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Finding Male Sexuality By Carl E. Stevens, Jr.
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Men today are at a sexual and relationship crossroads. The choice is to continue to live your relationship and sexual life according to the standard narrative of relating, which is an extension of... More > the patriarchal and troubadour-based romanticism or to acknowledge how we really feel and move towards our sexual and relationship potential. The choice is to take a stand in saving our families, children, and communities or to continue contributing to a system and mode of behavior that spirals us downward toward moral ruin. This book is about selected parts of my personal journey to expand my sexual awareness. It’s about how my socially accepted expectations of male sexuality prevented me from having completely fulfilling sexual experiences for much of my adult life and how these same expectations prevented me from understanding the women I interacted with. After being introduced to the art of tantra and sacred sexuality, I found myself being opened to deeper and deeper encounters with my lovers.< Less
Secrets of Male Sexuality 2 By J.J. Wanton
eBook (ePub): $4.99
What is the bulb of the penis? Who should be the first to retract the foreskin? Can the first time the foreskin retracts (e.g. during masturbation or sex) be a slightly painful experience? These and... More > many more questions are answered in this book!< Less
Secrets of Male Sexuality 4 By J.J. Wanton
eBook (ePub): $8.99
How should testicular self-examination be performed? What are ‘blue balls’ and how can they be relieved? What are the various forms of testicular sex? These and many more questions are... More > answered in this book!< Less
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Secrets of Male Sexuality By J.J. Wanton
eBook (ePub): $4.95
Why does the glans penis have such a unique and unusual shape? What are pearly penile papules and are they dangerous? What is the most erogenous part of the penis? These and many more questions are... More > answered in this book!< Less
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Conditioning the Male By Chris Bellows
eBook (PDF): $2.10
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The third segment of a trilogy. 'The Extraction Nurse', 'Grateful Servitude', and 'Conditioning the Male'. The second sequel to The 'Extraction Nurse', offered free on Lulu, which should be read... More > first, followed by the first sequel 'Grateful Servitude'. Female domination of the male. Humiliation. Sexual power. Caution. This is a Chris Bellows story.< Less
Male Enhancement By Rabia John
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Because of the modern style of life TV,computers and no exercise people have become sexually inactive and even if they want to indulge in certain activities they feel hampered. In this book the... More > author has given certain exercises and potent nutrition to overcome the problem of impotency. Get rock solid erections by acting upon the advice provided by Juli. Good luck for your partner!< Less
Hate Male By Daniel Guyton
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An angry punk grrrl who hates men is arrested for murder. She tells us why she did it. "Prison Monologues, Part I" by Daniel Guyton, produced by Liberal Eye Productions is a series of solo... More > performances drawn on emotional power, subtle explorations of message, and dark, evocative imagery that made this exhibition truly one of the powerhouses of this year's Fringe. All of these narratives are powerfully delivered and bring something very interesting to the table. AC Smallwood, in 'HATE MALE,' a monologue, plays the role of a very angry young woman who was sexually abused wherein she attempts to seduce a prison guard. Hers is the most evocative tale. Smallwood is captivating and a bit terrifying in her portrayal of this damaged character. Keep an eye out for future offerings of this piece." (Daniel Lamb, Edge Media Network, 2015)< Less
Male to Male Rape & Sexual Assault in the United States(Revised Edition) By Stephen Reed.CNA,CMA,AAS,Paralegal/Legal Assistant
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An overview of perhaps one of the most heinous types of assaults upon male victims in the United States.Generally perpetrator is a member of the family, close family friend, brother, employer,even... More > friends in the military as well.< Less

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