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A Poisoned Romance By Dave Thornton
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A 19th century story of deceit, perfidy and illicit love carried out in the rural environs of one of the most scenic areas of Upstate New York.
A Sicilian Romance By Ann Ward Radcliffe
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The plot concerns the turbulent history of the fallen aristocrats of the house of Mazzini, on the northern shore of Sicily, as related by a tourist who becomes intrigued by the stories of a monk he... More > meets in the ruins of their doomed castle. The Mazzini sisters, Emilia and Julia are 'beautiful' young ladies with many talents. Julia quickly falls in love with Hippolitus but to her dismay her father decides that she should marry the Duke de Luovo.< Less
A Sicilian Romance By Ann Radcliffe
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Ann Radcliff ,was an English author, and pioneer of the gothic novel. Her works were extremely popular, especially with respectably sheltered young women who were starved for something a bit more... More > exciting than needlepoint. Her works included The Sicilian Romance [1790], The Romance of the Forest [1791], The Mysteries of Udolpho [1794], and The Italian [1796] A Sicilian Romance was her second published work, and was first published anonymously in 1790. The plot concerns the fallen nobility of the house of Mazzini, on the northern shore of Sicily, as related by a tourist who learns of their turbulent history from a monk he meets at the ruins of their once-magnificent castle. The Mazzini sisters, Emilia and Julia are 'beautiful' young ladies with many talents. Julia quickly falls in love with the young and handsome Italian count Hippolitus de Vereza, but to her dismay her father decides that she should marry Duke de Luovo instead…< Less
Eternal Romance By Faith Aleksandar
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According to Prospero´s philosophy in "The Tempest", human life is a wakeful dreaming between two periods of endless sleep. During our history, dreams were thought to be of divine... More > origin, messages from the gods and goddesses, deities of all religions were embraced. Dream interpretations were perceived as warnings or prophecies sent for the dreamer´s guidance. In Eternal Romance, author Faith Aleksandar presents a shocking, sad, happy tale of dreams that come true. His book combines helpful advice column and haunting love poems that stir reader’s imagination about a person who had gone through a lot in life and in love while at the same time sees everything in his dream. It tells the story of a boy who is gifted with extrasensory perception while going through a difficult phase in life from his school days until his adulthood. He got his gift since 13 years old and started to have dreams about seeing heartbreaks before it actually happens.< Less
Miriani. The History of King Miri. A Georgian Romance By Unknown
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Miriani, or the history of King Miri, a Georgian tale is a fascinating love story between heroes and heroines of the West and the East.
Romancing the cold fusion By Tony Imbrogno
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Meteora Greece 1942: the German scientist Edmung Geer breaks into the monastery of Agios Nikolaos to try exotic equipment but does not find anything. Bari today: Michael fed up with work and family... More > life, back to the Moon mountains, a place of white rocks where he lived his first emotions of adolescence and meets two young women investigating the history of St. Nicholas. A cool and Mediterranean Puglia, where human activities and nature are symbiotic, is the background to the search that leads them from Bari to Meteora and area 51 in Nevada. Someone follows them and watch for their movements; such interests are moving in the shadows? What was Geer trying in Meteora in 1942? Where is hidden the ultimate gift of St. Nicholas, what has originated the legend of Santa Klaus? Will Michael find new interests and girlfriends? Will the "main-stream" be able to lead them to the sea, under the watchful eye of the moon? The book is the first of the Moon Trilogy (Romancing the cold fusion - Zero Gravity – The line).< Less
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LEONTARI: A Polemic Romance By A. M. Brosius
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Imagine yourself in a world where the Fourth Crusade and the sack of Constantinople led to a revolution in what we now call mainland Greece. The society that arose out of that revolt is unlike any... More > other in Europe: pagan, libertine, consciously interdependent yet insistent on individual rights, the people of the Hellenic Commonwealth and Polity are a self-made experiment in self governance. Here you will meet, among others: Master Xenos, a great swordsman who teaches at the Red Warrior Skolo, a school like no other; his assistant, Spathos Nikos; and their newest student, Eleni Vlaportini, who has come to Athens to learn the way of the sword. A Romance in the original sense of the word: a story about errantry and swordplay. An adventure set in the 13th century: love, sex and the way of the sword; and the coming of age of the greatest swordswoman in the Hellenic Commonwealth< Less
The Romance and Prophecies of the Great Pyramid By Genevieve Behrend
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Based on the teachings of Judge Thomas Troward, and written by his only personal student, this book takes us on a journey of Spiritual Unfoldment to the mystical land of Egypt. A trip to visit the... More > Egyptian pyramids is something on many people’s wish list. People love to see mystical qualities and the history of the pyramids is fascinating. Now you can make that journey in your imagination without leaving your armchair! This book was first published in 1934 and original copies are very scarce indeed.< Less
Famous Affinities of History : The Romance of Devotion, Volume III (Illustrated) By Lyndon Orr
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“Of all love stories that are known to human history, the love story of Antony and Cleopatra has been for nineteen centuries the most remarkable. It has tasked the resources of the plastic and... More > the graphic arts. It has been made the theme of poets and of prose narrators. It has appeared and reappeared in a thousand forms, and it appeals as much to the imagination to-day as it did when Antony deserted his almost victorious troops and hastened in a swift galley from Actium in pursuit of Cleopatra.”< Less