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Parenting After Divorce: Rebuilding Your Life and Reaffirming the Relationships That Matter By Bruce J. Buccio
eBook (ePub): $7.99
(6 Ratings)
Finding inspiration, growth, and love after divorce isn’t status in quo. Developed from my own personal experiences and success in parenting after divorce, the overwhelming benefit and outcome... More > that hits home is the relationships with my children. As a "warm feel-good book," the pages within will help you embrace change. Identifying with this content will help with understanding your gifts as a parent while sustaining a path that wins over your children. It's my hope and wish that you will develop defining moments (as I did with my children), as you seek success to a healthier new family. Utilizing the steps within will facilitate and lead to a better lifestyle while promoting a prosperous life for your child’s future; your children will thrive and benefit from all relationships with who acquire the wealth of knowledge cultured here. Bruce is authoring his second book, "Letters To My Children." Seek this intensely magical book about his unique relationships and message to his daughters also due out 2013.< Less
Inspiration for the Heart By Patricia Ritsema van Eck
Paperback: $9.68
Prints in 3-5 business days
(2 Ratings)
Imagine the joy it would bring you if one day you wake up simply knowing how to access happy feelings any time you want to... Dr. Joe Vitale, autor of Spiritual Marketing:"I felt gifted with... More > Patricia's book. It's contagiously uplifting. I loved just thumbing through it!" Dr. Robert Anthony, author of Beyond Positive Thinking: "I am going to recommend your book to all my clients because I really think what you have to say is a key issue in manifestation." Happiness is your birthright and your heart wants you to be happy right now. Spam your heart with inspiration and in return it will guide you with its wisdom. Helping you to create the life you always dreamed of. Improve your health, increase your wealth, find the time to do what you really want and have more fun. Think that's impossible? Just ask your heart... < Less
Handbook for Happiness; A cure for Depression and Sadness By Debby Ladouceur
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Everyone deserves Happiness! This Handbook offers a simple step by step plan that will assist you in finding health,joy,and success in your life. No matter what measure of anxiety, depression, or... More > fear you might feel this book will help you find your contented self. Following the 13 steps will improve your relationships, enhance truthful communication, rejuvenate your body and brain to their full potential, and bring happiness into all aspects of your life. To those who have researched ways to better understand themselves and their lives, this book is a concise reminder of the importance of the simple steps that initiate leaps in your life. To those who have not been inspired by other books, or find themselves so embedded in the stresses of life, this book will be a wonderful guide for taking the first steps. Reading this book will remind you of how deserving of happiness you are and how rewarding your life can become. This Handbook is a great gift for anyone, of any age, that you love and care for.< Less
Paperback: $10.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
One of the devils primary strategies to keep you from walking in the fullness of your destiny, is to keep you from walking in momentum. He knows the secret behind any thing spreading its wings and... More > soaring is the right amount of momentum. If you don’t have momentum, your not going anywhere. See momentum is when you are actively empowered spiritually & mentally to thrive in the plans of God for your life. My friend, Being powerless, stuck and held in a box, is not Gods will for you. You we’re meant to thrive, to soar, to be fully alive, living out your dreams, gifts and passions to the fullest, for the glory of God. Everything God has for you is on the other side of momentum. So when you overcome the momentum killers that are trying to sabotage your life, you will accelerate into God’s plans for your life. I pray this book gives gas to your faith and energy to your journey. I sincerely wrote this with you in mind, Love always, Matt Collins< Less
Coloration Coloring Book For Adults By Color Tactic
Paperback: List Price: $11.95 $9.56 | You Save: 20%
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Are you looking for a coloring book for grown-ups? You can stop searching because you just found 30 AMAZING coloring designs that will relax you and push your artistic talents to the next... More > level. Inside of this coloring book, you will find 30 incredible designs ranging from simple to complicated. Themes of designs: Mandalas, Patterns, Buildings, Shapes...and much more... Designs are printed on a WHITE PAPER and there is a BLANK PAGE on the reverse side of every page. You will be having hours of relaxing and joyful moments as you try different color combinations. You will experience the true beauty of mandala coloring. Perhaps you will be sharing your finished artworks with your friends and your family. Perhaps you will inspire people around you to try coloring as well when you show them your finished artwork. You will thank yourself for trying this coloring book and it's a perfect gift for anyone who loves coloring.< Less
His Masterpiece: A Royal Journey of Self-Discovery in God By Kendra Diggs
Paperback: $19.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Born in Greensboro, North Carolina, Kendra seemed to be born for a career in beauty. In 2010, her career jump started when she accepted a position with Bovanti. Kendra transitioned into a MAC Artist... More > position in 2014 and has truly flourished. She aspires to change the world of beauty and see makeup artistry not only as a career, but as her ministry and her calling. She aspires to empower women through self love and sees beauty as a powerful way to accomplish that goal. She is motivated by seeing the pure joy on women’s faces when she hands them the mirror after she has finished their makeup; that positive energy can truly fill your spirit. She has been faced with and overcame many obstacles that could have and should have torn her down. Through her gifts, she endeavors to help other women not succumb to adversity and see their potential as well. Kendra has a genuine passion for helping women to feel beautiful and radiate from the inside out.< Less
Healing, Romance & Revolution • Prequel 1921 By Dennis Buckmaster
Paperback: List Price: $14.95 $12.71 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
HARRIET H. SMITH, idealistic young nurse sets off for the Yale in China school of nursing and its hospital to apply her recent nursing qualification and build her knowledge and skills and pursue her... More > humanitarian causes.   Upon arriving she discovers much more than she thought possible:   A fascinating country and culture offering adventure Professional challenges aplenty. A “strange” society and culture she soon learns to appreciate and love. A Roaring ‘20’s social life, of dinners, dances, romance, challenged social mores and booze. Society in disarray with civic unrest, chaotic politics, militarism and war. Harriet questioning life and future. Enjoy, marvel at, wonder and laugh in reading how Harriet faces all of these challenges.   Discover how Harriet became so many things to so many people:   Fiery, flag waving radical. Dedicated nurse and educator Gifted raconteur Keen observer of her life and times Adventuress Inspiration to thousands< Less
Some of My Time By A. R. Mallory
Paperback: $12.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
This book is a collection of writings I did as an undergraduate at Montana State University. Learning has opened doors for me that nothing else has, and this collection of assignments and ponderings... More > trace that wonderful--and sometimes difficult--journey. The title was originally supposed to be "From Montana with Love," and was meant as a gift to a very special couple. But when, during a lively discussion, one of them said to me, "The only thing you may give me is some of your time," a new title was born. This, my very first book, is dedicated to those five people who always believed in me: Grandma, because she never doubted me; my two children, because when they look up to me they remind me what I want to be; and to UT and AJ--for giving me a place where I don't have to be strong, and for convincing me that I'm stronger than I know. It is always a privilege to get to spend Some of My Time with you.< Less
The Hillary Swank Handbook - Everything you need to know about Hillary Swank By Kayla Trejo
Paperback: $27.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hillary Swank Fan this is your ultimate resource for the talented Hillary Swank. Here you'll find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more. In easy to read chapters, with extensive... More > references and links to get you to know all there is to know about her Early life, Career, Personal life, TV and Filmography right away: The Next Karate Kid, Sometimes They Come Back... Again, Terror in the Family, Kounterfeit, Quiet days in hollywood, Dying to Belong, Beverly Hills, 90210, Carly Reynolds, Boys Don't Cry (film), Brandon Teena, The Gift (2000 film), Scary Movie, The Audition (short film), The Affair of the Necklace (2001 film), Jeanne of Valois-Saint-Rémy, Insomnia (2002 film), 11:14, The Core, Million Dollar Baby, Red Dust (2004 film), Iron Jawed Angels, Alice Paul, The Black Dahlia (film), Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell, The Reaping, P.S. I Love You (film), Birds of America (film), Amelia (film), Amelia Earhart, The Resident (2010 film), Conviction (film), Fangland< Less
Ordinary Time: My Memoir, with "How to Compile a Memoir" By Irene "GG" Zajac-Vondra & Irene Ann Alderman
Paperback: List Price: $15.08 $11.31 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Features "How to Compile a Memoir"; directions and 300+ questions to help you- or someone you love- create an unforgettable gift for your family. “Ordinary Time” is my 94 year... More > old grandmother’s story, with photos and tidbits from history to give context. It is my hope that this book inspires others to begin a similar project. We are quickly losing our window of opportunity to capture the memories of the Greatest Generation. GG felt that no one would be interested in her stories because she is not famous and never did anything important- at least in her mind. That is exactly what makes her story so wonderful. See life through the eyes of a girl living on a Michigan farm and moving to Chicago during the Great Depression, and of a young wife and mother during a World War. Here we have a glimpse of life in a time some of us may remember and others could never begin to imagine. Cozy up with your favorite literary libations, turn off your cell phone, and journey through Ordinary Time.< Less

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