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120 Clues That Show Who Killed JonBenet By Sam Dennis McDonough
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On the morning after Christmas 1996, a young mother picked up a strange note from her stairway step. The three-page letter said, among other things, that they had her daughter and wanted money. She... More > went to her 6-year-old daughter’s room and found JonBenet’s bed empty. The Boulder, Colorado police checked the house inside and out and found no sign of forced entry. Was JonBenet’s death an accident or was she murdered? Was the intruder a kidnapper or a murdering pedophile? Did an intruder, known or unknown to the family creep into the wealthy Ramsey home, kill JonBenet in a botched kidnapping attempt while the family slept? Was her death an accident, followed by a long and expensive cover-up? The answers are in this book. The 120 clues include 56 clues that show an intruder did not kill JonBenet and 40 clues that show who wrote the ransom letter. It details the killing and its cover-up. The book concludes by naming the killer.< Less

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