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Math Mammoth Linear Equations By Maria Miller
Paperback: $14.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Linear Equations presents the student with the basics of solving linear equations, including equations that involve a variable on both sides and equations that require the usage of the... More > distributive property to eliminate parentheses. We also briefly study inequalities and graphing. This book best suits pre-algebra or grades 7-8 mathematics studies.< Less
Math Mammoth Fractions 2 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.19
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Fractions 2 is a self-teaching worktext that teaches comparing, simplifying, multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Topics include: Comparing Fractions Simplifying... More > Fractions Multiplying Multiplying Fractions by Fractions Multiplication and Area Simplifying Before Multiplying Dividing Fractions by a Whole Number Dividing Fractions by Fractions Dividing Mixed Numbers Review of Fractions Best suited for 5th grade level math studies. Full answers are appended.< Less
Math Mammoth British Money By Maria Miller
Paperback: $9.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth British Money is a worktext that covers money-related topics usually encountered during years 2-4. The book contains both textbook explanations and exercises, and is designed to be very... More > easy to teach from, requiring very little teacher preparation. The book starts with year 2 topics, such as counting coins with pence-amounts and easy problems about change. From there, the lessons advance toward year 3, and finally to year 4 topics, such as practising with pound amounts, and figuring out total bills and change. This money images in this edition have been updated.< Less
Math Mammoth Percent By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.60
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Percent teaches students the concept of percent, percentage of a number, discounts, sales tax, percent of change, circle graphs, and percent of comparison. It is suitable for 6th-8th... More > grade. The concept of percent builds on a student's understanding of fractions and decimals. Specifically, students should already be very familiar with the idea of finding a fractional part of a whole. We compare ratios, fractions, and percent. Students study how to make a circle graph. Last is percent of change dealing with decreases and increases in quantities (such as prices). We also study how to find the percent of change when the original and new amount are known.< Less
Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Subtraction 1 is a self-teaching workbook that deals with the subtraction concept within 0-10, initially as 'taking away', but soon presenting other situations where subtraction is... More > used: * Finding how much MORE something is as compared to something else - the difference. * Two (or more) parts making up a whole (of something). This is approached as a missing addend problem. All these situations are taught explicitly and can be found in the word problems throughout the book. Also, students learn to use the addition facts to find the answer to subtraction - in essence to memorize the basic subtraction facts, which are based on the addition facts. While this book is not tied to any grade level, it is most suitable for first grade. Answers are appended. This book ties closely in with Math Mammoth Addition 1.< Less
Math Mammoth Addition 1 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $10.15
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Addition 1 is a self-teaching workbook dealing with the addition concept and addition facts within 0-10. The first lessons in the book concentrate on adding within 0-5, introduce... More > missing addend problems, comparing, and teach several important properties of addition. The second part of the workbook practices memorizing basic addition facts where the sum is less than or equal to ten. The book is most suitable for first grade, though is not tied to any grade level. Selected answers are appended.< Less
Math Mammoth Data and Graphs By Maria Miller
Paperback: $9.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Data and Graphs is a worktext that covers common statistical graphs and some related topics for grades 2-5. It is a worktext, containing both the "text" (instruction) and the... More > "work" (exercises and problems). The book starts with the easiest topics: reading and making bar graphs, pictograms, histograms, and various kinds of line graphs. Most of these lessons are best suited for 4th and 5th grades. The goals for the study of bar graphs and line graphs are listed here. The student should learn to: read bar graphs, including double bar graphs, and answer questions about already plotted data; draw bar graphs and histograms from a given set of data.< Less
Math Mammoth Metric Measuring By Maria Miller
Paperback: $9.05
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Metric Measuring covers measuring related topics over the span of five grades (grades 1-5). The lessons for this book have been compiled from two of my books about measuring, and are... More > presented here as a single book that only deals with metric units. The lessons cover measuring length, weight, and volume, measuring temperature in the Celsius scale, the 24-hour clock and elapsed time, and using decimals within the metric system in general. While the book contains something for all grades from grades 1 to 5, the bulk of the lessons are targeted for second and third grade. This book contains both explanations of the material and exercises, and is thus termed a worktext. It is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring fairly little teacher preparation.< Less
Math Mammoth Decimals 1 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $8.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Decimals 1 is a self-teaching workbook that presents an introduction to decimal numbers. It is suitable for fourth or fifth grade math. However, the book in itself is not tied to any... More > grade level. The goal in this book is to study tenths and hundredths - or maximum of two decimal digits - so the student gets solid foundation in understanding the simpler decimals without developing some common misconceptions. Division and other decimal place value topics are left for the book Division 2. Number lines are used extensively, and all new concepts are introduced slowly so the student has time to truly understand. Full answers are appended to the book.< Less
Math Mammoth Geometry 3 By Maria Miller
Paperback: $13.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Math Mammoth Geometry 3 can be used after the student has finished Math Mammoth Geometry 1, and is suitable for grades 6-7. This book does not require the students to calculate area or volume, and... More > that is why it is not necessary to study Math Mammoth Geometry 2 (which deals with those topics in depth) before this book. We start out with basic angle relationships, such as adjacent angles (angles along a line), vertical angles, and corresponding angles (the last only briefly). The lesson Angles in Polygons is a sequel to studying angles in a triangle. The next set of lessons deals with congruent and similar figures. The last section of this book teaches some basic compass-and-ruler constructions. Note: At this time (2014), this book is in "beta" stage. It will be revised with more lessons (such as about The Pythagorean Theorem) probably in early 2015.< Less

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