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Horses for Beginners: A Horse Handbook of Horse Facts on Looking After and Riding Horses A Quick Start Guide to Horse Care and Horse Health By Cynthia M. Owens, Malibu Publishing
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Horses for Beginners: A Horse Handbook of Horse Facts on Looking After and Riding Horses A Quick Start Guide to Horse Care and Horse Health Before you go to the great expense of buying a horse, you... More > need to evaluate how good a rider you are, and just how much do you really know about horses and horse care. Make no mistake; you need to really be honest with yourself as this is a huge commitment. Ask yourself what size and age of horse would work best for you as well. Okay you have just fallen in love with a flashy looking equine and now what? What do you want to achieve and is THIS the horse for you? Are you going to be hunting, driving, barrel racing, trail riding or jumping? Are you going to ride at all? You can get horses just to drive. What about this horse's temperament? Is he quiet, feisty, pushy, amenable, or grumpy? This is a 96-page quick start guide and horse handbook on how to care for a horse and be a good horse owner.< Less
Looking After the Land & a Lady: Four Historical Romances By Doreen Milstead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Mail Order Bride: I Need You To Be My Hands - A woman who lost her legs in the Civil War decides to take a chance and become a mail order bride to a doctor in Wichita. Mail Order Bride: One Leg,... More > One Arm, One Heart - A woman from England, missing an arm because of a birth defect, takes a chance on love to go out west and possibly marry a man with one leg. Miss Sarah Stanton & Mr. Jack Fletcher - An Englishwoman leaves England for what she assumes will be a loveless marriage as all that they had agreed to was to care for her rancher, look after his home, and respect each other – but it didn’t include love. Mail Order Bride: Rebecca The Freethinker & Nathan, is a beautiful romance about Nathan, who advertises for his wife but gets… Riding her own horse and dressed in working buckskins, Rebecca shows up at his ranch in California, unannounced, after finding his ad in her newspaper.< Less
To Catch a Horse By Cath Garden
eBook (PDF): $3.99
A step by step look into the behind the scenes methods, patience and understanding needed to gain a wild horse's confidence and teach him that humans really aren't all that bad after all.
No Horse Wanted By Shannon Kennedy
Paperback: $13.95
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The only thing that Robin Gibson wants for her sixteenth birthday is a 1968 Presidential Blue Mustang. Following their family tradition, what her parents promise her is a horse of her own, one with... More > four legs, not four wheels. Mom competes in endurance riding, Dad does calf roping, her older brother games and her older sister loves three-day eventing, but Robin proudly says that she doesn’t do horses. She’ll teach her controlling family a lesson by bringing home the worst horse she can find, a starved, abused two-year-old named Twaziem. Robin figures she’ll nurse him back to health, sell him, and have the money for her car. Rescuing and rehabilitating the Morab gelding might be a bigger challenge than what she planned. He comes between her and her family. He upsets her friends when she looks after his needs first. Is he just an investment or is he part of her future? And if she lets him into her heart will she win or will she lose?< Less
No Time for Horses By Shannon Kennedy
Paperback: $13.95
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Sixteen-year-old Vicky Miller feels overloaded since her parents filed for divorce. Her mother got the house and a new job. Her step-dad has the new car and a new girlfriend. Vicky has the five kids,... More > her younger half-brothers and sisters who range from 18 months to 10 years old to look after and her own life now comes second to their needs and wants. It’s been six months of house-cleaning, baby-sitting, cooking, non-stop laundry and Vicky is through waiting for her life to improve. She has plans for her sophomore year at Lincoln High and they don’t include being an unpaid servant. If it takes a constant battle to attend her riding classes and complete her internship at Shamrock Stable, she’s ready to fight for her goal to be the best natural horse trainer around. Her parents may not have time for her to be with horses, but she has dreams no one can steal. Why should she give them away? But will keeping them mean she loses her family?< Less
Golden Horse: The Story of Astra By Anne Rogers
eBook (ePub): $3.06
GOLDEN HORSE:The Story of Astra. A Novel If any horse deserved to succeed, Astra did. Her breeding as a jumper was flawless, her mother was a successful show jumper, her father a successful... More > steeplechaser. But when Astra was taken to her first competitions she refused to jump, even though she jumped with enthusiasm at home. For Clare, her owner and rider it was a bitter disappointment and a setback she hadn't bargained on. All the years of training seemingly a waste of time. In that first summer of shows Clare, kept faith in Astra, taking her to competition after competition, only to be let-down. Astra, it seemed was a failure, before she had even got started . . . good for nothing. But then, just as things started to look up for Astra she broke down badly, and things didn't look good. Would she be destined to end her ill-fated life at such a tender age? Or will Clare's love, and faith in her horse be enough to save her?< Less
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This book is a unique and detailed account of a rural way of life formed from extensive academic research and oral testimony recorded in the 1970's. It tells of the farm servant system in East... More > Yorkshire which was central to the rural economy in that area for men born before 1900. Boys as young as 13 would be looking after and working with as many as 4 heavy horses in a team. Their lives would be spent living in the farmhouse and would continue that way until they married. Rural history forms an essential part of national history, with different parts of the UK having very varied employment systems. This book describes how, although having roots deep in history, the East Riding farming system was thoroughly modern and profitable, paying good wages to its workers. Telling the stories of their lives in their own words, this book brings to life the intimate details of a distant way of living and working.< Less
The Big Priced Horse Racing System By paul coleman
eBook (PDF): $4.44
If you are looking for a horse racing system that picks big value priced winners then you must get yourself a copy of this system today. Easy to use and produces the goods year after year. Never... More > needs updating.< Less
Half Horse Book 7 Hidden By Yvon Hintz
Paperback: $25.00
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Sierra wants to remain on the Larn estate to help find a treasure that is believed to be hidden there but he learns that an old friend is very sick so he travels north to look for a cure for her.... More > After falling victim to a jealous colt and battling his way out of a very tight spot he learns that the Rohn has been smitten by a Zammoran woman and is neglecting his work. With the help of To Arvo’s cousin Ey Lith, he tries to set things right but is unsuccessful. Returning to the Larn Estate he and Thax resume their hunt for the treasure.< Less
Know Your Horse - A Medical & First Aid Record Book By Monika Rodger
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Coil Binding. Have you ever needed to quickly check a reference book for information? To find out what your horse's normal vital signs should be? Or just needed that important phone number in an... More > emergency right away?   Whether you are new to looking after horses, or you just like to be well prepared & organised, then this book is the one you will need and use the most.   This unique book not only acts as a reference for you, but also doubles up as a notebook, where you can add your own notes and details as you need them.   Some of the topics include:   • Points of the Horse   • Vital signs & how to take them   • Signs of Illness or Injury   • Record Sheets for you to fill in   Used in conjunction with other text books, or on its own, you will find it to be an invaluable guide to keep on hand at the stable or in your grooming box.< Less

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Referral Mastery Referral Mastery By Joe Stumpf
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