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The Marathon By Adam Kasperek
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I have decided to run the Boston Marathon. But, to my disadvantage, I initially did not meet age requirements and ran into many problems that made it difficult for me to run a marathon. I ultimately... More > ran a marathon that qualified me to sign up for the Boston Marathon. In this book, I explain just how difficult it is to run a marathon and to go through the long process of preparing to run a very long distance.< Less
Average To Amazing Marathon Running By Mariana Correa (Certified Sports Nutritionist)
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Average to AMAZING Marathon Running is the best and most complete book out there for any marathoner who is looking for better results. With the perfect combination and inspiration you will be on the... More > path to greatness. The author Mariana Correa is a former professional athlete and certified sports nutritionist that competed successfully all over the world. She shares years of experience both as an athlete and a coach bringing a priceless perspective. This book goes beyond the subject of marathon training. It inspires you to excel, and dare to dream beyond your abilities. Every aspect to succeed is explained including mental training, hydration, nutrition and much more with a clear and easy way to understand. After reading this book you will be on your way to be healthier, fitter and happier.< Less
Mr. Turtlehead Runs The Marathon By Sandra Taylor
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Mr. Turtle head emerges ahead in the greatest race of his life. All of Mr. Turtle head friends are over whelm of his victory.
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Disappointed in a published list of "20 Marathons to do before you Die" Jim decided to compile his own Bucket List of 20 marathons to complete in 20 countries within 20 months. In doing so... More > he was able to combine his twin passions: a love of travel and a love of running. His experiences provide an informative and entertaining guide book for anyone looking to broaden their running horizons.< Less
Sprints And Marathons By Best Publications
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Running is the act by which animals, including human beings, move by the power of the feet. Speeds may vary and range from jogging to a sprint. A lot of individuals compete in track events that place... More > participants in a contest to test speed in a sprint or endurance in a marathon. The running mechanics are the same, but additional factors are very different in a marathon versus a sprint. Sprints commonly are tested in track events including 100 m, 200 m or 400 m races. World-class athletes may finish these events in ten seconds, twenty seconds or forty-five seconds, respectively. A marathon is a race that's 26.2 miles long with world-class athletes completing the race in just over 2 hours...< Less
The Honolulu Marathon By Mark Hazard Osmun
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The Honolulu Marathon. The third-largest marathon in the world. Over 30,000 runners in a single year. Over $100,000 paid to leading racers. But it didn't start out that way. In The Honolulu... More > Marathon, Mark Hazard Osmun, recounts the origins of this amazing event and the motivations of the people who made it happen. From recording the promotional showmanship of the zealous Dr. Jack Scaff, to kidnapping world-class runners, to running in the race itself, Osmun became the principal chronicler of the marathon--an event that became the bellwether for the nation's subsequent "Running Boom." Originally published in 1979, and told in a fast-paced, engaging, and sometimes irreverent style, The Honolulu Marathon placed the event on the international stage and now gives us perspective on the colossus it has become. Now with new material, an author preface, and an annually updated Race Statistics section, The Honolulu Marathon is a must-read for everyone who has--or will--run the race.< Less
The Marathon Life By Lynn Gray
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The Marathon Life is designed for beginner distance walkers and/or joggers who aspire to gain a lifestyle of fitness by training for a marathon or half marathon distance. I have divided the book... More > into four progressive parts which give the participant time to adapt and enjoy the process of distance training. The content of the book includes duration training together with agility and muscular conditioning, followed by walk to run ratio, resistance and intensity training. The reader has a year of progressive training schedules, with weekly training tips and a journal to record daily progress. Many beginners who seek to burn body fat are destined to lose weight and reshape since the workouts consist of over 35 minutes of fast movement; be it walking, jogging, or running. To facilitate weight management or loss, a nutritional food plan for the active person is included. Long distance walking and/or running is a lifestyle of becoming forever fit.< Less
The Run Dream Achieve 12-Week Marathon Training Guide For Debut Marathoners By Nathan Pennington
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The Rundreamachieve 12-Week Marathon Training Guide For Debut Marathoners is a simple, easy to follow plan created by 2008 US Olympic Trials marathon qualifier and 2.19 marathoner, Nate... More > Pennington. It is an overview of how first-time marathoners should train for and complete the classic 26.2 mile run race. It also goes over different types of runs i.e. fartlek, easy, moderate, long runs and intervals. The guide is broken down into 4, 3-week cycles. The debut marathoner will be walked through the introductory, transition and taper phase of the program taking the runner through a step-by-step process of training. It is specifically structured to the needs of the runner seeing to run their first marathon, who needs a simple, walk-crawl-run plan to get them to the finish line in record time.< Less
The Boston Marathon: An Average Runner's Quest to Run the 2005 Boston Marathon By Dylan Thomarie
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Ramblings and journal entries that reflect the highs and lows of training and racing in order to qualify for the 2005 Boston Marathon.
Running Easy - The Marathon Guide for Ordinary People By Craig & Nicky Blewett
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Running Easy is an amazing, unique approach to running. Rather than “try harder” it’s all about “Try Easier”. The Running Easy approach was developed by, and for... More > “ordinary people” like you, and backed by loads of scientific research. If you think words like “fun”, “easier”, “healthy”, “lifestyle”, and “running” should be together, then this approach is for you. The Running Easy Marathon Course is a complete course, covering every aspect of running - mind, body and soul. This complete step-by-step guide will not only enable you to run your first marathon – you’ll enjoy it too!< Less