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Der Blaue Stier By Shai-Li Ron
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My grandfather, Yochanan Ron, your story is an inspiration that I as your granddaughter feel fortunate to have heard. It was an even bigger honor to write it: Some psychologists argue that we... More > can’t remember our infancy because we can’t frame the memories in linguistic terms. Yet, I remember. No words or any number of letters framed together could erase these memories from my mind. In 1941, at the age of one, my family was deported to Transnistria. I was four years old when I returned to Chernovitz. But before my return I had seen the living dead, heard the vile hiss of malevolence and got a taste of the life of an orphan. Struggle followed us for years later as we journeyed through Bukovina, Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus on our way to Palestine. But it’s through stories, like the one about the blue bull, that a child learns to live and cover the memories of hunger and hatred. And by telling these stories, a memory can teach forever.< Less
2nd Anthology of Horror: Trees And Other Dystopias By Fruitjack
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The tales that comprise this anthology cover a broad range of subjects from humor to sci-fi / fantasy. Settings are unified by geography every so often. Themes are revisited and contrasted. Equally... More > as varied are my inspirations! Mad props go to Poe, Lovecraft, Blackwood, and Alvin Schwartz – short story writers whose work I devour. I extend credit, too, to those whose names are not known. I refer to folklorists and their immortal, blood-soaked yarns, passed from campfire to campfire, that kept me awake so many nights. You’ll find Easter Eggs in the forms of call-backs or shout-outs to my muses and even to my 1st anthology of horror (relax; you don’t need to read it). The NAZIs resume their role of lurking, creeping malevolence. Wendigos / Skinwalkers may or may not make cameos. As do ghosts, aliens, cults, and evil of ‘everyday’ pedigree.< Less
Medea (Adansonia Greek Plays) By Euripides
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This edition of the Greek classic play Medea by Euripides is translated by well-regarded scholar of classics Gilbert Murray, who offers the reader a vivid yet accurate interpretation of the... More > play. Medea is imperiled as her husband plans to leave her for another woman. Angry at having been abandoned for a Corinthian princess, Medea enacts vengeance befitting her status as a barbarian queen: she slays her former husband's new wife and their children, before absconding to Athens where she begins a new life. Ever since its publication over 2,400 years ago, Medea has been considered a shocking work of fiction, primarily for its violent and malevolent scenes. Despite these horrific events, it was Euripides portrayal of Medea as a sympathetic antihero frustrated by a world of male dominance which won over audiences. Owing to this nuanced depiction, Medea the play and Medea the character has become well-regarded by feminists. It remains the most popular and performed drama by Euripides in the modern day.< Less
Doboro the Bottlenecker By Kevin M. Kraft
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The first two novels in Kevin M. Kraft's cutting edge DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER book series are together in one volume as the direct tie-in the the upcoming motion picture, DOBORO THE BOTTLENECKER,... More > about a family man who loses everything to malevolent forces and overcomes devastating loss and injury to emerge as an avenging angel to a life more precious to him than his own. Peter Younghusband write, "Kraft has included themes of why bad things happen to good people, being angry at God for what happened (to David), God's healing, and generally how adverse events can challenge, yet enable a relationship with God to grow. Peter Younghusband writes, "Kraft has included themes of why bad things happen to good people, being angry at God for what happened (to David), God's healing, and generally how adverse events can challenge, yet enable a relationship with God to grow." An innovative blend of moving drama and powerful action, you'll want to read the book before watching the movie!< Less
NEUROTIC DECEPTION # Deadly PLAGUES of America By Robert Tucker IV
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Demons and dark forces shadow gay people, witch the Americans belief that if you're gay, you're going to HELL because it's said to be against GOD in the old testament. So what do you think these... More > spiritual beings understand?For some, they hang around gays, seeking bodies to get to go against the Savior and the GODS, so that the homosexualitiness can be used as the blame of luck, bringing the term MALEVOLENCE.HENCE PLAGUES. The HUNT FOR THE POWER OF THR GODS THAT ARR TALKED ABOUT ARE TRULY THE HUNTED. NEVER KNOWING WHAT YOU WERE SENT FOR AND YOUR HONEST PURPOSE BECAUSE LIKE IN LaChisha's Man, stuck in your worldly ways needed true directions. Or in Speak Up Speak Out how a spiritual enemy comes through a disquse a second body, a HUMAN to attempt HARMFUL ACTS WITH NO WARNING, FORCING A wRonG TURN heading you in the direction YOU KNOWIS BAD FOR YOU. All to hunt the true meaning of your earned gifts and to keep you blindsided and against the creators in sinned actions, Which pushes you further from HIS Grace.< Less
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