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Marie By Marie Drevlow
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A compilation of stories as told by Grandma Marie Drevlow. Included are old photos and memories of Grandma.
mary By Frank Page
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Originally completed for my first semester MFA studio project. A story with very little dialog, told with images. Images are a little graphic... THIS IS NOT FOR YOUNGER READERS!
Mary By Monica Haller
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Mary wrote this book at the Veterans Book Workshop.
Marie By Sara Downs
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This book is about a young girl Marie fighting to gain rights and independence in the French Revolution.
Marie By LewisH. Rider CarrollHaggard
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Marie by H. Rider Haggard.Please visit our Spotlight at for more books.
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Her visions are becoming more frequent and real, until Marie doesn’t know reality from fantasy. Marie is the loving mother of seven year old Sophie and after her divorce from William,... More > Sophie’s father, her life is back on track. Her business is a success and her condition is under control. One day she notices bruises on Sophie’s legs and when Marie asks her how she got them, Sophie tells her the most horrifying story any mother could hear from their child. Marie allows Sophie to go to her father’s house overnight and arrives unannounced to exact her brutal revenge… Marie is the second book written by John Stearn. His first novel DELIRIUM is also avalible to buy on Amazon.< Less
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Read a story of a strong woman betrayed getting revenge. Marie was hoping she would see her husband exit Mikey's alone and head back to his office instead the entrance door opens and there he was... More > with his arm around a tall brunette. Seeing his companion lean into his arm and rubbing his chest there was no doubt of the intimacy between them. No doubt whatsoever, if they weren't sleeping together already they were sure heading there. Marie is intent watching the couple in the car when a pair of strong arms encircle her whispering her name telling her to put the gun down.Pour a glass of wine and enjoy a woman scorned getting payback. Her name is 'MARIE'.< Less
Maris By Chance Welch
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Maris Fletcher, a teenage girl just making it in High school like everyone else, never much for jumping into conflicts that clearly didn't involve her... but during one cold night at a party when one... More > of her friends are killed by a horrifying monster, Maris is exposed to a world like no other. Discovering powers of her own, exploring realms she had never thought existed, meeting creatures like Angels, Demons, Reapers, Titans, Magi, and Colossus that are on the verge of total war with one another. She must become the student to Teller, the Angel of Time, and come to terms with what she really is or face total destruction from the fiend known as The One who strides on Chaos.< Less
Marie By Linda K Ladig
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She felt confident in having a strong loving marriage, until the night she sees her husband with his arm around a tall brunette. Using all her skills from her previous life as an insurance... More > investagator she follows her husband and the brunette. Her world turns upside down when she feels a strangers arms around her, whispering her name telling her to put the gun down. Enjoy a woman scorned getting payback. Her name is MARIE.< Less
The Mary By John Silke
eBook (PDF): $1.97
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A short ghostly tale about a man in olden times on a business trip to a Cornish town. Perfect for a short train ride!