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Lotto Fever By Roger Toft
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The Wednesday night Super Lotto jackpot was worth twenty-five million dollars. There was one winner. Was it Jason Evans? Jason claimed he never played the lottery, but he had the winning ticket. ... More > How could he explain that? Or was the true winner Chris Graham? The winning numbers were the ones he had been playing for every Super Lotto drawing over the past two years. But Chris fell to his death from the balcony of his fourth floor apartment less than an hour after the winning lottery numbers were announced and no winning ticket was ever found. His best friend, Jason Evans, was visiting him at the time. Chris's brother, Bradford, was convinced that Jason stole the ticket from Chris after pushing him over the balcony railing to his death. He was determined to recover that ticket and also make Jason pay dearly for murdering his brother.< Less
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In this Ebook I will share to you How can you turn your luck into money in LOTTO with step by step on how you will get your lucky number and win instantly.
Win a LOTTO By Jean Patrick PEYRE
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A method, among so much of others? Undoubtedly yes, but… this one did not allow me yet to gain the first prize, but to multiply my profits significantly, without spending more.
The Lotto Guide By idan Miro
eBook (PDF): $1.99
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I read this morning preview where one author started by stating that the odds of winning pick 3 is 1:333. If you do not know this basic elementary fact, how did you end up writing and charging people... More > money for a book? Everything about the pick 3 lottery game centers on that. In a lot of cases one might ignore that but not when you are showcasing yourself as expert and charge people money for it. I continued reading his preview and noticed right away how those that bought his book felt.< Less
Mr. Lotto By Keith Flash
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The contents of my book detail Full Proof System for selecting the Winning Numbers when playing the Mega Millions Lottery. I have calibrated the Mega Millions Lottery Games and all of the drawings... More > since May of 2002. My book features detailed spreadsheets that contain the methods of how the system works. I have created a system that has detected the following: In 2007, 19 times with the MB and 18 times without the MB. In 2008, 21 times with the MB and 26 times without the MB. In 2009, 20 times with the MB and 19 times without the MB. In 2010, 27 times with the MB and 17 times without the MB. In 2011, 18 times with the MB and 20 times without the MB. Currently, in 2012, it has picked the winning numbers 12 times and 14 times without the MB. My system has no need for Wheeling - Statistics - Combinatronics - Boolean - Logic or even Binary Adaptive Configurations. This simple Mathematical system is “the system” that will not only blow your mind at how simple it is, but will astound you at how it works.< Less
Lady Luck Lotto: Your Winning Lotto Secrets By Henri Sant-Cassia
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Will you pick the next winner? Lady Luck Lotto is a complete guide to lotto and lottery strategies, plus the 20 most amazing lotto win true stories and real examples of possible number picks. Lady... More > Luck Lotto is the award winning, complete guide to playing lotto professionally. Now you can learn all the tricks used by winners all over the world. From beginner to expert play, you can’t fail to improve your lottery game and benefit from gaming science and proven techniques. Discover all the lotto's secrets to find your winning numbers. An expert, easy to follow guide to all lottery systems, for beginnings to professionals. Every play can find ways to make more money, with less risk using proven strategies. Includes interviews with the worlds largest winners, and tips from the best players. This is a thorough guide to all the shortcuts. It mixes lotto theory with actual examples and real lotto facts & figures. Every lotto system in one book.< Less
Oz Lotto Tips By Terry Fisher
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Oz Lotto Systems, Strategies and Statistics - From a Real-Life Double Million-Dollar Lotto Winner (Copies of wins In the Free Preview, Terry shows you lotto wins of $1,008,742.00, $1,374,156.22,... More > $76,500.95, etc.) Suitable for any Pick-7 Lottery Worldwide - Includes a 10-number Lotto System (in 10 games) and a 9-number Lotto System (in 6 games), both with Multiple Guarantees. In Black & White Click Preview Button below NOW ...< Less
Lotto - how to win By Bogdan Boroghina
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Lotto-- how to win, four different methods and strategies, based on large law number, delta, matrix
Lorenzo Lotto: 110 Paintings By Maria Tsaneva
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Lorenzo Lotto was a Northern Italian painter, draughtsman and illustrator, traditionally placed in the Venetian school. He painted mainly altarpieces, religious subjects and portraits. While he was... More > active during the High Renaissance, his nervous and eccentric posing and distortions represent a transitional stage to the first Florentine and Roman Mannerists of the 16th century. During his lifetime, Lorenzo Lotto was a well-respected painter and certainly popular in Northern Italy. He is traditionally included in the Venetian School, but his independent career actually places him outside the Venetian art scene. He was certainly not as highly regarded in Venice as in the other towns where he worked. He had an own stylistic individuality, even an idiosyncratic style. After his death, he gradually became neglected and then almost forgotten. This could be attributed to the fact that his work now remains in lesser known churches or in provincial museums.< Less
Secrets to Picking Lotto Numbers By V. T.
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Do not think the lottery is for housewives who try to use small money to win big. In fact, there's science behind the lottery system and you can turn odds to your favor! Most of the countries in the... More > world have their own lottery system. Some are called Lotto, Powerball, etc ... No matter what the name is, the game play is the same. It's designed to make people believe that the numbers are random, and you can't do anything except to bet on your luck. However, more and more experts are beating the game, and they are sharing their tips with you. This ebook compiles tons of tips from Consistent lottery winners, who have found ways to turn odds to their favor. They are able to tell the winning numbers and bet big on it. Don't push your luck anymore. Learn from this ebook, and make a strike this weekend!< Less