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Manslaughter: Anatomy of a Manhunt By Richard Lee Fulgham
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In 1976 a man driving a sports car was stopped by a Georgia State Trooper at three in the morning on an old highway between Atlanta and Columbus. The trooper was shot dead and the driver fled on foot... More > into the Great Pine Woods. A few hours later a manhunt was launched. A manhunt -- that most terrifying of adventures for both the hunters and the pursued. This is the story of the man who fled the scene so boldly and so foolishly, the manhunt with its clockwork precision, and the men who took weapons into the forest when the prey was finally at bay. It is necessarily an appalling story told in ghastly detail and intimate horror -- because it was a manhunt. It is neccessarily vicious and bloody because it is true. I know. I was there. I am the man.< Less
Manslaughter and Other Tears By Dianne Gray
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A book of award winning short stories by Dianne Gray
In This Hollow Valley By Jack Halifax
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A neighborhood dispute in the bucolic countryside of Oregon turns deadly. A farmer is killed on the road along his property, and his neighbor, a retired cop, is charged with manslaughter. The plea is... More > self-defense. But who was standing his ground? The case goes to trial but the verdict is far from final. A story about a clash of cultures in Ecotopia.< Less
A Mormon Murder - Jodi Arias and The Killing of Travis Alexander By Pamela Lillian Valemont
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All the ingredients of a murder mystery, in real life Mesa Arizona. Jodi Arias got herself mixed up with the LDS PrePaid Legal crowd and all that entailed. Corruption, shonky deals, hypocrisy, and... More > her boyfriend Travis Alexander was a dynamite keg waiting to explode. He was abusive, violent, volatile, had pedophile leanings, masturbated to pictures of little boys, his computer had thousands of pictures of pornography even child pornography on it. He wanted her to have exclusively anal sex, told her that their Mormon religion OK'd it before marriage as it was not "real" sex. Only vaginal sex would be frowned upon by the church. She believed him, like the naive fool that she was. She ended up getting pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. Travis' Mormon clique disapproved of her, forcing their relationship underground. Travis announced from the pulpit he was a virgin and was looking for a wife. Openly, he dated women who were more suitable candidates to be his wife. Was this a Mormon Murder waiting to happen?< Less
21 And Life By Pamela Barone
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Andy has it all or does he? He has a great family, a great girlfriend, close friends and a bright teaching career. But, things suddenly start unraveling for Andy and before he realizes it, he reaches... More > the point of no return. 21 And Life is a powerful and entertaining story that tugs at your heart strings and will make you think twice about letting a friend get behind the wheel while drunk. An entertaining and educating experience that will leave everyone talking. Powerful… Really drives the message home… Entertaining while delivering a very strong message… Shocking and Compelling… Real and believable characters… A novel that all teachers should have in their classrooms and parents should buy for their children. A novel that can make a difference… You can make a difference.< Less
Pesticides, Neurotoxic Illnesses and the Law By Ann V. Kuczerpa
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Every man who by his culpable negligence causes the death of another, although without intent to kill, is guilty of manslaughter. So highly does the law value human life, that it admits no... More > justification wherever a life has been lost, and the carelessness or negligence of one person contributed to the death of another. Regina v. Swindall, 2 Car. & Kir. 222, 233.< Less
HAPPIER DAYS By Little Girl Lost
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I wrote this collection of poetry while I was incarcerated for domestic violence manslaughter. The poems are from memories of prison, being abused, watching loved ones being abused, being a mother,... More > and being a daughter. My children are the inspiration for my writing. My hope is that my writing will open communication about abuse so that people will become more aware and be able to move forward in thier lives.< Less
Cody's Law By Fin J Ross
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CODY'S LAW: The brutal bashings of a five-year-old Cody Hutchings by his step-father promoted a major change in state legislation in Australia. After Stuart John McMaster was found guilty... More > manslaughter, the Victorian State Government introduced the new offence of child homicide. Story Length: App 4,000 words< Less
Corporal Marsh's Medals By Giles Armstrong
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Why should anyone murder a harmless provincial librarian? So - Manslaughter, said the Coroner's Jury, just as his murderers had expected when they plotted his violent and horrible death. Yet their... More > victim was not quite so ordinary as he seemed; he had one uncommon and beautiful talent; which, though it took thirty years, would eventually lead to their downfall.< Less
Go Go Go Said the Bird By Brittani Hirsch
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For twenty-one year old Reed Brooks, his world ends when he is sentenced to eighteen years in Dawson County Prison. Convicted of vehicular manslaughter while driving under the influence, he begins... More > writing letters to the innocent victim whom he hit and killed. When Reed’s passion for writing brings him face-to-face with the unexpected years later, he begins to learn that mistakes don’t define you; sometimes they just teach you the power of love.< Less