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Wives Who Want Sissies! By Bea
Paperback: $13.66
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The first in a trilogy of men turned into sissies. In this first, the dominatrix is his wife. Six separate stories cover a total of 158 pages. In the books to follow, the dominatrixes will be the... More > Mothers - then Maids.< Less
Sissie Debasement: Three Novelettes By Bea
eBook (PDF): $6.99
This book contains three novelettes. The first is titled "Utter Debasement". The second "Token Male." The Third, "Cynthia's Humiliations". In the first, a young... More > married man becomes involved with a lesbian couple who live next door. The poor guy DOES have some feminine tendencies that his neighbors - and finally his wife - take advantage of. He is then introduced to DOMANON, a society built for the sole aim of feminizing males. In Token Male, our hero is a young, married, male who has been successful in climbing the corporate ladder in a small advertising firm. Suddenly, the ownership of his company changes hands for some unknown reason and he finds himself gradually becoming subjugated by all of the women who seem to have taken over his firm. In "Cynthia's Humiliations" a somewhat henpecked husband lives with his wife, his mother, and a maid. His wife has decided masculine leanings then decides to start reversing the position of authority that he holds.< Less
Moms Who Want Sissies By Bea
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Second in a trilogy of males being dominated by various women - in this case Moms, Step moms or Mothers in law. Six stories covering the gradual domination of males into feminine dresses and... More > behavior.< Less
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Dominating Aunts By Bea
eBook (PDF): $3.99
This 200 page book contains three novelettes all pertaining to the subjugation of young males by their aunts - or by their aunts and daughters combined.
Coven, and Two Other Novelettes By Bea
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Three novelettes by Bea. "Coven", may be a little different - but the themes are the same as always. The domination and subjugation of males, by females.
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Sissies in Satin By Bea
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Six stories by Bea with the underlying theme of male subjugation to dominant females. The females written about are not whip-wielding stereotypes - rather, they use psychological means to bring their... More > males to heel. They also use cross dressing and some minor spankings to reinforce what they are doing.< Less
Just Girls Having Fun By Bea
eBook (PDF): $6.99
This book has three novelettes. All have the humiliation of males by women as the basic theme, but in every case here, the male starts off in a position of some authority. Being totally unsuited to... More > any position of power, the females that he oversees gradually discover that he has feet of clay - and begin to have fun, feminizing him. In "No Fool Like an Old . " a father has put his thumb heavily down on his wife and daughter. They take a great deal of delight in effecting a total change in their relationship with him. "Paulie's Girl" tells of how a convict in a male prison gets a chance for a good job in a women's prison. It doesn't take long for the inhabitants and guards there to enjoy him. In "Welcomed Humiliation" a brash male has offended just about every female he has com in contact with. Someone hires a group of ladies who just LOVE to humiliate males - and believe me, they surely do!< Less
Sissie Men in Pretty Aprons By Bea
eBook (ePub): $6.99
This book contains three novelettes, with one particular thing in common. The male heroes are submissive. In Men In Aprons, A dominant female friend of the wife is highly attracted to the husband... More > and (with his wife's permission) slowly begins to feminize him. In Made in her Own Image a young, unmarried male falls under the spell of a woman who makes it clear that she wants her male partner to be exactly what she wishes. He is so much in love that he doesn't completely grasp what she wishes him to do. before he knows it, he has become completely changed. In "Office Girls" the mother of a spoiled young man helps him to find a job in a small office. At first he is in a male heaven, but a change in management mandates a modification to his male posturing.< Less

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