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I Don't Have Lupus Anymore By Stacey Becker
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“I Don't Have Lupus Anymore” is a true story about my experience and the experience of others healing Lupus. It offers a natural, holistic approach to healing that addresses diet,... More > nutrition, supplements, stress, self healing strategies, diagnosis, pharmaceutical side effects, exercise, pregnancy and other important Lupus issues. The purpose of “I Don't Have Lupus Anymore” is to provide you with a practical guide on how to empower your health if you have Lupus. You will learn proven techniques to dramatically increase your energy; essential Lupus diet do's and don'ts; answers to the most common Lupus questions; powerful self-healing techniques; and how you can, at minimum, decrease your painful Lupus symptoms, even reverse Lupus as many of us have. To receive a free mini-course on alternative therapies for Lupus please visit the website below and sign up for your subscription. By: Stacey Becker< Less
Strange Body Small Print By Donna Weir
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A mother's journey in the world of autoimmune disease. Written for her children in order to give them a guide in case they too develop and autoimmune disease. Book covers Most Common Autoimmune... More > Diseases as well as symptoms and treatments and the known "triggers", Genetics, Stress, Digestive Health and more.< Less
New Paleo Diet Recipes - More than 150 Delicious Healthy Mouthwatering Recipes By Kim Wood
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A Paleo Diet (Paleolithic) is based on the type of foods our ancestors ate. These wonderful diets are used for many health conditions, plus fat loss. This is not only a weight loss diet. Here you can... More > optimize your health. This type of diet has been used successfully in the treatment of diabetes type 2, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), allergies, acne, menopause, asthma, inflammation, arthritis, joint pains, food addictions, carbohydrate cravings, binge eating, mood disorders and other health conditions. This way of eating has many names, including 'the Stone Age diet,' 'the Paleolithic diet,' 'the Paleo diet,' 'the caveman diet,' 'the warrior diet,' and so on.Don't be confused! All are attempts to describe what our prehistoric, hunter-gatherer (forager) human ancestors ate.On the Natural Weight Loss Palolithic Diet, we looked at the kind of low carb foods our ancestors ate, which are natural for us to eat. And we looked at what we should eat for permanent weight loss.< Less