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Card to Case By Macca Magic
eBook (PDF): $3.05
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• A card is selected & shuffled into the pack. • With a wave of the magician’s hand, the card vanishes from the pack; to verify this, cards are spread on the table. • The... More > selection has vanished. • The card can then be produced from the card case which has been in full view the whole time. • This is very easy to perform. Also included bonus effect. Spectator names any card, it is shown that this card is the only blue backed card in a red deck< Less
Time for a Trick? By Macca Magic
eBook (PDF): $2.53
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EFFECT: You, the performer, ask the spectator to think of their favourite hour of the day. The cards from deck are then dealt in a clock shape, 12 cards, each card signifies an hour of the... More > day. Performer then asks spectator to think of the card which lies at their chosen hour.. 1. Performer then reads the mind of spec and correctly divines the hour that spec was thinking of. 2. Performer then names the card that spec was thinking of… Which is pretty amazing so far.. they don’t expect what happens next. 3. You prove that you knew before hand which card they would pick…pick up the card case which has been in plain view all along and inside is written… the name of their card. Performer then turns over all of the cards in the deck…the spec selection is the only red card in a blue deck.< Less
The snap card trick By Bas Jongenelen
eBook (PDF): $4.55
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You show a deck of cards to a spectator and tell you are going to read his mind in a few seconds. The spectator is asked to close his eyes while you ribbon spread the cards. He opens his eyes and... More > mentally selects a card. You square the deck. After a little chat you say which card he had in mind. Guess what? You’re spot on! You can perform the Snap card trick with one, but also with two spectators. And if you are bold, audacious, and daring you can perform it with even three spectators. Create this wow-effect yourself. It’s easy to set up and easy to perform, but it will give you a great satisfaction and it will leave the spectator puzzled. This trick is completely self working, it is a really easy to do mental effect. No sleight of hand No rough/smooth No specially printed cards No gaffs or gimmicks No svengali principle No stripper principle No marked cards No one way force deck No ultra thin cards No assistants or stooges Nothing up your sleeve< Less
Learn Card Tricks Free By Andy Nicol
eBook (PDF): $0.00
Download immediately. Learn sleight of hand card tricks for free, use any pack of cards at any time and perform sleight of hand card tricks to impress your friends and family.
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks By Glenn Gravett, Jean Hugard
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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Ever wanted to amaze your friends but don't desire spending long hours memorizing and setting up elaborate tricks? Or maybe you're just curious as to how card tricks are done... Then this e-book is... More > for you!< Less
Go Fish Card Tricks By Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki
Paperback: $75.00
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This is a collection of Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's Go Fish variations of many standard magic packet card tricks, plus quite a few original Go Fish Card Tricks of his own.
Start Learning Magic Tricks By R Shelby
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Do You Love to Entertain? Are You Always Looking for a New Trick to Learn? Would You Like to Start Learning Magic Tricks? YOU Can Be the Life of the Party and Have Everyone Saying "HOW Did You... More > DO That?!"< Less
Magic Trick- Dancing Pips By Lucas O'Dell
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Amazing magic trick, Looks great for beginners, great guide for teaching you the moves. The card is selected from the deck and you visibly move around one of the pips and heat it onto the card for a... More > great souvenir!< Less
Magic Tricks and Secrets Group By UK NO1
eBook (PDF): $5.65
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Included in Magic Downloads: Criss Angel's Secrets Revealed David Blaine's Magic Revealed More David Blaine Tricks Secrets of the Card Cheats Magic Tricks for the Beginning Magician Magic for... More > Bartenders Illusions and Mental Phenomena Street Magic Secrets Encyclopedia of card tricks all of these amazing tricks to pass hours of time entertaining the family or friend revealing all david blaines tricks in front of there eyes plus more all for 2.99< Less
Mechanically Motivated Card Magic By Jack McCoy
eBook (PDF): $15.00
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This is a collection of original card magic by Jack McCoy that uses a mathematical principle or process inside them. This makes these tricks easy, very easy, and sometimes almost completely... More > self-working. Jack has baffled even magicians with many of these. Note: These are beyond the self-workers we learned as kids and can be performed to the most sophisticated spectator(s). They are top level, professional class card magic. Some sleight of hand may be required but none difficult and can be learned from various video and magic sites. Some require no sleight of hand. These tricks will have you not only liking their presentations but will have you wondering how they work in the first place.< Less