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Čajni klub profesora Nikolića - I deo By Bojan Medić
eBook (ePub): $2.15
Dušan Predić, veliki obožavalac sveta Srednje zemlje, neočekivano susreće svog omiljenog profesora engleskog jezika i književnosti - Jovana T. Nikolića. U... More > razgovoru sa profesorom Nikolićem, uz engleski čaj, biskvite i jos mnogo štošta, Predić saznaje za neverovatne podudarnosti između srpske istorije i epike i Tolkinove trilogije "Gospodar prstenova". Uzbudljiva priča koja baca novo svetlo na Tolkinov roman "Gospodar prstenova" i postavlja jedno važno pitanje: Da li je, i u kolikoj meri, slavni britanski pisac koristio srpsku istoriju i epiku prilikom stvaranja svoje trilogije?< Less
The Medical Phials By Jack Mellender
Paperback: $10.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The author describes the lot of a medical transcriptionist before voice-recognition technology.
2010 Cross-Training the Medical Assistant Workbook By CATS Careers School of Medical Assisting
Paperback: $75.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
2010 Cross-Training the Medical Assistant - Workbook is the official Workbook for the CATS Careers Schools Medical Assistant Program.
Medical Journal of By Leo Weiland
Paperback: $11.87
Prints in 3-5 business days
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You add your name to the book's title and you write your medical history. This journal doesn't give medical advice, recommend medical procedures or medications. It is a history of your medical events... More > and use of medications. When did you last get a Tetnus shot? Flu shot? What medications did you take in the past and what were the results? This information will assist you to answer questions in the future when seeing a new doctor, or going to a hospital. As time goes by our memory fades and you may omit important information. Medical Journal of (your name)consists of: Six page checklist of medical history. Topic pages to record doctor, dentist visits, hopital stays, medicines, blood tests, medical shots,personal characerists. Instructions to make a medical wallet card. Patient Advocate discription with a sample form. Blank pages for a continuous log of medical events described in detail and cross referenced to the topic pages.< Less
2010 Cross-Training the Medical Assistant Textbook By CATS Careers School of Medical Assisting
Paperback: $125.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
2010 Cross-Training the Medical Assistant Textbook is the official textbook for CATS Careers Schools Medical Assistant Program.
Medical Quotes By mary B.M
eBook (PDF): $2.50
this eBook is a collection of medical quotes from different authors around the world.
SWAT Medic By Met Clark
eBook (PDF): $5.99
For the first time, author Met Clark EMTP-T brings his acclaimed SWAT Medic single point reference to eBook format for immediate download. SWAT Medic is the single point reference for the law... More > enforcement and medical professional. It is written with various responders level in mind and is laid out in an easy to follow, modular, color coded format for quick access. This reference chart serves as a force multiplier to SWAT mission commanders and medical professionals serving in an austere, hostile environment. Use this reference to augment training with a SWAT First Responder program. Imagine the capability at your fingertips to access data in a timely and accurate manner. New emmergent, potentially life saving technology, and information are at the forefront of today's SWAT environments. Can you afford to be caught offguard? Time is essential! Don't get caught off guard or left behind, Act Now! 6 pages, ISBN # 978-1-60461-943-0< Less
Medical Notes By Dr Declan O'Kane MD
eBook (PDF): $20.49
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The Medical Complication By Matt Collier
Paperback: $8.36
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Medical Complication: presented as a pocket sized medical book. Beautifully illustrated with short pieces of writing that document the instructions, stories, conditions, imaginings and... More > impressions. The text puts into play the validity of medical records and practitioners both pictorially and textually. The texts variety is of a surprising nature, exercising the psycho-medical issues at stake ranging from the poetic, heart-felt, to the medical condition systematically worked through. Endearing documentations from start to end by the medical professional; or the professional as the patient. Much of the drawings in this book have been exhibited at Museo 'La Specola' Florence and in Oxford (2013). Matt Collier is a trained artist who has been 'through it'- initiating this series when he was a full-time patient, and afterwards while working as a medical photographer. He has a masters of art from Glasgow School of Art at this time making work with the help of Huntarian anatomical museum.< Less
Medical Dictionary By Ana Hidalgo Simon
Paperback: $37.75
Prints in 3-5 business days
Medical dictionary Spanish-English English-Spanish, dicionario de medicina ingles-espanol, espanol-ingles

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