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Make You Want To Smack Your...Lips By Brenda Harrell
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Our cookbook was created for New and Seasoned Cooks. This is an easy to follow cookbook with the whole family in mind. Many recipes are from different countries and have become crowd pleasers. ... More > Mothers and Fathers may want to try out some recipes with their children to introduce them to the wonderful world of cooking! Some Recipes Jerk Pork Barbeque, Navy Bean Soup, Crab Cakes, Chicken and Dumplings, Cod Fish Cakes, Rolls, Stuffed Peppers, Sweet Yams, Greek Salad, Lemon Pie, Seafood lasagna, Shrimp Fried Rice, Mac & Cheese, Spanish Yellow Rice, Seafood and Meat Gumbo, Akara Appetizers.< Less
The Lazy Vegetarian By M.J. Mays
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Back in 2008 when this book was first put together, I was learning how to give up meat. What I noticed was that I was eating a lot of salads and canned green beans. Needless to say, this got very... More > boring. Not long into my journey I began writing articles online and this became the way I actually learned how to be a successful vegetarian. Once I was able to "see" that most of what we ate was vegetarian anyway, my diet change became a lot easier. Inside this book are versions of some of the articles that I wrote and four of my own primary vegetarian recipes. May this information make it easier for you to make the change you are longing to make.< Less
Cooking with Seaweeds 101+ Ways By Marcus Harrison
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For a Limited time only - A Special Early-Bird launch discount price. For many people the nearest they get to seaweed as a food is the crispy fried side-dish served in Chinese eateries. However,... More > that menu item is usually made from fried green cabbage or kale, and is about as far removed from the true vegetables of the sea and sea life as one could possibly get. Cooking with Seaweed is a cookery book designed for anyone wanting to explore the world of edible seaweeds - mainly in northern temperate Europe. Over one hundred recipes and ways of preparing edible seaweed are covered; ranging from the inclusion of seaweed in soups and salads, to meat dishes and breads.< Less
Randi's Country Kitchen Cookbook By Randi Charron
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Randi's Country Kitchen Cookbook is filled with easy, healthy, and delicious gourmet recipes that are easy to prepare for the experienced chef as well as those just starting out. The recipes are... More > inspired by the author's travels around the world and Vermont country living where the ingredients are simple, fresh, and locally sourced. Randi’s motto is that “anyone can cook, they only need fresh simple ingredients, and simple easy recipes to make gourmet meals that their family and friends will love.” This book is full of healthy recipes such as soups and salads, meats, pasta, seafood, desserts, and even meatless dishes. It is sure to become a go-to favorite for great, easy, delicious, and often quick recipes. Enjoy and Happy Cooking!< Less
101 Delicious Soups, Stews, Chowders and Broths By Delia Fitzsimmons
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This superb cookbook contains instructions on how to make a hundred different tasty soups, stews, broths and chowder recipes. Soups and stews, like salads, present an excellent opportunity for the... More > cooks both professionally and at home to display good taste and judgment. The great challenge lies in selecting the most appropriate soup for each particular occasion. With this cookbook, you needn't fret about a lack of choice or ideas - the simple, no-nonsense presentation gives a good impression of soups, stews and chowder entrées which have graced the dinner table for centuries. The methods described are popular, with nary a supersize photograph to distract from the essential business of preparing and serving an excellent starter. In terms of the recipes included, ample purchase is given to vegetarians and vegans, with non-meat soups and stews available in strength throughout the text.< Less
Healthy Soups, Stews, and Chilies for the Everyday Kitchen By Karla Meehan
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Soups are a great way to eat healthy. A lot of vegetables can be thrown into a large pot along with a little meat and a few fresh herbs to make a quick and satisfying meal with very few calories.... More > What is better than a steaming hot bowl of soup on a cold winter night? Fresh herbs add tons of flavor but if none are on hand dried will always do. When fresh vegetables are out of season, frozen can work just as well. The recipes in this book range from light, creamy soups to hearty and spicy stews. For a quick week night meal, prepare the “Easy and Delicious Tomato Pesto Soup”, or for a touch of spice try the “Quick and Easy Chili”. Add a slice of freshly toasted artisan bread, cornbread, or crackers, prepare a quick garden salad, and a meal is on the table. I hope this collection will inspire you to stay in and cook as well as experiment with some of your own recipes.< Less
Indonesian Food Recipes By Lev Well
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Indonesian food is very rich and diverse, coming from the thousands of islands of Indonesia and many foreign influences: from South East Asia to the Middle East to Europe. Some popular dishes that... More > originated in Indonesia are now common across Southeast Asia: dishes from cooked rice, marinated and grilled meats and fish, soy-based dishes, with many types of tofu and tempeh, sea foods and more. This book will give you a flavor of the rich and diverse Indonesian cuisine. It includes 50 recipes for many kinds of delicious Indonesian foods: appetizers and salads, soups, hot dishes, dessert, baking and beverages, and other exciting and flavorful dishes. And you have step-by-step cooking instructions for all the recipes.< Less
La Dolce Vita: Recipes for Living the Sweet Life By Michelle Kenney
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From successful Oxnard, CA Chef Michelle Kenney, every dish in LA DOLCE VITA: RECIPES FOR LIVING THE SWEET LIFE offers something to tantalize your taste buds, whether classic Italian favorites,... More > modern California fare or a union of both. Savor classics like Pasta Carbonara, Chicken Marsala, Gnocchi and Tiramisu, with most coming straight from an Italian Grandmother’s recipes box. Or try Italian with a modern twist such as Meat & Polenta Kabobs, Pumpkin Risotto, Orange Fennel Salad and Caramelized Banana Pouches, just to name a few. With recipes categorized into menus, such as Harvest Season, Cocktail Party and Romantic Dinner for Two, the food pairing is already done for you. Every recipe comes either from Michelle's restaurant, her family’s personal collection or her own repertoire. Enjoy these delicious dishes in the Italian spirit, with friends and family. < Less
Miss Parloa's New Cook Book (Illustrated) By Maria Parloa
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Of the hundreds of recipes in the volume only a few were not prepared especially for it, and nearly all of these were taken by the author from her other books. Many in the chapters on Preserving and... More > Pickling were contributed by Mrs. E. C. Daniell of Dedham, Mass., whose understanding of the lines of cookery mentioned is thorough. While each subject has received the attention it seemed to deserve, Soups, Salads, Entrées and Dessert have been treated at unusual length, because with a good acquaintance with the first three, one can set a table more healthfully, economically and elegantly than with meats or fish served in the common ways; and the light desserts could well take the place of the pies and heavy puddings of which many people are so fond. Many ladies will not undertake the making of a dish that requires hours for cooking, and often for the poor reason only that they do not so read a recipe as to see that the work will not be hard.< Less
Printing Press Great Outdoor Camping Snacks and Recipes Cookbook By Printing Press
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Printing Press Great Outdoor Camping Snacks and Recipes Cookbook. Trail mix, trailside treats, cookies, campers candy, hot dogs, boy scout french toast, camp fire pizza, dutch oven biscuits, popcorn,... More > eggs, breads, foil fish, pies, cakes, roasts, burgers, pigs in a blanket, bacon, cobbler, stews, breakfasts, dinner meals, cereals, beans, salads, soups, foil chicken, foil corned beef, baked apples, dinner in a can, breakfast in a paper bag, quick and easy meals, fried breads, pasta, canned fish meals, indian recipes, bread sticks, camp puddings, barbeque meat, barbeque flavor sauces, pork, beef jerky and more. Preview this book to get some free outdoor camping recipes.< Less

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