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Measure for Measure By Shakespeare
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a dark tragedy of misused power, repressed love - lust - and a sister's sacrifice
Measuring Power Application Notebook Volume 1 By Steven Sandler
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CLICK ON THE PREVIEW LINK BELOW THE BOOK TO SEE THE TABLE OF CONTENTS. Measuring Power App Notebook, Papers on Testing Power Supplies, Linear Regulators and Much More Measuring Power is not a... More > simple today as it once was. Higher frequency devices, complex loads, challenging test setups, and 2nd order effects all serve to complicate your measurements. Let Picotest help you navigate the waters with tools and techniques designed to increase the fidelity and accuracy of your testing. The "Measuring Power Application Notebook", contains over 30 technical articles on power supply test and measurement. The papers cover a wide range of measurements and test techniques including: Impedance, Stability, Step loading, PSRR, Reverse Transfer, Crosstalk, Noise, PDNs, Wireless Power, Clock Power Optimization, Non-invasive Phase Margin, and Part Parasitics (Resistors, Capacitors, Transformers, MOSFETs).< Less
Joy Beyond Measure By Kisha Monique Morris
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DO YOU WANT TO HAVE JOY BEYOND MEASURE? CLIMB TO THE LADDER OF SPIRITUAL SUCCESS? The secret, Spiritual Life Coach and Author, Kisha Monique Morris believes, is cultivating an intense satisfaction... More > for the love of God, joy and happiness to a degree greater than knowledge or experience that has been proportioned for a significant purpose and circumstance. As Morris, discovered early in life, what sets apart joyful people from everyone else is the way they use the power and authority of spirituality – to enrich their lives to the highest level of achievement and success. Use this journal as a guide to learning more about the joy of God's promises for daily living.< Less
Uncertain Destinies: Desperate Measures By Colton Scott Rivard
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Doing her absolute best to gain everything she has ever wanted hasn't been easy, but Lori Schrick now has a new plan that's guaranteed to get her the power and the money she has always longed for.... More > However,as she launches her most diabolical scheme ever no one is safe, and that includes Lori herself. Has she fallen too far into the darkness to even escape? And, after months trapped beyond the border Dan must now fight harder than ever for his freedom. Fueled by the knowledge Kelly put him where he is, Dan will do anything to face the woman once again and make her pay for what she has done. Alone on the violent sea Dan will face his demons, and the demons of those around him. All is not what it appears, and help is out there, but in what form? As it appears all hope is lost Dan's life will be changed. Behind it all lurks a powerful new threat unlike anything any of them has ever faced. Something that will change all their lives, and the series, in the darkest of ways ever imagined.< Less
Psychic Power By Helen Bessant
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Do you feel weakness and extreme fatigue after spending time with somebody? Do you experience something uncomfortable after you listen to someone who has a big personal problem? These are the... More > probable symptoms of power contamination. Luckily, you could eliminate and do some measures to prevent them. What you need to do is to learn the psychic self-defense strategy. By knowing this, you will be able to overcome the negative energies and other things that can penetrate your own energy field. As a human, you become psychologically and physically weak and ill because unclean and “harmful” energies linger in your energy system. Learning the strategies involved in psychic self-defense is very beneficial for anyone, as it is a significant phase in psychic development. Learning how to use it in the best way possible is one of the actions that you can do to safeguard yourself from negative energies, falsehood, contaminated energies and influences.< Less
Psychic Powers By Helen Savage
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The nature of the psychic powers and faculties cannot be understood without a comprehension of certain basic conceptions. These are as necessary as charts are in sailing an unfamiliar sea. The... More > teaching of the ancient wisdom is that there is indeed more to the universe than can be measured by our physical senses — or by our laboratory researches, which are but an extension of the powers of our sensory perceptions. Our physical universe is but a reflection of a vast and invisible realm, filled full with many grades of conscious living beings. It is their combined activities which bring about what we call the laws of nature, but which might better be called the habits of nature. Our true self has been evolving appropriate vehicles for growth and experience through long ages, and our inner economy is most marvelously regulated. Our spiritual nature provides us with the power to develop and express in ever greater degree our latent faculties.< Less
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This thesis elucidates about the new revolutionizing technology called MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems). This technology can be described as unleashing the power of the ... More > small because it is measured in micros. This thesis deals with one of the applications of MEMS in biomedical field that is blood pressure measurement.< Less
The Black Billionaire (Interracial Gangbang BDSM) By Jenna Powers
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Estelle has been planning for a year to take the inheritance of her rich black boyfriend. However, after he passes away, his will asks that she receive approval from his sister or nephew. The sister... More > immediately disapproves but the newly made billionaire nephew has bigger plans in mind. Can Estelle handle the extreme measures of the newly made black billionaire and gain his approval? Warning! This explicit story contains black MM / Caucasian F, oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, spanking, and elements of BDSM including tied up sex and slave/master. This is one inheritance that is going to be hard to get for Estelle!< Less
Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships By Teresa Madaleno
eBook (PDF): $7.63
PRAISE FOR GIRL POWER Teresa Madaleno’s chronicles of female friendships are so compelling that parts will, no doubt, resonate within our own lives. The breadth and depth of each pair of... More > friend’s life tribulations are measured in equal amounts by the unbelievable amount of love and humanity they offer each other in support and truly astonishing acts of selflessness! What a shining example of Girl Power. These stories will radiate off the pages and into your heart! Jacqueline Thornton – Information Services, Aurora Public Library< Less
The Audacity of God's Power By Femi Folorunsho
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THE AUDACITY OF GOD’S POWER How much worse could it get for me? After several failed marriages, unemployment, and the threat of losing my house a few years ago, I had to turn to God for a 911... More > intervention. At that point in time, I just lost my job and my ex-wife had just moved out with all her furniture, including the accessories and mattress. I thought I had reached my limit, but with God’s grace I bounced back and refused to be defeated. One of the greatest lessons learned then is to stay faithful to God, hold on to Him because He’s the only one that could help me throughout my days in the wilderness. The Audacity of God’s power shows how toughness of a man or woman cannot be measured through their physical stature, but rather the ability to stay strong and reach-out to God for assistance. Challenges are inevitable, they are like the weather or a season, no matter how undesirable they appear at one point – a better one will surely replace the not too great ones.< Less