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BREAKOUT: Finding significance and purpose in your everyday living By Dr Oge Austin-Chukwu
Paperback: $7.38
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At the centre of every soul is the desire to make our lives count, to leave a legacy behind that people will remember us by. Everyone, regardless of background, education or means can live... More > everyday with purpose, leaving behind a legacy that outlives them. Using relatable real live stories and examples, Breakout shows you how. Oge Austin-Chukwu left her lucrative medical practice to pursue her dream of helping people achieve their highest goals and biggest dreams. Through speaking, writing and Coaching, she helps individuals and organisations create and achieve compelling visions for their personal and work lives. Having struggled with low confidence from an early age, Oge knows first-hand how we often limit ourselves. As a Leadership/Business Coach, Oge invests her time helping people dream bigger and achieve more. She is the founder of Reach Coaching and Equipwomen serving the business/corporate and non-profit sectors respectively.< Less
Hair Loss in Women...Getting to the Root of the Problem 2nd Edition By melanie vonzabuesnig
eBook (PDF): $17.95
More than empathy and compassion, women experiencing hair loss want information! My own hair loss experience prompted me to research every aspect so I could empower and educate other women. As I... More > wrote about the causes and cures, it became evident how intimately connected the entire system is. Hair loss is not an isolated problem. It’s part of the whole you. Most importantly, I learned that many female hair loss conditions can be reversed or improved. This book identifies the causes and types of hair loss, including medical conditions in which hair loss is a symptom. Many successful natural therapies are discussed. If you're a woman experiencing hair loss you’ll relate to my story and to the other women who shared their stories. This book is both intimate and informative. It’s written in an easy-to-read style that educates and inspires women wanting to improve the quality of their hair.< Less
Healing HIV: Causes & Remedies By STEPHEN JENSEN
Paperback: $24.59
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Based on the writer's own experience of being positive for 13 years without illness and traditional medication, you will be shown a holistic approach to healing HIV. Each of your energy bodies is... More > analyzed, showing how energy blockages create disease and how to heal those blockages: · The Etheric Body - sexuality, powerlessness, stagnation, false self esteem and a closed heart · the Astral Body - victimhood, guilt and martyr and the emotions of fear, anger and self pity prevent you seeing your issues and create a painful reality for you · the Causal Body with its beliefs in HIV, limitation, secondary gains & hidden agendas, the place of the negative ego which is intent on lying to you while conspiring to kill you, and the Shadow where your dark side and denial keep you from discovering your full potential and who you really are · the Mental Body and your need to love yourself - the true self that you aren't aware of and your beliefs about love. Examples of energy medicine are given.< Less
How to survive this life time in one piece. By S.L D
Paperback: $10.74
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The 'ultimate truth' How to win with the Narcissist, and take your life back. Why the Narcissist, are Soul contacts to our wounds. Are we, really living, in the Matrix? (EXPLAINED) The inner system,... More > the mind Is a medicine, or poison, you decided. Placebos, does the medication make us better, or is it, the belief in the pill? Become a good lie spotter, and understand, manipulation tactics. Why do we end up, in toxic relationship’s, and Why we use sub personalities. Why do we do, the things we do, to get our needs met. What causes Addiction and how to beat it. Understanding the laws of Attraction, and learn how to manifest, what we want. Beat Depression yes you can! Why I become a hippy, and my journey throw Spirituality and Enlightenment. (What link did suffering have, with enlightening my being) my Journey from Material world, to Soul world..understanding the life rule of; seasons. And what rules, we need to understand, when we are calling our soul mate.< Less
Demonic Targetting Analysis By M.S Mostofo
eBook (PDF): $500.00
Get analyzed for Demonic Targeting that could cause,Prevention of marriage,Seperation or Divorce,Depression,Weight Loss or Gain,Phobia,Miscarriage,Infertility,Sudden change from love to hate in... More > personal relationships,Impotence,Sexual Dysfunction,Headaches and Migraines,Coma,Paralysis,Loss of sight, speech or hearing,Arthritis,Loss of income,Loss of interest in work, school etc,Sudden decline in some major activities,Nightmares,AND Every imaginable affect or sickness that’s sudden and unexplainable medically . You may get analyzed for Demonic Targeting. Act now , don't postpone when your future is on the line.If you wish to get analyzed , buy the second edition ,download our questionnaire , answer the questions and email the answers to us. Your case will be analyzed , you will know if you're demoniacally targeted and what are your options of remedy . Direct inquiries to Question is ,do you think you're worth it ?< Less
Relaxed Face and Eyes: "The frowning book" By Bruce Lankford
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'Relaxed Face and Eyes' is about unfrowning, relaxing the eyes, un-frowning, freeing the sinuses, boosting facial vitality, calming the mind and reducing red eyes. It tries to answer the questions... More > 'why do I frown?' and 'how can I stop frowning?' The author views work-life stress, multiple future deadlines, food/drink accelerants, and close-up computer work as being the main sources of frowning. By using various concepts such as mindfulness, Hunter's vision and Cathedral vision, 'Chill/Thrill', vitality, and the idea of living in the present, as well as many tips for quietly and vitally relaxing the forehead, head and body, the author discusses ways that we might move our consciousness *away* from the very front of one's head to the centre of our head and towards the heart and body. By moving into a heart-smiling and heart-first body, frowning is less likely to happen. By buying this book readers accept the medical disclaimer at the start and end of the book.< Less
Life in the Shadows of a Corporate Attorney--Alcohol Ruins Promising Legal Career By Walt Jay
eBook (PDF): $17.99
This autobiography recounts the triumphs &tragedies of a corporate lawyer battling alcoholism at a time when the condition was often misdiagnosed & and untreated. Raised in NYS by So GA... More > Methodist parents, he experienced discrimination & feelings of loneliness at a very young age. These problems continued through at Emory U, where his alcoholism emerged as a means of self-medication. Alcohol abuse was misunderstood in the 1960’s as a bad habit young men would out grow. After graduation from law school, Jay embarked on a tumultuous law career defined by politics, alcohol and the evolving social values of the country. By the mid-80’s Jay & his wife were both alcoholics. They became sober via 12-step programs, but Dixie soon died from metastatic lung cancer. In '09 Jay’s son Mike battled kidney cancer, had his right hip replaced, spent 10/11 in prison, then drank himself to death when 15 days of release. These setbacks led to deep depression and grief.< Less
Beyond FEMA: A Survival Guide for the Rest of Us - Operator Edition By Charles Jeter, (NAC) (PI)
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The ‘Operator’ Edition provides enough for any household's Family Guy to begin building a Community-based, resilient team – or to integrate their household into an existing... More > community or team that has similar survival systems, skills and values. Full and descriptive conceptual images will assist, and online training materials for a ‘train the trainer’ approach will support a group-centric learning environment that YOU can provide to other people within your household or your team. Learning so much information can become a saturation of our consciousness, causing us tension, affecting our mindset and even keeping you up at nights. That’s not going to happen when you layer survival information properly, reading through WHY your mindset is important before you get into how to build up your logistics, medical and security responses. Host Meetups easier, with proven community outreach strategies. You will avoid panic because you’ll build mental schemas to handle the recoil phase of disasters.< Less
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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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