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Autobiography of Madame Guyon By Madame Guyon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Madam Guyon is a heretic to some, but a saint to others. Living at a time when being charged as heretic was a matter of civil law, Madam Guyon was imprisoned and persecuted for her unyielding stance... More > against the religious authorities in France. Guyon wrote her autobiography while being held at the infamous Bastille. Often associated with the Quietist movement, Guyon advocated mystical experience as a means of growing closer to God. Many would consider her view of the church paradoxical. Guyon taught the Reformation principles of sola gracia and sola fide while she clung to the Roman Catholic Church, even as she was persecuted for her theology. Is Madam Guyon a heretic or a saint? Read her autobiography and decide for yourself. -Andrew Hanson, CCEL Intern< Less
The Works of Madame Guyon By Madame Guyon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This collection has the following works: Song of Songs of Solomon: Explanations and Reflections having Reference to the Interior Life A Short and Easy Method of Prayer Autobiography
Short and Easy Method of Prayer By Madame Guyon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
This little book, A Short and Easy Method or Prayer, was written for a few individuals who wanted to love God with their whole hearts by Madame Guyon, a celebrated French mystical writer of the... More > Quietist school. This book gives simple instructions in contemplative prayer, prayer without words or distinct ideas. It also encourages readers to accept all things as from God's hand. At the time of printing, which was a rather stormy era in France religious history, the work resulted in Madame Guyon being both attacked and defended by some of the most brilliant writers of her day, even resulting in her imprisonment for a time. The work continues to attract strong defenders and critics, but many find in it a fruitful way to seek God.< Less
Song of Songs of Solomon / Explanations and Reflections By Madame Guyon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Song of Songs of Solomon is Madame Guyon's commentary, of sorts, on the Songs of Solomon . Imprisoned and persecuted for her mystic views, she provides her own allegorical and somewhat mystical... More > interpretation of Songs of Solomon . She interprets the book in terms of Christ and the Church. In particular, she focuses on the "Spiritual Marriage"--where the soul has "permanent and lasting possession" of the divine. Her Song describes the different stages that the believer goes through on the way to maturation in Christ and the possession of the divine. Although Madame Guyon's interpretation is somewhat controversial, it remains powerful and is able to move one's heart towards God. -Tim Perrine, CCEL Staff Writer< Less
Song of Songs of Solomon: Explanations and Reflections Having Reference to the Interior Life By Madame Guyon
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Guyon believed that one should pray all the time, and that in whatever one does, one should be spending time with God. "Prayer is the key of perfection and of sovereign happiness; it is the... More > efficacious means of getting rid of all vices and of acquiring all virtues; for the way to become perfect is to live in the presence of God. He tells us this Himself: "walk before me, and be thou perfect" Genesis 17:1. Prayer alone can bring you into His presence, and keep you there continually." As she wrote in one of her poems: "There was a period when I chose, A time and place for prayer ... But now I seek that constant prayer, In inward stillness known ..."< Less
Guyon By Traumear
Paperback: $10.15
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When we are about to evolve, merciful good spirit moves in mysterious ways indeed and we do well to learn how to trust implicitly. This book is an inspiration, written after a second reading of... More > Madame Guyon's autobiography.< Less
La direction de Fénelon par madame Guyon By Madame GUYON
Paperback: $13.30
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La correspondance entre Madame Guyon et Fénelon constitue à notre connaissance le seul texte relatant au jour le jour la « mise au monde » d’un mystique par une... More > mystique servant de canal à la grâce. Elle témoigne de la découverte expérimentale d’un au-delà du monde corporel et psychologique, qu’ils ont appelé Dieu. Madame Guyon l’a exploré sans personne pour la guider. Elle a rencontré Fénelon qui fut le disciple préféré, avec qui elle se sentait en union mystique complète, et se révéla le seul dont les potentialités fussent égales aux siennes, ce qui explique son immense joie, le soin extrême qu’elle prit à le suivre pas à pas et les analyses remarquables qu’elle lui adressa durant de nombreuses années. Le fondement de la relation de Madame Guyon avec ses enfants spirituels était la communication de la grâce dans le silence d’un cœur à cœur qui se poursuivait même à distance. Elle eut donc à apprendre à Fénelon à aller au-delà du langage et à préférer une conversation silencieuse.< Less
Spiritual Progress: Instructions in the Divine Life of the Soul By Francois Fenelon & Madame Guyon
Paperback: $9.74
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Autobiography of Madame Guyon By Jeanne Guyon
eBook (PDF): $1.25
Madame Guyon was a French noblewoman who was born in an unprincipled time fated to its corruption. She grew up in a church as licentious as the world in which it was established: spiritually... More > despondent and plagued by ignorance. Regardless of these tormenting conditions, she rose to the inimitability of Christian veneration. She had an unsteady and disorganized childhood, was tormented by sickness and abuse, and was imprisoned for years by the highest church authorities. She gave up her worldly goods at the demands of this church which led to her impoverishment. She survived her psychological and physical ruination by conquering pretentious royal conspiracies and reviling the malignancy of the papal inquisition.< Less

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