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Logan's Influence By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $7.72
Logan is a radical - I mean RADICAL - writer whose influence on an art critic who happens to be an acquaintance of his - one Martin Thurber - is more than one might expect for two such different... More > characters, and the consequences of it are certainly not to the tastes of Thurber's publishers! But it has a peculiar and ultimately salutary effect on his personal relations with a certain Greta Ryan, who also figures prominently in this most comic of John O'Loughlin's trilogy of novels revolving around the theme of modern - and particularly abstract - art, 'modern art' for Logan being virtually synonymous with 'abstract', or the triumph of psyche over soma, rather than with any degenerate representational art. The cover, we trust, is appropriately abstract.< Less
Logan By Duane L. Petersen
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Logan Mc Tier's destiny was sealed at the age of sixteen when he was influenced by a mountain man and an aged gunfighter. Logan became a feared gunman and then a territorial ranger bent on upholding... More > the law in a land plagued by the lawless.< Less
Sandy Miller-Webb By Dr. William D. LOGAN - WDLB3 Production
Hardcover: $49.00
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Once in a lifetime, something or someone influences your direction in life. Someone enters your life at that moment and brings out your best potential without any real effort on their part. It... More > doesn't matter how old they are or who that person is for that matter; it's the relationship that develops over time. This photograph book is dedicated to that one person, "Sandy Miller-Webb." She allowed me to work as her personal photographer and, with her help, my skills in photography strengthened. Certainly, she has been my best and favorite model.< Less
MEMORY PROMPTS-docx By Dorothy Campbell Little
Paperback: $2.59
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Logan sheltered us with its majestic mountains, flowing wells, tree-lined streets, and neighborhoods with friends our own ages. Juniper, on the other hand, parched and toughened us. Juniper was... More > “a pocket of isolation,” as Ruby called it, located on the high desert plateau of southeast Idaho. Even families who farmed the hills of Juniper moved elsewhere to spend their winters. Why, then, did we feel involved in Juniper even more than in Logan? The answer to that question, if analyzed, could change the way schools approach learning. The lessons I learned in Juniper have greatly influenced my life. This is a book of brief childhood memories, written in response to weekly PROMPTS from a local Family History Center. Each topic centers on the author's family and how local or world conditions and people affected them.< Less
Between Wings: poems By James Long
Paperback: $15.95
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The author has been privileged to encounter and study with poets James Wright, John Logan, W.S. Merwin, John Unterecker, Galway Kinnell and others. The deeply personal lyrics in Between Wings,... More > written over a period of 30 years, reflect those influences, as well as the author’s reading of poets like Rilke, Plath, and the Deep Image poets. The shadow of a woman presides over the poems -- usually in the form of elegy or lament. Taken together, the poems enact the archetypal myth of separation and return in terms of the speaker's own history. They speak throughout from a perspective at the border between self and other, solitude and union, the darkness and the light -- seeking a state of transcendence-in-union glimpsed and longed for but always remaining just beyond realization -- "where the jewel of absolute darkness shines and shines / and all the masters of the light go blind."< Less
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This edition of Chaosphere Magazine centers on the Topic of Individual Will. Contributors are individuals who live and breathe the occult and esoteric and come from a Western Left Hand Path and/or... More > chaos magic influenced practice. Authors come together to create a collection of occult rituals, invocations, artist works, erotic poetry, and lifestyle insights. An article by Matthew Levi Stevens The Magical Universe of William S Burroughs is contained with as well as short fiction called All that Remains by Nerine Dorman. Other contributors are: Babalonshi Biab Od Micma, Dana Fairchild, Andrieh Vitimus, Dualkarnain Siyah-Cha, Frater Nicht, David Lee Grind, Ezikiel Coy, Sin Jones, Venger Satanis, Julian Vayne, Interview with I.A.O. band, Sarah Bolte, Lloyd Keane,Mnemedeia Xios, Jason Sorrell, Michael Ford, Dana Logan, Adam Iniquity, Layla Lucifera,Ginger Christiansen, Jason Leith Morgan, and others..< Less

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