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Silence By Mikyla Jamison
Paperback: $14.51
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Megan Hanslynn, a deaf girl who is going to 10th grade ready to have another great year, but she does not want to go to the back to school party everyone is going to. But her best friend Avery makes... More > her go. Instead of a fun bash with her friends and the new hot guy, she is taken within 20 minutes of the party. Will she make it. How will she communicate. Will these be her last days?< Less
How to Make a Dress out of Silence By Janice Windle
Paperback: $9.61
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In this second collection Janice Windle presents forty-five of her poems, written between 2010 and 2012, in an eclectic mix of the sublime and the slightly ridiculous, which, she maintains, mirrors... More > much of her life. Thoughtful and sometimes thought-provoking, she draws on a varied experience as artist and teacher, expatriate in the Far East and child of the mid-twentieth century. Her poems are honest, direct, sometimes funny, always constructed with the listener in mind. Janice Windle lives in Guildford, Surrey, with her partner, poet Dónall Dempsey.< Less
The sound of silence By Anna Cellmer
Paperback: $15.95
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This is the song of the hungry heart This is the story of one love I have had and which we all long for from time to time To make this world just a little bit more special and beautiful and wide To... More > make our hearts wild and free as it only can be when we are in love like this when we are crazy for someone This is the story of such love this is the song that create new world This is the journey through the heart to find out new possibilities and new life.< Less
The Power of Silence‬‬‬‬ By Horatio Willis Dresser
eBook (ePub): $6.69
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For thousands of years, monks and monastics in contemplative orders have surrendered to the power of silence to pursue personal and spiritual growth. In The Power of Silence, renowned New Thought... More > leader Horatio Dresser lays out some of these ancient techniques in a simplified manner that makes them easier for modern-day readers to follow and understand. If you have long been interested in meditation, but never thought you had the patience or presence of mind to succeed in your practice, this book is for you.< Less
Heavenly Silence By Dr. Luke AM Brown & Mrs. Berthalicia Brown
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Essie left the church that night a changed person. She told Leonard that she was going to quit smoking and drinking that night. She told him that she was going to give her heart to the Lord. Essie's... More > words were simple, but they were bafflingly true. Essie went cold turkey. She never smoked another cigarette. She never took another sip of alcohol. She got baptized within two months of finding God. "Heavenly Silence" is the religious version of "The Non-Silence of the LAMB." (Kirkus Review) An inspiring novel of a runaway’s journey through heartache. In this novel’s introduction, Essie Brown’s son eulogizes her as a woman of sacrifice —a heroine who led a turbulent life until she found God and turned her life around. Her fictionalized story begins in Jamaica—a gutsy 14-year-old determined to make a life for herself, who escapes her resentful adoptive family and the arduous work they make her do. A memorable story of a matriarch whose bravery and tenacity inspired her children.< Less
And the Rest Is Silence By Christopher Post
eBook (ePub): $4.99
Sound, vibration, and music are the fundamental tools that build this life story of an aspiring musician. This is a story of life, told through the eyes and experiences of the narrator, a story about... More > a child who wanted nothing more in the entire universe than to grow up to be a rock star. Meet Gene Christopher, this is his story, told through his eyes. Stardom and a dream to perform before the world is all he ever wanted. What he found however,was not riches and glory, but happiness and love. What ever happens to the shooting stars that don't make it? This story answers that quesiton, for one person. One man's amazing journey to find his place in the world.< Less
HUM OF SILENCE By Christopher C. Ofili & Christopher C. Ofili
Paperback: $15.40
Prints in 3-5 business days
"As the maturity of the unborn is in the keeping of the law; branches must return their sap to the root from where they rose. "Who is then within the children of tomorrow that likes to eat... More > from the almond, but hates the trouble of breaking its Shell?" This is a comprehensive book of poetry that reveals the "root causes" of seemingly complex Problems in the economies of Nigeria and Africa in general, and also deals with the root causes of conflicts in intimate relationships, which fundamentally ignites questioning spirit deeply engraved in every living Individual. It principally intends to awake the people to the "seed of destruction" sowed by the constitutions of Federal Republic of Nigeria and other African nations against the villages and towns that make up the respective nations of Africa. “States are as the Men, they grow out of human Characters.” - PLATO (423 B.C.E – 347 B.C.E )< Less
the silence of the lonely always makes the loudest sound By Terry Everton
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Welcome to a world where crazy is normal, Pabst Blue Ribbon makes a great breakfast drink and unemployment is the best job security there is. In this depraved tour of the American underbelly, potato... More > chips constitute a balanced meal and dive bars are a great place to make new friends while escaping vengeful women who possess a penchant for hissing and tossing whiskey bottles for entertainment. It's a special place where garbage is considered wall decor, mailboxes are sometimes mistaken for toilets and too much sobriety leads to cloudy decision making. If you're lucky, you may get out in one piece.< Less
Pistol Silencer Manual By Birgir Runar Saemundsson
eBook (PDF): $19.95
Pistol silencer manual.How to make silencer for your pistol,revolver,automatic or single shot. Complete instructions and illustrations with blueprint drawings.Silences very well with subsonic... More > ammunition.Complete muzzle flash hiding. This gun silencer design has been used for over 35 years with good results. The very best hearing protection for shooters. Can be modified to shooters need as to diameter and length,due to the unique design of pistol silencer.Simple to make and clean.Excellent for PaintBall guns.62 Pages. ISBN: 978-9979-9867-9-9< Less
Silence and Other Words By Rachel Stuckey
eBook (PDF): $5.00
I hate silence, it's haunting. It makes me feel helpless and afraid; afraid of living, afraid of people, afraid of the world. So many bad things happen when it's quiet. People's cries for help are... More > lost in silence.< Less

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Rabbit Run Rabbit Run By Debby Morber
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