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Mackenzie By James Ellis
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fifth book of prose broke into poetry form. about a serial killer.
The History of the MacKenzies By Alexander MacKenzie, M.J.I.
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This book covers the MacKenzie Clans in the Highlands from the late 1000's to 1892. It includes many different areas such as Chaim, Kensary, Goundwater, etc. It also includes numerous other surnames.
Compton Mackenzie, Collection By Compton Mackenzie
eBook (PDF): $4.11
Sir Compton Mackenzie, (1883–1972) was a prolific writer of fiction, biography, histories, and memoir, as well as a cultural commentator, raconteur, and lifelong Scottish nationalist. It is... More > described by Dr. John MacInnes (formerly of the School of Scottish Studies) as "one of the greatest works of English literature produced in the twentieth century." Sylvia & Michael Guy and Pauline, 1915 The Early Life and Adventures of Sylvia, 1918 Scarlett, 1918 The Vanity Girl, 1920 Rich Relatives, 1921 Kensington Rhymes, 1912 Poor Relations, 1919 The Passionate Elopement, 1911 The Altar Steps, 1922 Carnival, 1912 Sinister Street, vol. 1, 1914 Sinister Street, vol. 2, 1914< Less
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A police diver is involved in an explosion on a routine search of London City Airport Docks. He survives but is badly burnt. because of circumstances he is under suspicion of being involved. The... More > pressure builds and he finally snaps when he finds out his wife has been having a long term affair. He ends up in a hospital for the insane and is chucked out the police force, and the enquiry is nicely closed much to the delight of his senior officers who saw Mac as a thorn in their side. Mac decides to start a new life and see more of the UK and get away from the horrible events that ruined his career and marriage. He buys the largest motor caravan he can afford and heads south towards his routes in Devon. Away from London and seeing life in a new light, the events of the last few months are not what they first seemed. Now for his own sanity and peace of mind he still wants to know the truth.< Less
Mackenzie Doodle By Hannah Smith et al.
Paperback: $10.50
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Mackenzie Doodle really likes who she is ... but the kids at school tease her about her glasses and her shoes and everything. Then snooty Amber needs her help and Mackenzie has a decision to make.
The Mackenzie Dossier By John Holt
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Across the bottom of the screen the ticker tape announced in large black letters 'Governor Reynolds Murdered'. Apparently his body had been discovered earlier that morning, lying in his garage. He... More > had been shot twice. One shot to the upper chest, the other hitting his shoulder. 'Police believe that the weapon used was a 38 revolver,' the reporter said. Kendall froze. Anthony Shaw had also been killed by a 38 calibre bullet. Kendall was not quite sure of what it all meant. What connection was there between Anthony Shaw, and the State Governor, and the business mogul, Ian Duncan. And what about Senator Mackenzie? Where did he fit in? And who or what was Latimer? Only a short while ago Kendall was a small time private detective , a Private Eye, investigating an insignificant little murder with no clues, no witnesses, and no motive. In fact, no nothing. Now he had so many pieces of a puzzle he didn't know how they fitted together. He didn't even know if they all came from the same puzzle.< Less
Mackenzie Ancestry By Charles I. Duncan
Paperback: $17.63
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The forebears of a typical Highlander of the 19th. century, due to his highly unique martital connections.
Kenneth MacKenzie, a Poet of Benderloch By Kenneth Keith Stewart MacKenzie
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A collection of poems by Kenneth MacKenzie, a son of Benderloch and soldier of Argyllshire, Scotland.
Kenneth MacKenzie, a poet of Benderloch By Kenneth Keith Stewart MacKenzie
Hardcover: $15.78
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Published for the first time, a warm, lively collection of poems, written about seventy years ago by a soldier from Benderloch, Argyllshire, Scotland.
PAINTNGS BY MACKENZIE MOULTON 1966 TO 2011 By Mackenzie Moulton
Hardcover: $71.28
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Around about 1966 Mackenzie Moulton, Artist, decided he should start recording his paintings for posterity. This book shows the many variations of subject he has painted over the last 45 years and... More > explains why he painted each particular subject< Less

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