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For the Major. By Constance Fenimore Woolson
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For the Major by Constance Fenimore Woolson is a novel book which has 9 chapters.Woolson published her first novel Anne in 1880, followed by three others: East Angels (1886), Jupiter Lights (1889)... More > and Horace Chase (1894). In 1883 she published the novella For the Major, a story of the postwar South that has become one of her most respected fictions. This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format.< Less
The majority By Elnaz Rezaei Ghalechi
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This book reflects Beliefs
The Majority By Robert Miller
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Recently the world has been caught up in the story of a mystical bloodline and how this affects world history and religion. While the assertions of some authors are erroneous at the least and... More > heretical at its worst, there is a sacred bloodline that is flowing through the veins of most people today – the Abrahamic Bloodline. As one of the characters in the “Da Vinci Code” says: “Witness the greatest cover-up in human history.” The Roman Catholic Church and subsequently her Protestant Daughters had effectively hijacked the birthright from the Sacred Bloodline and gave it to the Gentile “church” while Yahweh had nothing whatsoever to do with it! It was the Sitre Ahura’s (Dark Forces) attempt to destroy the Sacred Bloodline. This theology has been used by many government and religious leaders, especially of Germany and the Roman Catholic Church from the Inquisition to the Holocaust, for over 1,700 years to excuse their attempts to exterminate the “Jewish vermin” from the earth.< Less
The Major By Ralph Connor
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Excerpt-Upon the topmost tip of the taller of the twin poplars that flanked the picket gate opening upon the Gwynnes' little garden sat a robin, his head thrown back to give full throat to the song... More > that was like to burst his heart, monotonous, unceasing, rapturous. On the door step of the Gwynnes' house, arrested on the threshold by the robin's song, stood the Gwynne boy of ten years, his eager face uplifted, himself poised like a bird for flight. "Law-r-ence," clear as a bird call came the voice from within. "Mo-th-er," rang the boy's voice in reply, high, joyous and shrill. About the Author- Rev. Dr. Charles William Gordon, or Ralph Connor, (September 13, 1860 – October 31, 1937) was a Canadian novelist, using the Connor pen name while maintaining his status as a Church leader, first in the Presbyterian and later the United churches in Canada.< Less
Major By Faruk Burak
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- Bazı anlar ve elekten geçmiş düşünceler bile hiç ediliyor ..Ne manyak bir dünya bu.. - Belki de ölmek bilincinin ,ruhuna attığı her... More > tokattan bir kaçışın rüyası idi bu..Belki de bu bilince ulaşmayı hızlandırmak için yapılan bir göz kapamaydı..İşte bunun içindi tüm buluşmalar ,tüm mutlu görünmeler en güzel ses tınılarının kapladığı,aşkı sahteleştiren o gürültülü odalarda. - İnsanlara yaklaş,aralarına gir güvenlerini kazan ve yıkıp ezip geç.Neşeyle geç karşılarına ,buna bile saygı duymadan indirsinler yerin dibine en incelerini.. - Saklanacak bir deliğe sahibim şükür..< Less
Major Scales and Major Triads By Ralph J. Martin
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Exercises of Major Scales and Major Triads for Saxophone. This book is for all saxophone students who want to learn their major scales and major triads.
Stocking Cap Bandits By Major Tinsley
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Two brothers, stick up artist out of Brooklyn, New York make a career of robbing store owners, and other business men throughout their neighborhood take a turn that changes their lives forever. Local... More > cops are both intrigued and baffled by the duo who takes them on a wild ride until the very end of an epic adventure. Veteran novelist, and former military journalist Major Tinsley skillfully illustrates the amazing adventures of two urban masterminds of the criminal world that manage to evade authorities nearly a decade.< Less
The Bears of Blue River By Charles Major
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The Bears of Blue River by Charles Major; Illustrations by A. B. Frost and Others. The Bears of Blue River describes the adventures of a young boy growing up in early nineteenth-century rural... More > Indiana. Little Balser lives with his parents, a younger brother, and a baby sister in a cozy log cabin on the bank of the Big Blue River. Although only thirteen or fourteen years old, he is quite familiar with the dangers and rigors of frontier life. As the story unfolds, the boy becomes lost in the forest, encounters the fierce one-eared bear, and is nearly caught by a bear as he dozes next to what he thinks is a bearskin. This is a book for children or adults who love nature and tales of early pioneer life. Charles Major (1856–1913) was an American lawyer and novelist. Writing remained an interest of Major, and in 1898, he published his first novel, When Knighthood Was in Flower under the pseudonym Edwin Caskoden.< Less
Romance, Kalik and Conch Salad By George Major
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An internet love come to fruition in Eleuthera, Bahamas. Experience this love affair with our tropical island and the women that we love. At last, love and romance in Eleuthera, Bahamas
Duffle Bag Boy & Street Assassin By Major Jackson
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Two stories in one book. "Duffle Bag Boy" Thurgood Johnson has a story to tell about his encounters with the street. "Street Assassin" Go along with M, a hit man who do hits for... More > the people in the hood. Both stories contain connecting characters and events.< Less