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The True Masonic Order By Henry Epps
Paperback: List Price: $26.96 $21.57 | You Save: 20%
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The true masonic order talks about the masonic fraternity and how they influence the world around us.
A Parade Of Famous Masons By Dale Pierce
Paperback: $10.14
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A stunning look at famous Masons past and present. The first section of the book categorizes and lists famous lodge members while the section that follows offers many stories concerning selected... More > Masons from all walks of life.< Less
The Untrodden Paths of Masonic Research By Gilbert W. Daynes
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The "Untrodden Paths of Masonic Research," by Gilbert W. Daynes was originally published in 1924 and provides the Student of Masonic Research many questions, upon which to begin an... More > investigation into the history of the Masonic Fraternity. Examining such subjects as the origin of Freemasonry, Medieval Masonry and Freemasonry in the 17th Century, Danes asks more questions than he answers and, in the process, is sure to inspire the Freemason curious about such subject matters. Also included in this book are two other works by Gilbert W. Daynes: "Know Thyself" and "Freemasonry and Social England in the 18th Century."< Less
Masonic Writings of George Oliver By Darrell Jordan
Paperback: $21.42
Prints in 3-5 business days
Selected writings of Brother George Oliver selected from various Masonic Journals of the 19th century.
Masonic Attendance Book - Mark By
Hardcover: $36.03
Prints in 3-5 business days
Mark Master Masons signing in book. This should be hopefully suitable to all needs based on current expectations of members (positions on summons all considered) as well as potential visitors. Custom... More > versions including logo and lodge name can be created on request. As can versions for Royal Arch, Craft or other side degrees. Enough for 100 meetings.< Less
Keys to Masonic Memorization By Brian Ragain
Paperback: List Price: $6.99 $5.24 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
The ritual of the Masonic Lodge is at a critical point. Many of the Degrees have sections that are not being given because the Craft have not memorized them. We now have to forego sections and... More > deliver them at another time or location, when the necessary people are available to give these lectures. Instant gratification, or the feeling of pleasure without delay, has dealt a traumatic blow to the memorization of our rituals. With the advent of television, computers, and cell phones, the past few decades of initiates have been afforded the reward of instant gratification. Our Masonic memory work does not support this way of thinking. We strive to find pleasure in minor accomplishments, yet these are rarely found in Masonry. Our ritual is not being learned by the younger generations because of lack of time, lack of understanding, and lack of memorization techniques. This book addresses the latter.< Less
Masons of California: Staircase By Heather Holme
Hardcover: $68.00
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This artfully designed book details the creation of a staircase for the historic California Masonic Memorial Temple. The pictures and text take the reader through the processes of design and... More > construction. There are also images of the finished product, detailed catalogue of all items that were repurposed into the piece, and accounting of hidden elements within it.< Less
Masonic Magazine No. 5 By Various Authors
eBook (PDF): $2.99
This issue features Gnosticism in the Third Degree, Who Was Hiram Abif, Grasp The Subject and the Words Will Follow, Change your Thoughts and You Change Your World, Have Tux Will Travel, a Point... More > Within a Circle, The Two Pillars, The Proper Application of Masonic Virtues Why Blue Lodges are Failing pasrt one plus more.< Less
Masonic Magazine No. 6 By Various Authors
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Issue six of our magazine includes The Broached Thurnel: A Forgotten Masonic Symbol, Hiram and The Temple, The Scriptural Charges, The True Meaning Of Masonic Secrecy, Freemasonry, Social Cohesion... More > & Social Progress In 19th & 20th Century California, Freemasonry as a philosophy, Why Blue Lodges Are Failing - Part Two.< Less
Mason the little pirate By Amber Adkins
Paperback: $11.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
cute little short story

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