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Outsourcing IT Positions to Low Cost Countries By Abdul Rahman Malik
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This E-Book Exclusively elaborates the plights of Outsourcing IT professionals from High pay rate countries to Low cost countries and the issues to whom the IT programmers of ... More > World confront with .A must read E-book for All who want the researched Report on Outsourcing .The Ebook is recommended for the IT companies involved in IT operations in Low cost countries Such India , China ,Pakistan and vice versa . Buy this E-book and enrich your Knowledge .< Less
Home Decorating Like A Celebrity At Low Cost By Jecky Lee
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Home Decorating Like A Celebrity At Low Cost shows you how to make a beautiful home out of just a little money. You won't believe what you find in this book! You can learn how to decorate your home... More > in any of the following hot new styles: Minimalist Casual Formal Shabby Chic Paris Apartment French Country Tuscan Traditional Tropical Chic Country Lodge You will learn the following: The Do's and Don'ts of interior design How to get some great ideas The elements of interior design How to organize my ideas Decorating on a budget And so much more!< Less
Obtain a Foreign Telephone Number at Low Cost By Dick Eastman
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If you have family in another state or in another country, you can call them at relatively low rates using any of a number of methods. Low-cost VoIP providers abound; telephone companies often offer... More > flat-rate unlimited calls; and some cellular companies also offer very low prices for calls. However, wouldn’t it be nice to offer those relatives the opportunity to call you at no charge or for a very low charge, too? For instance, if you live in Australia, wouldn’t it be nice to offer your relatives in England the chance to call you for free or for very low toll charges? Of course, the calls do not need to be international. Perhaps you retired to Florida but would like to keep a Chicago phone number so that your children and grandchildren in that city can call you toll-free. All they do is call a Chicago phone number, and you answer the phone, regardless of where you are.< Less
The Adventures of a Greenman Series:(Part 2) Raw Travel Brazil By A Greenman
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'The Adventures of a Greenman' is a 15 part short story series, about the real life travel experiences of a modern day nomad called Adam, who wanders his way around the earth for a decade.... More > Collectively, the parts form the epic book:'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World'. In Raw Travel Brazil, Part 2 of the series, Adam sells everything he owns and sets off on the first of his great adventures, leaving a grey and dreary December UK, for the sunlit shores of Brazil. The nomad roams the country for 6 months. First he stays in a mountain community, before being offered a job to teach English near Sao Paulo, and then going on to a remote village on the east coast of Brazil, where he wanders bare, with little more than a machete, to gather materials with which to construct a tree house to stay in. When he returns to England, it is not long before he sets off again on another of his journeys, one of many during his decade of perpetual gap years, this time to France.This is a true story by A. Greenman< Less
Homeless, The Odd One Out, Politics of the Streets By Annica Mynax
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Homelessness sometimes is by choice and sometimes not. The author writes about her own experience and shares ideas and ways to make the most of it. This is a book about people falling between the... More > cracks. The book is about finding cheap roofs over the head and about travel to low cost countries. It also includes a section of suggestion to decision makers of what needs to be done about the rising problem.< Less
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With the passing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) over a decade ago, Mexico has become the country of choice for American industries looking for cheap labor and low transportation... More > costs due to proximity. NAFTA has facilitated the increase of foreign investment in border development zones called "maquilas" in Mexico. Profits for American companies investing in “maquiladoras” along the US-Mexican border are continually high. US companies with manufacturing facilities in Mexico are able to take advantage of its lax safety and health enforcement.< Less
Bugs and Weeds By David Archuletta
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A few words by David Archuletta This is a summation of facts, but not a reason for the writing of this fictionally set, but true story. However, the following truth is for those officials who had... More > stood uninformed of these concerns, yet, could have; fooling most of us in this country who have interest in adoption… Is this a conspiracy theory? This contribution of facts and figures come from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia: It has been three years since the State of New Jersey had eagerly become the first in the nation to mandate that all hospitals and birthing centers within its borders acquire a new piece of medical equipment; a machine that’s called a Pulse-Oximeter. This piece of machinery can administer a noninvasive, low-cost test for congenital heart defects in infants. The procedure even now maintains a national cost of only a few dollars!< Less
The Insidious War By David W. Boothe
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In 1958 Premier Nikita Khrushchev is faced with the consequences of the cold war with the United States. Soviet agriculture is in disarray with Soviet citizens standing in long lines for meat, grains... More > and fruit was non existent. Manufacturing of machines to build tractors, automobiles and machine tools were at all time low levels. However, cash was bleeding out of the country as the Soviets invested in nuclear armament for their own defense and the defense of the entire Soviet block countries. To avert the United States attention away from these issues and to change the focus of the United States away from the costly cold war, Khrushchev ordered the KGB to recruit a spy for insertion into the United States to disrupt the economy, corrupt the morals of the citizens and create chaos within its borders. The KGB devises a plan to increase racial tensions, spread the use of recreational drugs, and promote civil disobedience. Speznaz Major Andrea Kirov is the chosen spy.< Less
Knowledge Process Outsourcing: High-impact Technology - What You Need to Know: Definitions, Adoptions, Impact, Benefits, Maturity, Vendors By Kevin Roebuck
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Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a form of outsourcing, in which knowledge-related and information-related work is carried out by workers in a different company or by a subsidiary of the same... More > organization, which may be in the same country or in an offshore location to save cost. Unlike the outsourcing of manufacturing, this typically involves high-value work carried out by highly skilled staff. KPO firms, in addition to providing expertise in the processes themselves, often make many low level business decisions—typically those that are easily undone if they conflict with higher-level business plans. This book is your ultimate resource for Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, analysis, background and everything you need to know.< Less
The Gated City: How America Made Its Most Productive Places Ever Less Accessible By Ryan Avent
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Something has gone wrong with the American economy. Over the past 30 years, great technological leaps failed to translate into faster growth, more jobs, or rising incomes. The link between innovation... More > and broad prosperity seems to have broken down. At the heart of the problem is a great migration. Families are fleeing the country's richest cities in droves, leaving places like San Francisco and Boston for the great expanse of the Sunbelt, where homes are cheap, but wages are low. In The Gated City, Ryan Avent, The Economist's economics correspondent, diagnoses a critical misfiring in the American economic machine. America's most innovative cities have become playgrounds for the rich, repelling a cost-conscious middle class and helping to concentrate American wealth in the hands of a few. Until these cities can provide a high quality of life to average households, American economic stagnation will continue.< Less