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The Macrobiotic Approach to Economy and the Energy of Money By MÁRIO PEREIRA
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The true meaning of economy is balancing out what is available to us and what we use in our lives, without wasting any resources. It relates to the harmony, the dynamic balance between the Yin and... More > the Yang. From the moment when economy began to be expressed through money, individually or in groups, Man has fallen into a trap and became eluded that he could control it all. But money is a very strong Yin energy form and Man cannot be so Yang. That is why Man was dragged out by the expansive energy of money and hence, had to globally expand creating structures that supported it. And now everything is out of control and there is no apparent solution. After 33 years of studying the Macrobiotic Philosophy of life, practicing it, reading on it and thinking about the Universal Law, I hereby intend to write my humble opinion on how this illusion is doomed to fail, and what the possible, alternative and only solution is to this problem.< Less
Authentic Veganism - On Critical Positions Against Veganism 4: A Critique By Authentic Vegan Consulting
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Authentic Veganism: The Journal for Macrobiotic Topics and Issues Relevant for Human Life publishes articles on macrobiotic veganism with an aim of providing conclusive and comprehensive discussions... More > on selected topics of relevance from the perspective of authentic macrobiotic veganism, a form of dieting and lifestyle endowed with a vision capable of defining and identifying those plant-origin items with an existential purpose of human nourishment and general resource provision. This first volume’s fourth issue contains an article titled On Critical Positions against Veganism 4: A Critique of the German Nutrition Society’s Position, which is the fourth part of a series of articles motivated by the German Nutrition Society’s critical viewpoint towards veganism’s capacity to provide adequate nutrient supply.< Less
Becoming Whole By Meg Wolff
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When a mastectomy, radiation and chemotherapy couldn’t stop Meg Wolff's breast cancer in 1999, doctors told her to “prepare her soul.” Instead, she took a leap of faith … in... More > herself, by giving an unconventional approach – a diet based on whole grains, vegetables and beans – a try. Now vibrantly healthy, Meg is living proof that changing your diet can indeed Save. Your. Life. This is her candid story of overcoming first bone cancer and a leg amputation, then a second cancer crisis – ultimately healing herself physically and emotionally, restoring her marriage and finding happiness. With its recipes, healing menu plans and wealth of helpful resources, this book inspires others to do the same.< Less

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