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PHOTO BOOK - 54 ORIGINAL PHOTOS by DiNZeL Thank you for sharing. Even a $5 donation can help! DONATION REQUEST PLEASE SHARE THANK YOU
M-O-M By Jennifer Gratz
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The poet of our time, Jennifer Gratz, writes yet another of her MANY intriguing poems at, this one being about her take on the death of her mom.
M&M productions By Morgan Everett
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My first semester work in english. Throughout this semester I found out alot of things about myself and I was able to show that in my work.
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M.D. Shilling M.D. By M.D. Shilling M.D.
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M. D. Shilling M.D. is a collection of memories of the life and times of Myrle Donavan. It includes wonderful anecdotes of growing up in a small Midwestern town, to his early days in a two room... More > school house, to medical school at the University of Michigan, and on to the USS Libra during World War II. He leaves a legacy to his grandchildren as he describes the spring, summer, fall and winter of his life.< Less
M in Time By Peter Morningsnow
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A young girl and a small dog make friends with an eccentric time traveler. Together they try to make history better, like by befriending historical celebrities, stopping wars from happening, and... More > ending slavery.< Less
M for Minority By Sam Littlefeather
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In M for Minority, Jassleena Kaur, a struggling novelist attempts to adapt her novel on the Komagata Maru into a script for a producer more interested in grants than the actual story. When the... More > producer tries to get Jasleena to write a 'revolutionary' story (a terrorist story)instead of a pioneer story she realizes the producer is not working alone and that his European-Canadian connections have a hidden agenda of retelling an old lie in a new way. This is both one writer’s journey and an eye-opener for anyone working in the Canadian film industry so heavily dependent on grants. Follow Kaur as she tries to consolidate two very different visions of the story of the Komagata Maru in a desperate attempt to have her first feature film produced without compromising her roots or vilifying her ancestors. Republished in digital format with permission by the author.< Less
M #4 By Valente Ochoa
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In this episode M and Chaos meet, as M has been captured and taken to Xeric Temple. The Royal Guards must contain their anger towards M after the bloodbath in the Cabbid Burrows, and allow M to live... More > long enough to face a trial and execution. Chaos needs M to help him out with a big favor, so he must help M escape and get him to the top of Xeric Tower. Along the way M finds out more about Chaos to discover he is the son of his mortal enemy, Prince Azular. Also included in this episode; FROM THE BLOG, transcripts from the original blog, conceptual art, “ALL ABOUT PLANETS” A comic strip by Abbey Nancett, and M Shop.< Less
M #6 By Valente Ochoa
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In the conclusion of BOOK ONE, M finds himself captured (again) and about to face execution, but not before he faces W for the first time, Is it love at first site? Prince Azular is so excited M is... More > going to be executed that he invites Captain Sepius, a space pirate, to be the special guest executioner. Little do any of them know that M has Chaos in his corner. This episode rounds up everything that has happened in the previous five episodes except one thing, who is pulling the strings? Chaos needed M to help take Z down, but who had Chaos put M up to it in the first place? Also included in this episode; FROM THE BLOG, transcripts from the original blog, M Shop, THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME: a preview of BOOK TWO, and ABOUT THE AUTHOR, a short review of the creator of M Comics.< Less
M #9 By Valente Ochoa
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M and Chaos have been separated, will M be able to find the cabbids aboard the Interstellar Spacecraft Carrier all by himself? And will Chaos be able to control his powers without M being near him?... More > Where does W fit into all this? Will she help M before he gets captured? As the Interstellar Spacecraft Carrier gets closer to Terminus, the passengers who fear him must shelter themselves from the light that can read their fate. M, however, fears very little. But with an angry Captain Sepius hot on his trail, M better look forward to a re-match. This episode also includes FROM THE BLOG; transcripts from the original blog, M Shop, and THE ADVENTURES OF EGGBOY #3 (jumbo 3 pages!) by Little Scotty Gresham.< Less

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