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In the Service of Their Country By Benjamin Woodard
Paperback: $15.00
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Hundreds of Cabell County, West Virginia, boys answered their country’s call to serve in World War I. Contributing to the cause on the home front or fighting in the mud of the trenches, these... More > men were faced with a war like no one had ever seen. Eighty-eight of these soldiers never returned home, struck down by the Germans or the greater enemy of disease. A beautiful tree-lined boulevard was constructed in their honor but, after the long-ago destruction of its only markers, its true purpose was all but forgotten. Now, after years of research in archival sources, Benjamin Woodard has found and written the stories of each soldier. Including many photos, newspaper articles, and accounts not seen for over a century, In the Service of Their Country brings the story of their sacrifice back to memory.< Less
The American Revolution in North Carolina By Stewart Dunaway & Jeffery Bright
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This exhaustive reference focuses on the events of the American Revolution from February 19, to March 14, 1781. NO other book has impacted the history of this war, and their locations, as this... More > volume. Two new N.C. State Historical Markers were erected (one new and one re-cast correction) from the research provided by these two authors in this book. Patriot forces continued to skirmish with British Gen. Cornwallis. Although none of these events were paramount or decisive, they illustrated the fortitude of the American spirit. This strong resolve sent a clear message to the British that the Patriots would rather fight than remain loyal to the King. Read about these five skirmishes, learn their location and histories, and see the maps of the road routes including modern locations. NOTE: this book has replaced - Like a bear with his stern in a corner, although twice the pages.< Less
Ancient Quests of the Double-Peaked Mountain By Clay Sherrod
Paperback: $15.00
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Only traces of ancient civilizations and cultures remain from the prehistoric record, and only through small pieces – stories, images and fragments – do we feel the lives of the Native... More > Americans who called this land ‘Home’ for thousands of years, and then forced away from that homeland. As cultures merged, efforts continued by solitary ethnic populations to maintain their ancient ways. But scattered, diluted and confused many of the ancient sacred ways became legend and myth. The story seemingly ends with most of these people and their heritage either driven away or finally scattered into mixed cultures. At some time around 1898, the last time any of these people returned to a mysterious annual quest - a link to their past – was the time at which they would never return. This is a tale of a “double-peaked mountain”, a vision quest and the Shaman who perhaps ritualistically preserved markers of heritage important to those people who passed through the river valleys of Arkansas.< Less
Obadiah Moore, Pvt. North Carolina, Revolutionary Patriot, Battle of New Orleans, POW By Susan Moore Teller
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Obadiah Moore was born in Princess Anne County, Virginia under King George III and grew to manhood in the wild frontier of Pitt County, North Carolina. He enlisted in the North Carolina Continental... More > Line in the Revolutionary War and fought in the Battle of Charleston under Gen. Benjamin Lincoln. He was captured, a Prisoner of War, and paroled. After the war was over,in 1783 he married Winney Ventis and the couple went "west", to Columbia County, Georgia, then Jasper County, Georgia and finally in 1819 to old Autauga County, Alabama, where he is buried in the old Moore Cemetery, an Alabama Historic Cemetery that today is in Chilton County. Alabama.This "paperback" version offers all pages throughout in full color glossy library quality with many color photos and copies of old documents plus the large legible Historic Marker photo on the Moore Family on the back cover.< Less
Coloring Book of Shadows: Planner for a Magical 2020 By Amy Cesari
Paperback: $21.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
SPIRAL-BOUND w/ 60# CREAM PAPER Make Your Year Magical! Harness the power of the seasons, planets, moon, sun, and yourself as you expand your horizons and create an extraordinary year. With an... More > inspiring blend of illustrations to color, seasonal spells and rituals, and monthly and weekly calendar pages, find yourself on the empowering journey of your own magical path. • SPIRAL-BOUND w/ 60# CREAM PAPER • For use with colored pencils, gel pens, & ballpoint pens only. • Markers or watercolors are NOT recommended • Printed on both sides of the page •Monthly calendar spreads • Weekly planning pages with lined space for each day • Moon phase and moon sign tracking • A spell for each month and a ritual idea for each Sabbat • Lots of magical illustrations to color and extra space for notes • Handy 6×9″ size SPIRAL-BOUND WITH 60# CREAM PAPER< Less
The 13th King of Israel By Luis Vega
Paperback: $25.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
The purpose of this book is to correlate the first 13 Kings of both the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel with that of the first 13th ‘Kings’ of modern day Israel in terms of its Prime... More > Ministers since 1948. This study suggests that perhaps the 13th Person to rule the modern State of Israel will have a parallel destiny in terms of what the number 13 means, what the term might represent, and if it could be associated with the last Ruler of Israel before the rightful King of the Jews, Jesus returns. For the purposes of this study, the Persons holding the office of Prime Minister will be likened to that of the ancient Kings of Judah and Israel. Why the 13th King? Israel is on the verge of having a 13th Person be Prime Minister or Ruler and will pass the 70th year time marker since 1948. King David died at the age of 70. He was the King that brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem from Shiloh, exactly 19.48 miles away.< Less
The World of Vertebrates By Raymond Tartakoff
Paperback: $16.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This science activity book was designed for use as a basic introductory text and workbook for the study of all vertebrate animals in the elementary science curriculum. It may also be used as... More > supplementary enrichment material, complementing any course of study on vertebrate animals, and is excellent for use with junior high school students who are working below grade level. Furthermore, the book can serve as a valuable resource text and guide for teacher workshops and in-service classes. The many important concepts covered in the book are presented through words and illustrations, all carefully planned and chosen for maximal impact upon students. The illustrations may be colored with crayons or felt tipped marker pens and serve not only to reinforce the specific concepts being presented, but will probably be kept by many students for future years as treasured reminders of the fun and excitement this learning experience had been.< Less
Journal of The Honorable George T. Wendell of Mackinac County, Michigan (1850) By Brett Dicken Brown
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This "Journal" was recorded by Mr. Wendell in 1850 and includes a translation of various items from the native tongue to English. The native tongues appear to be all Central Algonquian... More > languages and Mr. Wendell mentions Menominee, Washtenaw, Algonquin and Pottawatomie. There is also a page devoted to a description of the Northern League of Indian Tribes. The topics covered are "Indian" names for: Towns in Canada, New York, Northwest Territory and Pennsylvania; Rivers in Michigan and Wisconsin; Bays in Michigan; Islands in Michigan; Points (Geographic) in Michigan; Lime Island and Indian "Cross' Distance Markers and Stick; Lakes of Michigan; Ottawa & Chippewa Indian Names of Kinds of Woods in Michigan; Grains in Michigan; Months of the Year and other miscellaneous items. Also included is an index of names referred to in the probate papers, many of which were prominent citizens and government officials of the Village of Mackinac during the late 1880's.< Less
99 Beautiful Names of Allah Coloring Book By Khadijah Meri Arjumand et al.
eBook (PDF): $14.95
99 BEAUTIFUL NAMES OF ALLAH COLORING BOOK Arabic Calligraphy Coloring Pages. Enjoy learning more Arabic and the 99 Beautiful Names of God as you fill in these Arabic coloring pages. Each attribute... More > of God is outlined in classical Arabic calligraphy. Gather your colored pencils, crayons, markers or watercolors and get to know the aspects of God. The 99 Names of Allah, also called the 99 Most Beautiful Names of God, are the known attributes and names of God. This is a special group of 99 names and, according to one hadith, is not numbered in any specific way so you will find many numbering versions. There are more than 99 names of God and some of them are hidden from human beings at this time. Every name is written in Arabic on a coloring page with English transliterations for ease in pronunciation. Included are translations of the meanings for each name in this wonderful spiritual tradition. 124 pages, reading level: Ages 5 – 125< Less
By Any Means Necessary: Take Ten! By Artaymis Ma'at
Paperback: $50.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
‘By Any Means Necessary…Take 10’ is a first of its kind. It is an alternative 'EDUCATIONAL BOOT CAMP! As a veteran I learned to get effective results. These 10-minute timed... More > strategic exercises make learning fun—NOT FOREIGN. Great as an after-school project! Up for the challenge? It builds peak performance & provides STEP-BY-STEP clarity on crucial subjects you struggle with most such as mathematics, cursive writing, reading comprehension, vocabulary building, parts of speech, syllable decoding, essay writing & cetera. Support this "Take 10" life investment! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Upon completion receive an 11x17 'Bronze Level I' Certificate, book marker & a personal phone call! Make money & tour the U.S through the mentoring-entrepreneurship game board! Earn your 'Silver II and Gold III…'< Less

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