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Alaska Starfish and Salmon at low tide
Low Tide Foods By Uu-a-thluk (Nuu-chah-nulth Tribal Council Fisheries Department)
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Revealed twice per day by the ocean’s receding tides, Vancouver Island’s west coast beaches provide a rich supply of healthy foods. Although much has been written about shellfish, other... More > lesser-known foods are still enjoyed today by coastal First Nations like the Nuu-chah-nulth. Many of these foods are not affected by common shellfish contaminants and are available to the avid beachcomber. In this booklet (part of a series about traditional, local foods), learn how to gather, prepare, and cook haayistuup (chitons), tutsup (sea urchins), and ca7inwa (goose barnacles). The booklet also includes learning activities for classrooms and communities, along with quotes and anecdotes from Nuu-chah-nulth sources. The Nuu-chah-nulth Traditional Foods Toolkit promotes the wisdom of Nuu-chah-nulth elders by recording and sharing their experiences, language, and knowledge regarding traditional foods.< Less
Clint Faraday Mysteries book 18: Dead Low Tide Collector's edition By CD Moulton
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Two bodies wash up on the beach at Las Olivas. People drown in the rip tides there - but these died of snake venom from a snake found only in an area of the Australian coast.
A Turning Tide Waves of Grace By Casey Zipperer
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Everyone is busy and then something happens. Life is suspended and things can change real fast. This collection of writings deals with waiting, trusting, sitting, and being content in the moment.... More > Some moments are great and sweet and some aren't. God motivates us all to see His ocean of love and kindness in all the things that happen in our life. We can experience afresh and anew his grace and mercy when we turn our eyes off what we think and humanly see and give Him a chance to turn our tide. Our tide can be symbollic for a relationship,job, career, finances, sports, health, life decisions and decisions that bring imminent change. My prayer and desire is that for you to be deeply moved and touched to turn as the hymn proclaims your eyes to Jesus. My prayer is that you will ride the next big wave that God has for you as the Tide rolls and changes even now! If change doesn't come immediately then I hope you will eperience God in your high or low tide. Grace and Peace Always!< Less
Brooklyn & Breezy Beaches and Bay Shores 2014 By Rae Cestaro
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Relax in 2014 with Brooklyn & Breezy Beaches and Bay Shores. This serene 12-month calendar filled with magnificent images of Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Coney Island Beach, Fort Tilden Beach... More > and Jamaica Bay will leave you awestruck. The cover, which is a sunset over Brooklyn from Jamaica Bay, is just a prelude to what's inside. This is the perfect gift for Brooklyn and Breezy Point fans, beachgoers, and water lovers alike!< Less
Cut It - Love of Perfumed Grains of Dust By Christopher Sanderson
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I recently spoke to my meditation teacher. I said the thing I fear most about meditation is that I might learn to moderate my emotions, that I may no longer so strongly feel, and realize, the lows of... More > hurt and pain, the highs of love and joy. These poems contain fragments from the visits to those extremes. They may be part of the process towards my meditations. No doubt they give me both pleasure and solace. I hope they care for you in a similar way.< Less
Scooby Doo Island 2010 By Stuart Campbell
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A collection of striking photographs of the derelict Birnbeck Pier in Weston-super-Mare, UK. Includes low tide times for 2010, for those wishing to attempt to visit the island at the pier end.
Ericca Archer: Living On the Run By Ben Patterson
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“What do you want, Ericca Archer? The palace isn’t the worst place to be a slave. You have fine clothes, three squares, a comfy bed, and, if you want, a pretty girl like you, plenty of .... More > . . very expensive baubles to grace your lovely neck. What more could you ask for?” Her laugh, tittering and uncertain, betrayed her incredulity before she could restrain it. “I imagine, Lord Tyson, that for such things all I have to be is your plaything.” “You say that as if it’s a price you’re not willing to pay.” “You may have purchased me, Sire, but you will never own me. Did you really think you ever would? Is your opinion of me that low?” Surprised, he smiled. “Actually, my dear Ericca Archer, my opinion of you has just risen considerably.”< Less
Sand Trees and Patterns By Dick Millspaugh
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These intriguing patterns are most often formed when an exceedingly high tide recedes to an exceeding low tide on a gently sloping beach. So, it is a somewhat rare event to be able to take these... More > photos. Each one is unique and lasts only until the next wave. Any minor obstacle tends to restrict the flow of water back to the ocean, leaving beautiful patterns. At times a stone becomes a part of the picture itself.< Less
Tales of the North: The Ordan Valley By Clint Elliott
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Tales of the North: The Ordan Valley is a Labyrinth Lord compatible adventure module for 4-8 characters of level 1st to 3rd. This module includes a base of operations and five short adventures. The... More > borderland has for over a thousand years marked the northernmost progress of human civilization. The border is not a line marked on a map but a tide advancing and receding. The Borderland is the tidal plane between high and low tide claimed by both wilderness and civilization but held for long by neither.< Less