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My Life Is An Appetizer, What's The Main Course? By Adrienne Campbell
Paperback: $8.00
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My Life Is An Appetizer, What's The Main Course? By Adrienne Campbell
eBook (PDF): $4.00
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Mama Angie's Cooking Cookbooks Vol VII Main Course Meat Recipes: By Andi Budo
eBook (PDF): $19.99
100 Beef, Pork and Chicken Main Dishes The focus of Mama Angie’s Cooking books is the food. The recipes are laid out in a simple and easy to use format. Experimentation is encouraged. Try... More > using chicken in one of the beef recipes or pork in one written for chicken. So many flavors and ways to prepare them there is no way you can lose with these. There are some real secrets inside this one. These cookbooks make great gifts for the cook in your family or if that is you there are a lot of memories waiting to be created in here. Enjoy< Less
Maine Studies Workbook By Diane Simmler
Paperback: $22.00
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A workbook for Maine students to learn more about the state that they live in. Homeschool families can use this workbook to satisfy the state requirement to complete a Maine Studies course. Schools... More > can use this in the classroom as well. Within the homeschool household only, this workbook is reproducible. Co-ops and classrooms should order a book for each student. Email me for information about Group Rates. Answer Key Email me for the free Answer Key at I will reply to your email including it as an attachment in pdf form. (This Revision changes only some artwork and punctuation; no content has changed and this can be used with any workbooks bought since 2010.)< Less
With Drake on the Spanish Main By Herbert Strang
eBook (ePub): $1.49
The romancer, in choosing as the setting for a tale the period of a man who looms large in history, finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. He cannot place his fictional near his historical hero... More > without either dwarfing the former until the young reader ceases to find him interesting, or robbing the latter of some of the glamour with which history invests him. In the following pages I have tried to meet the difficulty by making Francis Drake the presiding genius of the story. The deeds of Dennis Hazelrig are akin to those of Drake; the same spirit of adventure dominates them: and when, in the course of the story, the real and the fictitious personages meet, it is, I trust, without loss of dignity to either. It was 1572 when Drake, at the age of twenty-seven, sailed out of Plymouth on the Nombre de Dios expedition that brought him into fame. He led a Lilliputian fleet: the "Pascha" and the "Swan", a hundred tons between them, with seventy-three men, all ranks and ratings, aboard of them.< Less
Main Topics on Corporate Social Responsibility By Jorge Emilio Sierra Montoya
Paperback: $20.98
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"Just like in my previous books on CSR, and particularly, in my “Basic Course of CSR” which has inaugurated the beginning of a new bibliographical collection at the Simon Bolivar... More > University about Corporate Social Responsibility and University Social Responsibility, in this volume is also maintained the same journalistic style, exceptionally agile, easy to understand and polemical, which has a tendency to satisfy a reader from all walks of life." - Jorge Emilio Sierra Montoya< Less
Wild Maine Outdoors - Hunting Tactics, Tricks, & Secrets By Justin Merrill
eBook (ePub): $7.95
The "Northwoods Sporting Journal" "On The Prowl" columnist shares with you, "Wild Maine Outdoors - Hunting tactics, tricks, & secrets". This book was made up of five... More > sections highlighting five topics written with wisdom gathered from the master teacher, the Wild Maine Outdoors. It's packed with hunting stories depicting game killing tactics that have been proven to work time and time again. Justin utilizes his Wildlife Biology Degree to enlighten you about the life/biology/physiology of the whitetail deer, black bear, bobcat, red fox, and the coyote. Justin's five years of teaching an Advanced Woods Survival course through the Maine Conservation School allows you to read about hunting tricks and tracking techniques that have fooled every one of these critters - as learned from Michael Douglas, who learned his skills from Tom Brown Jr. (The Tracker), who learned from the Apache Indian, Stalking Wolf (Grandpa). Justin shares a few of his secrets that are a must read.< Less
Business English Course By Rosalia Covello
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This Business English Course introduces different aspects of Business English, working on main language points and important vocabulary through a variety of topics
eBook (ePub): $2.49
The book is written based on the author's many years of experience trading on the Ukrainian stock market and world markets. It’s described the main types of orders, the impact of the share... More > price on the reorganization of joint-stock companies, the expected and unexpected news. There are highlighted the principles of risk management, the psychological problems of traders and fundamental investment strategies. There are a summary of fundamental and technical analysis, and the economic essence of futures and options. The book is useful for beginners who want to understand the essence of the processes in the stock market. In Russian language.< Less
Chakras & Auras Course By Natasha Chamberlin
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This is a detailed psychic course and workbook in one. This brilliant book will teach you about the 7 main CHAKRAS and AURAS. It will teach you how to keep them balanced, clean, open and how to... More > unblock them. You will learn how to unlock their full potential. You will learn how to recognize areas in your life that need healing and learn how to heal them. You will learn you how to feel, sense, feel and see not only your own but, others Chakras and Auras too! You will learn how to heal them.< Less