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Marginal Cost of Production By Homework Help Classof1
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"Suppose you are the manager of a watchmaking firm operating in a competitive market. Your cost of production is given by C = 200 +2 q2, where q is the level of output and C is total cost. ... More > (The marginal cost of production is 4q. The fixed cost of production is $200.) (a) If the price of watches is $100, how many watches should you produce to maximize profit? (b) What will the profit level be? (c) At what minimum price will the firm produce a positive output? "< Less
Calculation of Gross Margin in Absorption and Marginal Costing By Homework Help Classof1
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"What is Gregson’s absorption costing gross margin and profit? What is Gregson’s variable contribution margin and profit? What is Gregson’s ending inventory using absorption... More > costing? What is Gregson’s ending inventory using variable costing? "< Less
Along the margin-sand By Peter Larner
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It is 1964, the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King, the Boston strangler, the Beatles, and Cassius Clay. And, in a world caught up with daily news of war trials in West Germany, a bank robbery in... More > England and race riots in the USA, Peter Jackson, a 12-year-old boy, moves to France with his mother to start a new life after the sudden death of his father. His mother is determined to look to a new future and forget her past life in England, but the locals have other ideas. When a Jewish Nazi hunter arrives at the converted convent that Mrs Jackson bought, her two long term tenants have different reasons to be concerned and the past that she longed to leave behind, threatens to become Peter’s future. Saturn was the codename of an informer, working for the Germans in 1944. He, or she, betrayed the resistance fighters who were operating in Berck sur Mer in WW2. That betrayal cost the lives of five young men. Saturn was never identified.< Less
Short Run Cost Function By Homework Help Classof1
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"The short-run cost function of a company is given by the equation TC=200+55q, where TC is the total cost and q is the total quantity of output, both measured in thousands. (a) What is the... More > company’s fixed (b) If the company produced 100,000 units of goods, what is its average variable cost? (c) What is its marginal cost per unit produced? (d) What is its average fixed cost? "< Less
Estimate the Average Cost By Homework Help Classof1
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"a) At this output level, calculate the average cost and the marginal cost. b) Draw a diagram showing the current situation of the firm. c) In addition to the above information, suppose the... More > price of the output is $13/unit, if the firm wants to maximize its profit, what should it do? Explain in detail with the aid of a diagram. d) Suppose the price of the output is $16/unit instead, if the firm wants to maximize its profit, what should it do? Explain in detail with the aid of a diagram. "< Less
True or False Questions Related to Marginal Revenue By Homework Help Classof1
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Characterize each of the following statements as true or false, and explain your answer.
The Costs of Production (Graphing Notebook) By Chris Thomas
eBook (PDF): $2.50
This book is designed for both students and teachers. First, students receive handouts of each graph including a table of contents page to help with their organization. Second, teachers receive step... More > by step PDF slides of each graph that can be displayed for their students to copy on the handouts during instruction. List of Graphs: Diminishing Marginal Returns, Marginal Product and Marginal Cost, Cost Curves (Profit, Break Even, Shut Down), Cost Curves (Shading in Profit), Cost Curves (Shading in a Loss), and Economies of Scale< Less
Supply Curve for a Constant-Cost By Homework Help Classof1
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Calculate the Long run industry supply curve for a constant-cost industry, Marginal cost, Average total cost, output.
Cost Accounting Same Net Income By Homework Help Classof1
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"a) What is Wilson’s break-even point in cases of widgets for the current year? b) What selling price per case must Wilson charge to cover the 15% increase in variable production costs... More > (the 15% increase includes all variable costs associated with this problem) and still maintain the current contribution margin percentage? c) What is the number of units that Wilson must achieve in the coming year to maintain the same net income after taxes as projected for the current year if the selling price of widgets remains at $9.60 per case and the variable production costs of widgets increase 15%? "< Less
Micro Economics Revenue Draw By Homework Help Classof1
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"a. For the product shown, assume that the minimum point of each firm’s average variable cost curve is at $2. Construct a demand and supply diagram for the product and indicate the... More > equilibrium price and quantity. b. On the graph, label the area of consumer surplus as f. Label the area of producer surplus as g. c. If the equilibrium price were $2, what would be the amount of producer surplus? "< Less