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LOST AT HOME Author Stephanie Y. Garrett Actor /Producer Leonard Thomas New Princess Story; Never before will life be the same for the (Rosenberg- Milberg, Royal Family) of Tori England When family... More > tragedy turns the (Royal Palace) upside down and the Royal Grandmother being at odds with life… All heck’s is sure to break out or get tossed out! Join The adventure of finding Prince Ross, a wife before he reaches his 41st birthday or before the King dies.< Less
Lost By Rebecca Bao
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Esther is lost in the forest and is trying to find her way home. With the help of her fairy friend, she discovers how she got lost.
Lost By Victoria polchies
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One morning I got packed up and headed for Bar Harbor, it’s a quaint little town, kind of like Woodstock, anyway my mothers friend, Kayla is driving me to Bar Harbor in a car, old smelly and... More > ugly, but hey, at least I get a free ride. Oh and for your information, my parents DO have a car, they’re just too lazy to drive me out to Bar Harbor, and while I’m there, I’m doing some shopping. Just to clue you people in about what I’m doing there, I’m going there to open my very own restaurant, I am sixteen going on seventeen, and I was home schooled, that’s why I finished school so quick. __________________________________________________ "Lost" is for teens, not children, i am certain that if a child read this they would be Lost. I would consider taking your time with this book.< Less
Home By Casey Lutz
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Larry the penguin learns about what the true meaning of "home" is through this story. Perfect for children who move or have lost their home. This book is dedicated to kids who have lived in... More > a domestic violence or homeless shelter but is great for any child who goes through a change in their life. Everyone loves Larry!< Less
Home By Morsus Engel
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I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. However, between the ages of 14 to 18, I found myself on a road to self discovery, writing more than I normally did. This book contains many of the... More > poems that I wrote when I was heartbroken, lost, healing, loving, observing and learning. The words in this book are completely raw, completely unfiltered, and they all address my journey finding a place to call home. From placing my home in the arms of others, to finally finding a home within my own body, my journey exists within the pages of this book. And here, I welcome you to read, I welcome you to feel, and I hope that you too can find home in yourself soon, if you have not already.< Less
The Cat Who Lost Her Home and Mind! By Bella Lindroth
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After studying Leo Lionni’s writing craft, students delved into a huge writing project, one that would take them through the entire writing process and result in an “official”... More > published work. This has been a very ambitious endeavor and extremely rewarding. Ms. Dombeck (Carter’s mom) and Ms. Bradley (Ana’s mom) have played a crucial role as we have collaborated to make this a successful aspiration for our kids.< Less
The Lost Suitcase By Angela Schiavone
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After an exciting trip to Europe, the little suitcase gets ready to fly back home... but ends up everywhere but there. Will the suitcase ever get home?
Lost and Found By John Petre
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The journey of two ants, Brant and Stacy, who get lost but find a new home. They are scared but are comforted by friendly ants that they meet.
The Lost Elephant By Richard Jenkins
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A children's picture story book to read at bedtime or to help children's learning. Can the elephant find his way home?
Eshe Lost By Safiyyah Williams
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Eshe the young cheetah has gotten lost. It is up to her family to find her and return her home to her mother Ebony safely. Will Eshe be found?