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Soul Bleeds - The Poetry, Melodies, and Other Wanderings of Karen Wiesner By Karen Wiesner
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Every poem ever written shows us the eyes of the poet. Looking without. As love mirrors the heart, poetry mirrors personality. Many poets write about things outside of themselves. This mirrors their... More > personal character and the way they look at the world. Looking within. Other poets take the outside world into themselves and use the intimate emotions to reveal their own hearts. Just looking. Then there are poets like me, who do a little of both...or a lot of neither. If you're looking for flowery observations on nature, rhyming pieces with any type of standard or pattern, seemingly meaningless verses that you have to know the "code" to understand, you won't find it here. The 39 poems included a combination of honesty, raw emotion, vivid imagery, gritty reality, story metaphors, introspection, depression, and even "song-like" verses. Great poetry is something I can relate to, that moves me, that takes the human condition and makes it both frail and somehow beautiful in its starkness.< Less
I’m Still Standing By Jeanette Bradley
Paperback: $12.99
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Many of us struggle with the effects of abuse, rejection, shame, and guilt. You may have tried as I did to ease the pain with drugs, and/or alcohol. The problem with that is the damage gets so buried... More > deep inside of you that you’ll never heal until you face it. We become so used to being whatever or whomever everyone else wants us to be that we lose ourselves. I wrote this book to share my story of pain and powerlessness, sorrow, and shame. But I have a happy ending. I want you to have the same hope I have. I pray you will see yourself in my story and begin to face the truth in your own life. I hope you see that the only way to true freedom and being whole is through God. Let him give you the same hope. John 8:32 And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.< Less
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To most of the general public what I am presenting is not known or common knowledge, because the existing KEK Systems make sure that most people are very Dumbed Down and Subliminally Kontrolled. ... More > I have come up thru my own RealExperiences and this is what I am sharing and also 'Reporting The RealNews' as to what is actually happening on the earth Right Now. What I am presenting is not a spiritual teaching or a path. I am Simply Real. I stand with Rebazar Tarzs & The Real UNUversal Guides & THE ALLIS. In 2001, I was given The Rod of Power from Rebazar & Paul, and this is when Harry was supposed to announce me and step aside, but SHE would not let him. There is so much to this adventure and story, a lot more than I am writing here. In August 2007, The RealPosition became THE NUWAVIS THE NUMAN. At this time I was finally ready to do what I came here to do. I suggest to take your time as you read this NUBook Two, as I have brought in many NUExperiences.< Less
A Good Day for a Long Talk By Steven Phillip Scott
Paperback: $8.12
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“Free will, Mike. That’s one thing I can never change. The one gift I gave mankind that separates them from all other creatures. I could never make you love or believe in me. You did that... More > on your own. If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here today. Mike, I made you. I knew how you would be. The only thing I wasn’t sure of was whether or not we would spend eternity together.” In two weeks, Mike will turn seventy-five. He’s been married to his true love, Emma, for almost fifty of those years. He’s not perfect. He’s made plenty of mistakes. The one thing about Mike that is beyond reproach is his devotion. He’s always been a true Southern Baptist and believer in a loving God. For his big birthday, God has something special planned for Mike and Emma. It’s time they went on a road trip of sorts as God Himself throws the party. Through a series of flashbacks, Mike witnesses his life all over again.< Less
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17 Ghost Stories By Chris Burnett
eBook (PDF): $3.99
Imagine my surprise when the Spirit Guides told me they would be sending lost ghosts to me for healing, ghosts who had been lost for years, sometimes centuries. And my further surprise when told that... More > their stories would become a book! But what amazed me most was how attached I became to the ghosts. Their stories forced me to dig deep inside to find the strength to stand with them as we resolved their deaths. Ghosts are not lost due to happy circumstances and that’s true for every ghost in this book. Some of the stories are especially difficult, while others are tame in comparison. However, their stories are the stories of all of us trying to make our way in life. Their love and longing will touch every heart as their stories unfold and in the end their healing and happiness is ours to celebrate with them. Join these ghosts in their harrowing tales of adventure. Their stories will speak to you like no others, and what might surprise you are the answers you find that speak to you of your own story.< Less
Plant, Stone, and Animal By Maria Yraceburu
Paperback: $13.00
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Some of our best tips for getting the most out of Maria's wisdom... Give yourself permission to do things imperfectly & get whatever meaning you get from this book. Is it likely that anyone would... More > understand a ceremonialist from another culture on the first pass? Especially when her work is about a spiral of learning, building on experiences and wisdom as we return to receive more each time? You already know that answer.  Be kind to yourself. It's time to play. Spiral through pages of this this book & come back & get more each time, perhaps adding a bit from one of the chapters when you go for the next round. Have fun with it! This book is written in layers. Entering the Silence is a powerful practice that can be enhanced with plant, stone & animal allies.  The lunar cycle & daily prayer information can add to one's daily practice as well.  You don't need to take it all in at once. Let the plant, stone & animal allies work with you to make this practice of life completely your own. Welcome to the family!< Less
Return to Soul By Robyn Collins
eBook (ePub): $7.15
A small inner voice kept urging the grief-stricken mother on … ‘There is an answer … a Truth … Don't give up…’ Making sense of life and death is something... More > most humans one day ponder, and many just give up. But not Robyn Collins, an ordinary housewife who faced a full-on existential crisis when, in grief and anger at the death of her newborn daughter, she rejected the senseless explanations of the local clergy. What followed was a diverse journey through the doors of various spiritual teachers and modalities of the East and West where she ultimately found a common thread and simple message for all. Be amazed by Robyn's mystical encounters that transformed her through a new awakening and a journey to her Soul, where she also learned whose voice had been guiding her all the way. The seeking is over. Learn evolutionary keys to unlock your own journey to Soul through Robyn's simple but transformative insights, practices and meditations.< Less
Reboot By Klaudio Zic
eBook (PDF): $136.55
The RTRRT naturally develop from technique to technique, as the spirit of the time requires. The latest introduction by the zeitgeist focuses on the religious implications of omnipotence on the part... More > of the individual. The applications focus on healing cancer, winning at lottery, getting audience, passing an exam, marrying the ideal partner... "The mechanical tools are quite incapable of contacting the SPIRIT as no telephone can reach it." A further initiation in INSTANT MAGICK elaborates on the moral problem of your newly acquired OMNIPOTENCE as well as the lawfulness of instant magick within the Judeo-Christian framework. Can one bring about INSTANT EVIL instead of good and why not? Does true mind have any wish at all? Is it right to meddle into God's own workshop? In order to make instant magick STREET LEGAL we have answered the hot questions by our inquisitive initiates. Bonus O5IRIS with complete RTRRT (Real Time Reality Rendering Tools = Instant Personal Magick) initiation inside!< Less
Holy Rune Might By Siegfried Kummer
Paperback: $19.31
Prints in 3-5 business days
An English translation of Siegfried Adolf Kummer's seminal Armanen work Heilige Runenmacht. Here, Kummer gives his system of rune exercises and practices in detail with full illustrations, many of... More > which have not been available in the English-speaking world until now. Also included are instructions for astral projection, rune dances, the powers of precious and semi-precious stones, yodels, how to do medial drawing and painting, how to heal with runes, how a rune-healer prepares for healing, how runes are associated with planets, astrology, trees and times of the year, the uses of many medicinal herbs, how to use the pendulum, how to make your own Armanen family Coat of Arms, and much more! A number of poems, several pieces of Kummer's art and some of his personal stories and experiences are also included. All of the illustrations from the original German publication of Heilige Runenmacht are reproduced in this translation. Now English speakers can discover the true depth of early 20th century Armanen practice!< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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