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The Masturbation Position: Is There a “Best” Technique? By John Dugan
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When engaging in masturbation, a man may favor a particular position. But are there benefits and deficits to what position one uses when practicing this favorite solo sport?
Masturbation Magic - The Stranger Technique By John Dugan
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Men who masturbate often may become bored of the same old routine. Learn a masturbatory technique to shake things up a bit, as well as how to protect the penis from residual damage.
50 Illustrated Masturbation Techniques for Men By SteadyHealth Community
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Although being criticized on moral or religious grounds for centuries, masturbation is actually very beneficial for men and women of all ages. For example, sexual self-stimulation is recommended by... More > experts on mental health as a good way of relieving depression and anxiety by driving out negative thoughts. A study suggests that men who masturbate moderately have less problems with their prostate than those men who don’t masturbate at all. This book unlocks the door to the new experiences. 50 techniques you’ve probably never tried before will give you hours and days of immense pleasure you’ve never experienced before. All techniques are perfectly safe and require nothing more than your hands and some free time. What’s inside this book: * 50 masturbation techniques for men * Detailed explanations for each technique * Vivid illustrations for each technique * Tips on how to make your ejaculation even better * Become a part of the SteadyHealth community to talk about new masturbation techniques< Less
Masturbation Techniques for Exciting New Experiences By John Dugan
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A man doesn’t have to be bored with his solo play routine to try new things. Check out these inventive masturbation techniques.
Masturbation Techniques: Interesting Objects to Penetrate By John Dugan
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Masturbation is part of a man’s regular sex life, but occasionally it gets a bit boring. Looking for new objects to penetrate in a solo fashion can be fun and rewarding.
Masturbation On A Roll By Sims.99 Centsebooks
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Masturbation On A Roll is teaches you to take your masturbating pleasure to a new level. Physiologist Sylvan Fredrick presents a Christian perspective on this sensitive sexual issue. This... More > non-pornographic presentation is a refreshing masturbation guide for teens and adults. Novel masturbation techniques are taught through the use of simple to make implements from ordinary household products. Several photos are included. Special attention is given to scrotal/testicular and clitoral stimulation along with other erogenous zones. Masturbation positions are described to add a whole new range to your routine. Practical physiology and physics of self-pleasuring are also discussed. Male, female and couples techniques are given. You will learn to masturbate without fear and guilt as you practice these safe and appropriate methods that can be employed prior to and in a marriage relationship. Helpful advice on improving sex and intimacy in marriage is given.< Less
Alternative Masturbation Techniques – 7 Ways to Keep it Fresh By John Dugan
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From an early age, men learn to treat the erect penis to a vigorous masturbation session. Over time, however, boredom can set in, necessitating new masturbation techniques.
Masturbation Techniques to Avoid for Better Penis Health By John Dugan
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Masturbating is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but the wrong approach can lead to pain and even loss of penis function. Some techniques to avoid, and their consequences, are described here.
Masturbation Techniques to Master with Tips from the Kama Sutra By John Dugan
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The Kama Sutra is remarkably silent on the topic of masturbation techniques, but a close reading can give a man some great ideas for increasing the sensuality of his solo encounters.
Masturbation Shake-Up: Handy Techniques to Try By John Dugan
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Many men enjoy different techniques when coupling but may stick to a tried-and-true method for masturbation. But lack of variety can lead to the practice becoming a little too routine.