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Navy Gas Turbine Systems: Technician (Electrical) 3 & Technician (Mechanical) 3 - Volume 2 - (NAVEDTRA 14113) (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Center
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COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is designed to assist enlisted personnel in the advancement to GSE Third Class Petty Officer/GSM Third Class Petty Officer. In completing this course you will demonstrate... More > a knowledge of course materials by correctly answering questions on the following topics: gas turbine fundamentals, the LM2500 gas turbine engine, ship’s service gas turbine generator sets, engineering auxiliary and support systems, PACC and PLCC for DD- and CG-class ships, PCC and LOP for FFG-class ships, machinery control system for DDG-class ships, electrical plant operation, and auxiliary equipment and consoles.< Less
Human's Perfect Food: Rediscovering Ancient Grain Jere By River Elderholly
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All prior extinctions including the holocaust of meteor bombardment have been caused by the loss of the primary or dominant plant form & the animal that propagated it. World money/political... More > paradigms known as Builder Burgers, Illuminati, Rockefellers, Rothchilds, & the other not as well known Jewish control-system families have been systematically removing the human food nitch in areas where humans live, all the world, through political & war machinery. Our food niche must be present with the presence of the human species or grass becomes extinct & desert on land, sea, & air ensues. A world desert is reversible: planting the human niche food Jere in areas of human habitation reestablishes ionic & chemical balance, rebuilding the environment. Why & how is Jere, our niche food, not present, where does it come from & when? This book describes my understanding as it was given to me by eating this wonderful food,researching science, language, & folklore, farming it & feeding it to my domestic animals.< Less
Mining: Hoisting The Classic Mine Technology Book from 1907 By Periscope Film
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The technology of mining is the subject of this fascinating book, and two companion volumes, all of which were originally published in 1907. Mining: Hoisting details the elevators, hoists and... More > component machinery used to lift miners, supplies and ore. It contains over 200 pages of text, numerous illustrations and a set of examination questions for the mining sciences student. The book examines electric, steam and hand-powered hoists and explains the principles behind them in detail. It also delves into the control and signaling systems used to ensure safe and reliable operation. This historic book has been reprinted in its entirety It’s a treat for anyone who ever worked underground, or for anyone who ever wondered, “How does that work?”< Less
Navy Electrician’s Mate - NAVEDTRA 14344 - (Nonresident Training Course) By Naval Education & Training Command
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About this course: This is a self-study course. By studying this course, you can improve your professional/military knowledge, as well as prepare for the Navywide advancement-in-rate examination. It... More > contains subject matter about dayto- day occupational knowledge and skill requirements and includes text, tables, and illustrations to help you understand the information. An additional important feature of this course is its reference to useful information in other publications. The well-prepared Sailor will take the time to look up the additional information. CHAPTER 1. Rating Information, General Safety Practices, and Administration 2. Electrical Installations 3. AC Power Distribution Systems 4. Shipboard Lighting 5. Electrical Auxiliaries 6. Motor Controllers 7. Maintenance and Repair of Rotating Electrical Machinery 8. Voltage and Frequency Regulation 9. Electrohydraulic Load-Sensing Speed Governors 10. Degaussing 11. Cathodic Protection 12. Visual Landing Aids 13. Engineering Plant Operations, Maintenance...< Less