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UNHEARD By Susanna Hartigan
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Written from the perspective of a child, Susanna Hartigan's life was forever changed when her mother married an abusive alcoholic that managed the household's every move. When her father married a... More > born-again religious fanatic, Susanna felt she had no one. Although the two families appeared very opposite on the outside, both had unhealthy addictions that fed Susanna's fear and self-loathing. She was shuffled between living with her mother and father, having no real place to call home. Brainwashed by adults, along with being bullied by classmates, Susanna developed an OCD disorder by the time she was nine. By the time she was fourteen, Susanna decided suicide was the only option to end the life of pain and misery. A childhood marked with fear, abandonment, poverty, racism, and sexual and mental abuse, Susanna remained hopeless until the day she was rescued from the madness of being unheard - thanks to her school teachers and grandparents - the only people that believed in her.< Less
Ancestral Chains (DNA Part II of VIII) Battersby Bloodline By Mark D Bishop
Paperback: $22.62
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Following on from Ancestral Chains DNA Part I, this work takes the reader a step further along the intrigue of the Family Tree. Viewing Victorian life through the mind-set of great-grandmother, Kate,... More > the stage is set in a posh Georgian terrace in Lewes that serves as the Sussex Probate Office. Money matters are inevitable, but madness and attempted murder play out the scenes of life, as a large family adapt to the sudden incarceration of their father. Clockmakers, the Tolkiens and the creator of Lorna Doone in Teddington, all play their roles in the Battersby family saga. There is mischief and innuendo too, as when the early 19th century grocer from Isleworth is buried with 2 of his 3 wives; the headstone even today forming a paving stone in the church path, regularly walked over by worshippers. A search & locate mission for a great uncle lost in the Battlefield at Passchendaele in 1917 is launched; love was not lost on his finance though because his elder brother took on the cause.< Less
The Awakening of John David By Donald Carroll
Paperback: $45.99
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Perhaps the BEST schizophrenic first-person account (FPA) ever written! The autobiography the Oxford Journals: Schizophrenia Bulletin couldn’t wait to read! This utterly gripping and real... More > account of the life of Donald Carroll has it all – sex, drugs, alcohol, rock n’ roll, the occult, mysticism, and schizophrenic madness! Follow the life of Donald Carroll – a non-treatable higher functioning schizophrenic who has suffered from schizoaffective disorder for over twenty-one years! Through trial and tragedy, however, Donald has managed to achieve a peaceful coexistence with his symptoms. With name dropping all along the way, from his near encounters with Jackie Chan, Pat Benatar, Steve Vai, Brad Gillis, David Grohl, and even Steve Jobb’s, (plus LOTS more), Donald provides perhaps the best first-person account of living with severe schizophrenia ever written. Donald’s outline of his dramatic experiences involving all five of his senses.< Less
Rise of the Sun Wheel By Mike Walsh McLaughlin
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Mike Walsh McLaughlin was drawn into ethnic-defence activism as the madness of non-White immigration took hold in 1968. At the barricades 15-years the ex-seaman fought Britain's leprous left and... More > ethnic-traitor infestation of Britain’s corrupt media. Rallies, marches, campaigns, the smuggling of dissident literature were now routine. McLaughlin addressed crowds at both Trafalgar Square and London’s Brick Lane. The British Movement leader received 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing leaflets critical of immigration policy. The sentences were censored by media and endorsed by the liberal left and political elite. Deposed by a conspiracy he went on to author 39 books. As a broadcaster and Writer of the Year journalist, Mike Walsh McLaughlin today hits harder and further than ever before. Whatever one’s views one can't help but respect a leader who single-handedly created the finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists. Rise of the Sun Wheel salutes those who gave so much and some their lives.< Less
The Making of a Crazy Cat Lady By Rodders
Paperback: $5.93
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I find myself embracing the title ‘Crazy Cat Lady’. This was never part of the plan. In this book I muse on the more famous members of the club to which it seems I have joined. I wonder... More > about men. Why is there is no equivalent ‘crazy’ term for them? I get a little bit annoyed about this and try to understand how women, but not men are called crazy in the feline context and end up dipping my toes into writings about the feminization of madness. Here I learn about the ancient art of womb wafting and I meet Edith Lanchester. After this I settle down again and marvel at the process by which I morphed from someone who did not care much for pets, to someone who is head over heels about her feline friends. I then share the strategies I think my boys employed to train me well. Finally, I speculate about the future and think about whether living with cats is just something I will do with these boys because they are so special, or whether perhaps cats change people, fundamentally.< Less
Queen Victoria (Illustrated) By Lytton Strachey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
“Within two years of Albert's death a violent disturbance in foreign politics put Victoria's faithfulness to a crucial test. The fearful Schleswig-Holstein dispute, which had been smouldering... More > for more than a decade, showed signs of bursting out into conflagration. The complexity of the questions at issue was indescribable. "Only three people," said Palmerston, "have ever really understood the Schleswig-Holstein business—the Prince Consort, who is dead—a German professor, who has gone mad—and I, who have forgotten all about it." But, though the Prince might be dead, had he not left a vicegerent behind him? Victoria threw herself into the seething embroilment with the vigour of inspiration. She devoted hours daily to the study of the affair in all its windings; but she had a clue through the labyrinth: whenever the question had been discussed, Albert, she recollected it perfectly, had always taken the side of Prussia. Her course was clear. She became an ardent champion of the Prussian point of view.”< Less
Lords of the North By Agnes C. Laut
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A western romance set amid the conflict of the North-West Company and the Hudson's Bay Company over the establishment of territories. Excerpt "Never," I returned passionately. I knew both... More > Hamilton and his wife too well to tolerate either insinuation. But we led him like a dazed being into a side office, where Mr. Jack MacKenzie promptly turned the key and took up a posture with his back against the door. "Now, Sir," he broke out sternly, "if it's neither drink, nor a scandal----" There, he stopped; for Hamilton, utterly unconscious of us, moved, rather than walked, automatically across the room. Throwing his hat down, he bowed his head over both arms above the mantel-piece. My uncle and I looked from the silent man to each other. Raising his brows in question, Mr. Jack MacKenzie touched his forehead and whispered across to me--"Mad?"< Less
A Pirate's Revenge By Brandy Golden
Paperback: $25.48
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Watching her father destroyed by pirates and her mother spirited away were the scenes that haunted Frankie Fontaine's troubled dreams. She vowed revenge on the pirate rogue Jacques LaSalle. With the... More > help of her twin sister and her Uncle Pierre, she sets out to find LaSalle and the black ship, The Nemesis. Driven almost to the brink of madness, Frankie finally encounters him in a Caribbean harbor. But little do the sisters know that seeking revenge will lead them to two ruthless "gentlemen turned pirates" who will tumble them head over heels in love and over their broad laps for a bit of well-deserved discipline. From the beautiful artwork of K. Manago on the pages, to its spicy content, this story is sure to become a favorite! For adults only. NOTE: The printed version page pictures are in black and white due to the printing cost for colored pages. The cover image, left, is a distorted version mandated by Lulu.Com. The actual book cover is attractive and clear.< Less
The Governess -- Book One : Volume One By Ellise Weaver
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Lovely, inexperienced Miss Carly Blakemore, only nineteen years of age, is received at her first post as governess for two precocious children, ready to love them as her own. But her biggest... More > challenge will be their father; masterful and strong in everything—especially his kiss. Poor and without dowry—and even worse—now orphaned, Miss Carly Blakemore is thrown into the Victorian world without aid. Carly is forced to seek a position as governess in the house of Lord Huntington, the Earl of Dunfordshire—a man alone in his own right—and under suspicion for the tragic murder of his well-known and adulteress wife. His governess’s honesty and forthrightness quickly offend his noble person, finding himself reeling from her constant evaluation of his lack of parenting skills. However, in the midst of his resentments, he finds himself strangely drawn in by her very no-nonsense ways that drive him to madness. Carly stands her ground in head-to-head battles of will that take her to the brink of dismissal.< Less
Girl Recruits Her God By Ami Sakurai
eBook (ePub): $9.00
This is an amazing novel-movie joint project from Ami Sakurai!! This includes all chapters of "Girl recruits her God", the second work from Ami Sakurai, whose debut novel "Innocent... More > World" has been translated into many languages, and who directed the movie version in 2016. The movie "Girl recruits her God" (34 minutes) is available on a webpage (the URL written in this eBook)! Yuri, a high school girl student, continues the 'hunting' to socially execute the 'preys', by using her 'enjyo kousai' (compensated dating) trap. When she encounters Makigami, her nemesis, she is entangled with his dark side. She tries to escape from Makigami, by wreaking vengeance while endangering herself. Can she reunite with Kenji, her classmate, who waits for her? At the end of the eBook, an interpretative article "A Painfully Innocent, Ferocious, and Madly Beautiful World", written by Ryusui Seiryoin (Chief Editor of The BBB), is featured. This is the English version of "Girl", published from Gentosha in 1997.< Less

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