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Mathematics and Money By Shiv Srikantia
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By merely using a fresh line of financial arguments founded on the baffling power of mathematics, the notional value of a financial asset or the perceived risk associated with a stock market asset... More > can be altered at will !< Less
Mathematics of Money Making By Equation Meridian
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By merely using a fresh line of financial arguments founded on the baffling power of mathematics, the notional value of a financial asset can be altered at will !
Mathematics: First 100 Lessons By Graeme Partington
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For the first time your first 100 lessons about mathematics are compiled together. Go on a journey that began thousands of years ago. Your journey will take you from numbers and symbols to... More > arithmetic, geometry and algebra. Learn about our greatest mathematicians and unlock the secrets of the mathematics of money. The 100 lessons are presented in learning order to maximize your progress.< Less
Make Money Online Surveys By Edgar Ortega
eBook (PDF): $8.89
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In this book, I will completely lay out everything of how you can earn extra money for you and the whole family. Whether you're new to paid online surveys or a seasonal vet, there's something in this... More > eBook for everyone to learn. You will obviously not make much money on just one survey panel alone, so I can better explain this using my own realistic mathematical formulas of how I'm currently doing between $500-$1,000 a month. Hopefully, you will get a more clearer idea of how this could be very possible for you as well.< Less
Adsense Money Machine By Jack Smith
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* An inside look into how Google chooses the ads placed on your website (crucial to the moneymaking process). * 3 reasons your website should be using Google Adsense (and nothing else) right... More > now. * How to keep your competitors ads from showing up on your website. * How to let visitors search the web from your site (and profit while they do it) * The simple mathematical formula behind Adsense that makes you cash. (And makes some Google Adsense users up to $25,000.00 a month.) * The trick to creating a website Google will love (and will end up making you the most profits with). * How to format your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)! * Where to place your ads for maximum exposure (there's a technique to it). * 5 tips to selecting super-keywords that bring in visitors that are ready to click. * 2 rules to creating and finding quality content.< Less
Math Mammoth European Money (using decimal comas) By Maria Miller
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Math Mammoth European Money uses commas in the decimal place. It is a worktext that covers money-related topics usually encountered during grades 1-3. The book contains both textbook explanations and... More > exercises, and is designed to be very easy to teach from, requiring very little teacher preparation. The book starts with first-grade topics such as counting coins with cent-amounts and easy problems about. From there, the lessons advance toward second-grade, and finally to third grade topics, such as practicing with euro amounts, and figuring out total bills and change.< Less
Money Matters Barber Business the Hair Cutting Game By Rebecca Wolford
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This edition includes a sample of the contract I used for self-employed stylists. Peek into the world of the self-employed and some of the many issues in using them. Money - The formula most... More > salons and barber shops use to pay self-employed stylists. Day to day - what can you expect to make? Sample business plan of Buddy's Barber shop, the many issues the business owner has to consider and attend to for opening his business, day to day operations. Real life examples of situations you may come across in this line of work. Punch list, questions when leasing. While living the life of a self-employed stylist and or business owner browse over the numerous points you may never have considered. Written by a business owner and operator with her own places of business for thirty five years. Photo's< Less
How to make fast money EASY and FUN By thomas lamo
eBook (ePub): $1.00
In this book i show you how you make easy Money on online Casino With a system i have found. i have been jobing in many big firms, my job was to help them avoid taxes, and on the end i worked for a... More > online Casino Company and then when i came up With this idea! the Money making way is EASY, FUN and even 100% secure. it is mathematicly impossible to loose!< Less
FAST MONEY : Secrets of the Finance-Centric Global Economy By Shiv Srikantia
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By about 1995, when Wall Street discovered a new use for advanced mathematics, Investment Banks and Hedge Funds began hiring physicists with Ph.D. degrees. With a new set of formulas developed by... More > physicists who came to be known as Quants, wealth could be created by managing risk scientifically. In good faith therefore, the quant physicists set out to create an ambiance where enormous sums of borrowed money could be intelligently poured into speculative investments. Mathematical equations were now poised to shape the world’s economies in ways that mankind might never have imagined thirty years ago. As an honest career counselling guide therefore, this book will either talk you into a fast-paced high pressure job in Wall Street or quietly talk you out of it ! NOTE : To make this a standalone publication, a few chapters and excerpts from the book titled "American Capitalism, Americanomics, and Multinational Corporations" have been included in the presentation.< Less
Why Should I Lose Money? The Plan For Investing After Retirement By Roger Retired
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Did you know that if you lose 40% of your investment, you have to gain back over 66% just to break even? This book is for retirees interested in preserving their limited wealth but still keeping up... More > with inflation and cost of living increases. This book gives you a plan to invest after retirement by selling high (which is unique advice) and buying low based on mathematics and lack of emotion. All stages of the market are covered including when to get out, what to do while the market is trending down, when to get back in and what to do in an up market. This plan shows you how to pre-make valid, unemeotional mathematically correct investment decisions that benefit you, not someone else, while preserving your wealth for the rest of your life. If you need a simple but proven plan to preserve your wealth, then this book is for you.< Less