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A Dictionary of the Roots and Combining Forms of Scientific Words By Tim Williams
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Have you ever wondered where scientific words and names come from? Why are honey bees known as ‘Apis mellifera’, why is a daisy known as ‘Bellis perennis'? If you are curious about... More > words you can use this book to find out exactly what ‘artiodactyl’ means, what an ‘ectoloph’ is and where you can find ‘Cantium’. There are over 12,800 entries, plus directions for using the word-roots, pronunciation rules, guidance for constructing scientific names and general principles of transliteration. Additionally there are appendices listing the adjectival forms of geographical names; some common terms for animals, plants and structures, activities and habitats; shapes, sizes, colors, textures, patterns, numbers, quantity, direction and location, parts of the year and chemical elements. This dictionary will be especially useful to students from many fields and particularly those from medical and biological backgrounds, as well as being a valuable addition to any reference collection.< Less
Causes and Cures of Hildegard of Bingen By Priscilla Throop
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Hildegard of Bingen's medical/visionary work, Causae et Curae,describes the world and man's place in it. Holistic medicine and quantum physics intertwine astoundingly in this 12th century work,... More > translated completely, from Latin to English, by Priscilla Throop, translator of Hildegard's Physica,Isidore's Etymologies, Abelard's Sic et Non and Aelfric's Grammar and Glossary.< Less
Asthma: Cure It Naturally By Diane Lemertz
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A word derived from Greek etymology which literally means 'panting' or 'gasping' for breath; is attributed to a disease related to the respiratory tract. Triggered by way of an allergic reaction of... More > the body to one or many stimulants or 'allergens'; a patient in its attacking spell suffers from breathlessness. Marked by a prolonged difficulty in breathing out, asthma is marked by involuntary spasm of small muscular air passages of lungs. Occurring primarily due to an allergic reaction a number of triggers or irritants including those from weather, food, medication and use or exposure to certain chemicals may mark the onset of asthmatic attack. For effective control and remedy of asthma; one needs to ascertain the allergen or irritant which triggers such an attack. Thus controlling the conditions which account for asthma will indirectly lead to fewer attacks of asthma. But there is hope. It is possible to manage asthma with natural remedies and this guide will help you to do that.< Less