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A Parents Guide To Medicine Safety By MRR
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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what do you do if your childrens are sick! Make yourself a good doctor! This book is a guide to all parents what to do when having sick childs in home and anywhere else. You will be a good... More > parent-doctor after read this entire e-book. It answer many question that is commonly asked by parents on medicine safety for grab it now! Value $17 but for this month it is only priced as you can see here. Yes only $3.00 exclusively at Anyway if you want to buy the whole package including the MRR license and web package please contact Aboy AR (< Less
A Beginners Guide to Alternative Medicine By Marvin Collier
eBook (ePub): $4.97
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Alternative medicine refers to therapeutic practices that are based on natural and traditional methods. The treatment methods are totally different from the allopathic medical practice. In contrast... More > to the conventional medical techniques that only treat diseases, alternative medicine emphasizes in improving the quality of life; be it treatment of diseases or promoting well-being of the individual. Alternative medicine is the form of treatment for practicing holistic health. A holistic health practitioner has a thorough knowledge about the body, mind and spirit of the human system. This book covers several aspects of alternative medicine such as: - ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE & ITS HISTORY - ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT OPTIONS - OVERALL TREATMENT PLANS & ADDITIONAL TIPS - Ancient Chinese Medicine and so much more!< Less
The Beginners Guide To Medicinal Plants By Lindsey P
Hardcover: $32.91
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KNOW EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT GROWING YOUR OWN PLANTS FOR MAKING ESSENTIAL OILS! ALL INFO NEEDED, SAVE MONEY ON HARVESTING YOUR OWN!!! Growing medicinal plants and herbs indoor is a... More > popular hobby for a lot of gardeners. One of the greatest reasons to plant medicinal plants indoor is to have a ready supply of these beneficial herbs. These herbs are those that you commonly snip into your sauces and soups. They can also be used to soothe an itchy rash or cough. Growing medicinal herbs may not sound to be very appealing, however you can benefit from growing these plants that can provide instant relief for many illnesses that can happen anytime of the day. It would also be wonderful to be able to cut a sprig of thyme while boiling water and prepare a fresh cup of thyme tea that is fragrant and vibrant. Since it is fresh, you’ll sure it is effective since it’s fresh.< Less
Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine By Jerry Parker
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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Ever wondered what Chinese medicine is all about and whether it works? Thinking about consulting a practitioner but want to know some facts first? Look no further! Here's your chance to have an in... More > depth and fully comprehensive e-Book on anything and everything to do with this ancient philosophy. Here is what you will learn inside this guide: How and when it all started; The crucial five elements that form the philosophies; Acupuncture; Meditation and Qigong; The art of Chinese healing massage; The role of Yin and Yang in your diet; Effectiveness and safety; Yoga and much more…< Less
Hitchhiking Medicine By Robert E. Pennington
Hardcover: $14.99
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Hitchhiking Medicine is a brief guide to the medical world. It is written from the perspective of a student, and intended to assist individuals considering medical careers, or those who desire to... More > learn about the different medical fields.< Less
Peaceful Medicine By Caryn Polito
Paperback: $10.95
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Better Health with Peaceful Medicine. You can take control of your health and your life, and Caryn Polito will show you how. Written without unnecessary jargon or technical details, this book will... More > guide you through the basics of managing your own health and what to expect from holistic practitioners. *Are you suffering with a chronic health condition and don't want to take prescription drugs or have surgery? *Do you believe there is a way to be healthier but you're not sure what it is or where to go for help? *Do you want healthcare that focuses on your whole self and that restores balance to your life, health, and emotions? *Are you hesitant to spend money to try a new approach because you're not sure it will work? Peaceful Medicine will show you how to care for your mind, body, and your budget by working with holistic healers to improve your well being.< Less
Alternative Medicine By Vincent Trueman
eBook (PDF): $5.59
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People look to use Alternative Medicine for 2 Reasons. The First is because the idea of using Medications which can Potentially Lead to Unhealthy Results such as Dependencies and Side Effects. The... More > Second is the Natural curiosity of humans to find better Alternative ways to heal. Alternative Medicine encompasses many different therapies, such as Yoga, Colour Therapy,or Meditation. This Guide will explore the many different components of Alternative Medicine and How it Can Help You. For "Alternative Medicine" Master Resale Rights License plus Full Reseller Kit please e-mail us (rewards4life @ subject:order no. "e-book title" Reseller Kit).< Less
Qassim University College of Medicine student's guide By Qassim University College of Medicine
eBook (ePub): $0.00
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The basic version of College of Medicine Student's Guide, This version will be updated before the new academic year 2013. THIS IS A TEST VERSION AND SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS FINAL
Dr B's Guide to Preventive Medicine By Robert Burkich, MD
Paperback: $16.99
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This book is designed to teach, in layman's language, alternative medical treatments that prevent illness and promote well-being. A licensed medical doctor's advice on staying well and living a... More > happier, healthier lifestyle. Covering such subjects as chelation, hormone replacement therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the ideal diet, the doctor shows us better ways to protect our health ... and keep us away from drugs.< Less
Meridian Medicine - Pocket Reference Guide By Vasu K Brown, MD
Paperback: $50.00
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Meridians or Channels are seen as the pathways through which the qi or Energy and blood produced internally or Lymphatic fluids from internal organs circulate throughout the body. The meridians were... More > described in ancient Indian and Chinese earliest recordings on Medicine. Their function in the body is a mixture of nourishment, integration, communication and regulation. As well as providing nourishment, they link the internal organs with various tissues of the superficial areas of the body to make the body an organic whole, and allow for internal adaptation to external changes. Nadi means channel and refers to the energy pathways through which the energy flows. Vaithiyam means Medicine. This form of Medicine in Ancient India was taught as Nadi Vaithiyam. The Ancient Meridian medical practice has both baffle and intrigue as to how and why it works which cannot be answered in modern scientific terms. The goal of this book is the most general introduction to this fascinating science.< Less

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