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The Aromatherapy Massage A Guide to Using Oils in the Massage Session By Francine Milford
Paperback: $25.00
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The Aromatherapy Massage: A Guide to Using Oils in the Massage Session, is a book created by Francine Milford, a state and nationally licensed massage therapist. The book will instruct massage... More > therapists and bodyworkers on how to safely and effectively incorporate essential oils into the massage session. This book will cover the history of aromatherapy in both ancient and current times. A time line will show when the use of essential oils was first documented and the many uses we enjoy today. A section of the book will deal with legal product labeling, safety and emergency issues, and professional ethics. The chemistry of carrier and essentials oils will be explored, along with plant botany, documentation and client in-take forms.< Less
The Aromatherapy Massage A Guide to Facial Massage By Francine Milford, BS, LMT, CTN
Paperback: $25.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Aromatherapy Massage: A Guide to Facial Massage manual covers the history of aromatherapy throughout the centuries including ancient uses to modern day findings. The manual covers plant botany,... More > oil chemistry, systems of the body, an entire section on carrier oils and essential oils, along with dilution and blending methods. Also covered in this manual is how therapists can use face reading techniques to discover the health of their clients, along with a a Qi Facial massage. Finishing the book is step-by-step pictures of how to perform your own Aromatherapy Facial Massage session.< Less
A Firm Massage By Whiskey Fairfield
Paperback: $7.55
Prints in 3-5 business days
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After a late night coding with her boss, Amber is rewarded with a skillful, sensual massage, which reveals his capacity for domination. Oliver brought one hand down to stroke her face, and she... More > caught his thumb in her mouth, sucking it hungrily. It tasted like rich oil, mixed with the salty tang of his skin. He withdrew his thumb and fondly brushed her nose ... Rhythmically, he circled his thumb around her ankle, smoothing oil up over her leg as he gently placed her foot back down. His hands gripped and kneaded her calf, moving upwards to massage around her knee, then further still up her plump thigh towards her pert bottom. He let his fingers ghost under the hem of the flimsy fabric that barely covered her ass and she let out an audible moan. She was achingly, painfully aroused, her slit dripping with anticipation. The feeling of Oliver's hands on her body was delicious, frustrating torture.< Less
Essential Oil for Fast Healing 50+ Awesome Essential Oils Recipes for Healing, Relaxation, and Massage By Erin Haselkorn
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Essential Oil for Fast Healing: 50+ Awesome Essential Oils Recipes for Healing, Relaxation, and Massage Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that have been used for several purposes,... More > including medicine, therapy and beauty. These oils completely ignite the senses, helping you begin your journey of mental and physical balance and instant relief from physical or mental stress. Sometimes a single potent oil could be the answer to all your ailments and problems while in other cases, you may enjoy the soothing effect of several fragrances blended together. After all, these essential oils come in a whole range of rejuvenating scents, be it sweet like lavender or stimulating like eucalyptus< Less
Starting a Massage Business By V. T.
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Are you interested in massaging? I mean, set up your very own massage parlor and run it successfully? This ebook compiles tons of tips from REAL massage business owners, sharing how they start up... More > this business and run it profitability. Read this ebook, make notes and start planning for your own massage business. Just remember, no matter where you are in the world, everyone needs a massage, and it's up to you to convert them to recurring customers. You need information and knowledge to do it. Get this ebook now!< Less
Spa Massage Colorful Cartoons By Jasmine Taylor
eBook (ePub): $0.00
This Spa Massage Colorful Cartoon Illustrations eBook is ideal for anyone who loves the spa and massages. Slip into that peaceful relaxing state of body and mind that comes with being pampered. ... More > Enjoy these clients getting messages and watch their stress melt away. ** Please Note *** This eBook is NOT a coloring book. It shows examples of cartoon illustrations that have already been colored. *** FREE Coloring page downloads *** A URL link is provided inside for unlimited coloring page downloads so that you can have fun coloring these illustrations yourself! Just hit the buy button to start your journey now!< Less
Spa Massage Coloring Book By Jasmine Taylor
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
This coloring book is ideal for anyone who loves the spa and massages. Slip into that peaceful relaxing state of body & mind that comes with being pampered. Enjoy coloring these clients getting... More > messages and watch their stress melt away. These detailed ready-to-color illustrations have plenty of white space giving you room to sketch, draw, doodle and add your own unique artistic personality to each colored scene. Enjoy an infinite number of possibilities for hours of creative fun! Benefits - Make your work look great using colored pencils, pens, markers or crayons - Illustrations on separate pages to protect your colorful masterpiece - Share and give your colored art work to friends, family and loved ones as gifts or precious keepsake - Enjoy therapeutic, stress relieving effect coloring can bring - Relax, unwind and spend time together Makes a great gift for anyone who loves massages and spa treatments. Just hit the buy button and start your coloring journey now!< Less
Massage Therapy for Body Relaxation By Roman Soloviov
eBook (PDF): $8.99
Inside this eBook, you will discover the topics about combating stress through massage therapy, national standarts for massage therapy, how it stands today, the basics of the massage therapy, schools... More > of massage, rediscovering the wonders of massage, education, starting a massage therapy business, some tips for massage therapy products (oil, etc).< Less
Essential Oils By Amy Joyson
Hardcover: List Price: $29.99 $23.99 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Discover The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils! When you buy 'Essential Oils - The Complete Guide', you'll learn what essential oils are, how they're obtained, and a little bit about their history.... More > You'll find out how to identify therapeutic-grade oils, and how much you should be paying for essential oils. This book even helps you understand how essential oils work, how to use them safely, and why they aren't backed as "therapeutic drugs" by federal regulators. With 'Essential Oils - The Complete Guide', you'll discover the 30 Most Popular Essential Oils, including Eucalyptus, Lemon, Chamomile and Frankincense. Furthermore, the book brings essential “know how” about these remarkable substances. You'll learn how to: -Use and store carrier oils. -Understand the difference between carrier oils and essential oils. -Create over 100 oil blends. -Massage with essential oils. -Use essential oils with your pets. -And so much more!< Less
Online Certificate Course in Aromatherapy By Oleanders School of Massage Holistic Therapies and Vocational Studies
eBook (ePub): $8.99
Aromatherapy operates on two levels – firstly, it uses the widely acknowledged benefits of body massage, combined with the medical effects of the essential oils derived from plants and chosen... More > for their therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is an intensely comforting healing therapy which has become tremendously popular. Topics Covered in this Course Unit 1 Human Anatomy and Physiology Unit 2 Essential Oils Unit 3 Therapeutic Recipes Unit 4 Manipulation and Massage Unit 5 First Aid Unit 6 Starting your own Practice< Less

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