 300 photos of surviving notes are shown, including many notes from the Marc Watts Collection of National Currency.< Less
Sinister Dynamic...Vol. 3: The Challenge: Redefining Work, Equality & Authority By Dennis Weiser
Paperback: $12.99
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Volume 3 of Sinister Dynamic: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature, The Challenge: Redefining Work, Equality & Authority. Includes: a detailed analysis of capitalism's terminal... More > dysfunctions, how to achieve local autonomy through genuine political action, and an epilogue describing the consequences of our failure to do so. New essay added to end: The Real Problem Undermining Diversity.< Less
Crashed: The Death Of The Dollar By William Cooper
Hardcover: $24.99
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"We're not pickin' the fight. The government already did that. We'd just be finally fightin' back for a change." - Phillip Brown In his first novel, CRASHED: The Death Of The Dollar,... More > William Cooper explores what our government's reaction to a U.S. currency collapse would be. But he does so quite differently from most similarly themed novels. Crashed follows a reclusive mountain rancher on a journey through coming out of his shell, finding love and a family, and inadvertently becoming a part of the local community following a gesture of kindness. All set against the backdrop of the dollar losing it's value, and the government nationalizing all supply chains in an effort to keep order. This is a fast-paced read that has many reviewers calling for a sequel. Words like "thought provoking, captivating," and "gripping" are found throughout, and numerous readers express concern that it seems eerily like future history.< Less
Sinister Dynamic...Vol. 2: Teachable Moments By Dennis Weiser
Paperback: $12.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Volume 2 of Sinister Dynamic: Global Governance and the Reconstruction of Nature, Teachable Moments. New essay added to end: America's "Sinister Dynamic" and National Security.
Green Jobs Philly By Paul Glover
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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America's neighborhoods can employ themselves to reduce living costs, while rebuilding toward balance with nature-- without waiting for either government or Wall Street. By doing so they take power... More > over food, fuel, housing, health care, planning, and finance. They build a solid future for the next generations.< Less
The Crucible II By Robert Stetson
eBook (ePub): $4.99
When the consolidation of the Euro fails to stabilize the local economy, the Council of 12 known announces the Blue Chip Credit to be the global cashless currency. Mining on the Moon and Mars... More > destroys the value of precious metal as the economic standard undermining the value of the credit. Conversion to both the Blue Bank Credits and Basic Credit eliminates cash. Cash no longer exists. The government can track every small exchange. With taxes abolished, unused credits revert to the government coffers after one year. The peoples own hours of labor become the standard for the new world currency. Can the Spencer family use the very oppression designed to financially enslave them and set them free? Watch for Crucible III as you keep this this amazing secret ending close to your vest.< Less
The Dragonfly's Question By Darcy Hitchcock
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TO CREATE A POSITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, WE MUST FIRST ENVISION IT. This book is great way to teach sustainability concepts to employees and citizens. This novella and discussion guide covers a... More > wide range of topics including distributed energy, smart growth, toxics, urban ag, local currencies, sustainable investing, homelessness, etc. This is wrapped in a sweet father-daughter story set 8 years in the future. Read it to understand how to shape our future or just read it for fun. Give it to your friends and family to help them understand where the world is headed. Also available as a Kindle book. *******< Less