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“El Pintor” Magistral By Brando Quin
eBook (PDF): $7.50
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****Now selling 6% off cover price, normally sells for $14.99 now available today for $14.04**** regular price of La edición Suave hermosa de la Cubierta de "El Pintor ...Magistral"... More > En 1931 una vida joven de chico se transforma, cuando él es tomado secretamente a El Palacio Magistral de Pintores, UN Oasis Escondido en los Territorios de Arizona, y en el lugar mágico. Durante el pueblo de peor fuga... histórica de la prisión de la Relación Tapp Holladay Joven un chico tieso y pecoso de la cara de quince, del pueblo pequeño de la Relación, debe descubrir los últimos secretos restantes de las técnicas Magistrales de Pintores, encuentran las cuevas escondidas de un territorio los Francotes como Rojos conocidos, y localiza a los Pintores Magistrales la obra de arte más grande, titulado, "nunca Terminando la Riqueza" salvar su pueblo, su padre y su vida. El Pintor Magistral, es una Epopeya, una aventura, y un viaje... mágico< Less
Общая и Практическая Демонология By Boris Lariushin
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Rare occult book about demons in Russian from the necromancer and mysterious scientist Daser. Contains two parts. General demonology, which explains the general concept of demons, considered their... More > anatomy, behavior, principles of existence and origin. Practical demonology, narrated lessons and examples of how to manage the demons, how to treat them, how to summon, describes how the safety of the entities.< Less
Um Guia para Principiantes à Kabbalah Viva By William G. Gray
Paperback: $36.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Este compêndio é composto por seis trabalhos Kabbalísticos de William G. Gray, alguns dos quais aparecem publicados aqui pela primeira vez. Os textos incluídos nesta... More > compilação vão desde a mais simples introdução às Esferas e Caminhos do sistema da Árvore da Vida Kabbalística, passando por técnicas de meditação relacionadas e procedimentos mágicos rituais associados, até um sistema avançado do que poderia ser chamado “comunicação espiritual interdimensional.” O título “UM GUIA PARA PRINCIPIANTES À KABBALAH VIVA” é, talvez, um pouco enganador, pois esta compilação contém igualmente trabalhos de natureza avançada, e as técnicas rituais e de meditação abordadas neste volume, podem ser usadas tanto por iniciantes, como por praticantes avançados de “Kabbalah Prática.”< Less
Cold Obsidian - Omnis Trilogy, part 1 By Olga Makarova
Paperback: $15.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
(In Russian language) In Omnis magic is unstable, and every living thing here has a natural ability to stabilize it for further use. Every one, besides humans. Having inherited the flaw of their... More > Creators they lack this vital ability and therefore naturally unable to master Omnis magic. Feeling guilty at them the Creators made the Hora System. Hora Tenebris disperses magic at it's source, and Hora Lunaris and Hora Solaris stabilize it and balance each other. While in the zone of either of them human being can use magic. 15000 years passed since the beginning of Omnis. Great human civillization based on both magic and science grew and thrived, depending on Horas greatly. No other thing in the world were protected stronger than Horas: no person besides Creators themselves were able to touch them without being incinerated instantly. But it happened: somebody managed to steal one of the Horas. Who and what for? The Creators themselves are puzzled at the situation and begin their own journey to find the thief.< Less
Реліквія чарівного лісу By Лесь Перистий
eBook (PDF): $1.99
Звичайна сім’я. Звичайна оселя.... More > Звичайне місто. Одинока жінка середнього віку і її дочка в підлітковому віці. Але одного ранку починаються дивовижні події. Поглянемо на мешканців цього міста. На перший погляд вони такі самі як і ми з вами. Та це лише на перший погляд. Подивіться на цього поважного пана. Ви думаєте, що це людина. Та я не раджу вам потрапляти під погляд його очей, бо він смертельний. Але ж скільки тут інших дивовижних істот, які ховаються під личинами звичайних людей. Наприклад, Мара, яка виглядає як елегантна дама, але вона так часто перетворюється на скелет, або зовсім стає невидимою. Або подивілься на Кота, чорного кота, який може перетворитися на доволі привабливого чоловіка. А ось маленькі потерчата, що мешкають в мишиних норах. Та багато різних чарівних істот живе тут, як добрих так і злих. В всі вони шукають чарівну реліквію. Реліквію чарівного лісу.< Less
Noor Ala Noor By Kishwer Baqar
eBook (PDF): $0.00
It was already started, before the beginning of time… the clash between good and evil… Adam and Satan… spiritualism and materialism… This story depicts the shift of a... More > young man’s careless and dirty lifestyle to a clean and a virtuous one… which is not that easy… Satanic influences and one’s own lustful instincts are always there to keep you from the right path… This is not a story of Zulfiqar but its your own’s…< Less
Dark Reality By Andrey Sergeevtsev
Paperback: List Price: $13.50 $9.45 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
A young man meets a woman. This is not unusual. And the fact that he met her on the Internet, also not unusual. But it was an event completely revolutionized the life of the hero. And not just... More > overturned – broken, turned inside out, threw the hero in "dark reality." Evil is awake, with every moment it was gaining ground, grew and grew. Darkness ruthlessly crushed all who came in her way. And in the center of the genocide was Andrew... – the protagonist of the novel. Unusual story, unexpected twists, unexpected finale, the atmosphere of mystery, bright images – all this will please fans of fantasy and horror!< Less
The Warlock of the Village By Fadhil Qaradaghi
Paperback: $10.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A downpour turns a stream into a raging torrent, cutting the bottom of a mysterious hill and revealing its secrets to Siamand, the young shepherd. The stream does its work, then hides the cut after... More > some years when Siamand’s life has changed to directions of which he never thought. So far, Siamand is destined to live out his life as a shepherd to the Agha of the village. And now he decides to follow his dreams of wealth. He embarks on a journey of fate—one that leads him to the worldly riches he craves, then others that ultimately teach him of love, friendships, and what truly matters in life. Siamand finds that magic can be both advantageous and corrupt, and he must use all his wits to come out of it unscathed. Joined by his best friend Juha, his dog, and a wayward donkey, he will change the course of not only their lives, but everyone’s in the village.< Less
Burning Obsidian - Omnis Trilogy, part 2 By Olga Makarova
Paperback: $19.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
(In Russian language) 3000 years ago Sereg the Grey Inquisitor incinerated the marvel of North, it's capical city - Erhaben. In Sereg's magical fire his best apprentice - Malconemershghan - died with... More > all his followers and thousands of innocents. Dangerous teaching of Malconemershghan was destroyed, heretics burned and the biggest disaster in Omnis history prevented. Erhaben being burned to the ground lost it's name and disappeared from the world map. Incineration left no survivors, and even if it did, they hardly could be able to prepare their revenge for 3000 years. Humans are mortal and short-living... But it appears that someone still wants to have the revenge for Sereg's deed. And this someone is somehow connected to the Hora thief. This book will get you to the other side of Omnisian conflict and let you see the whole story through the eyes of the thief.< Less
UFO Yasak Bölge By Farah Yurdözü
eBook (PDF): $7.50
UFO Yasak Bölge Farah Yurdözü’nün son beş yılda Türkiye ve Amerika Birleşik Devletlerinde yaptığı kişisel... More > araştırmalarının bir eseri. Bu kitap bilinen UFO ve Dünya Dışı ziyaretçiler kavramına son derece farklı bir açıdan yaklaşırken, bir ilki gerçekleştiriyor ve Dünya Dışı varlıklar gerçeğiyle yüzleşmemizi sağlıyor. Gerçeği iyi ve kötü yönleriyle yorumlamak ve benimsemek ise okuyucuya kalmış.< Less

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