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Hand upon Heart - the Last Templars By Barry Bliss
eBook (PDF): $15.88
A fictionalised account of the period leading up to the destruction of the Knights Templar based upon contemporary documented evidence.
Prism -- Confrontation At Stonehenge By Walt Lange
eBook (PDF): $8.51
(1 Ratings)
Barnabas (AKA: Prism) becomes the ward of Master Wizard Modrak and meets Karinne, Modrak's other ward. Prism and Karinne develop a telepathic bond strengthening thier powers in the Dragon Arts. ... More > The three wizards set off for the Gathering of the Societies (of Wizards) at Stonehenge where deceit and intrigue encompasses all in attendance.< Less
They All Fall Down By Matt Coleman et al.
eBook (PDF): $1.11
(2 Ratings)
This is a story of a rise of the black plague after another dark age in the future. Artifacts are found in the future which explain the past black plague and flashbacks are used. Very interesting,... More > won third in ny archives writing contest< Less
The Warriorship By Mike Thorn
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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Free PDF downloadable version!
Dante’s Cross By E.L. Noel
eBook (PDF): $8.16
(1 Ratings)
It’s 1192, and the Third Crusade is failing. Even so, Dante de Montcada, Spanish knight, fights for Christendom. At the fall of St. Jean d’ Acre, Frankish vanquishers hold hostage... More > the wealthy and high-born of Islam, their ransom named, their lives held in King Richard’s hand. Dante has loved ones among the captives, which ignites a conflict of loyalties in a land long at war. Richard the Lionheart, a warrior king and brilliant strategist, wears the mantle of authority as a man born to it, a man whose dedication to purpose is bone deep. When ransom is denied his captives, Richard is forced to make a ruthless decision. Appearances must be maintained, images adhered to and perceptions bolstered, no matter the cost.< Less
Songs of the Gusari By Jamic von Drudenstein
eBook (PDF): $11.09
The Gusari were mysterious wanderers in Eastern Europe from the 9th-15th centuries. They were merchants, story tellers, magicians, shaman, pundits, warriors and more. This is a collection of 24... More > stories and as many poems and songs, loosely braided together within another tale of an aging Baron retracing his youthful travels with a Gusari. Very spiritual and historically enlightening.< Less
The Colour of Treason By S. M. Harrison
eBook (ePub): $10.62
England 1469. Elizabeth Hardacre loves her father, a friend and ally of the Earl of Warwick, the most powerful man in England. When the Earl of Warwick's messenger informs her that her father is... More > suspected of treason, Elizabeth's life changes dramatically, as it soon becomes apparent that it is not her father but the Earl of Warwick who has broken with King Edward IV. Held as a hostage to ensure her father's compliance,Elizabeth becomes in a battle of her own: to obtain her father's freedom, even though this means taking the life of a man whose greatest sin is to love her. Unable to seek absolution for her crime, Elizabeth convinces herself that she is beyond redemption and adds sin on sin by falling in love with the man who is most forbidden to her. But just when she believes she can once again taste happiness, her trust is betrayed and, encouraged by her family and King Edward's loathsome spymaster, she seeks a terrible revenge, one that will determine who holds the throne of England.< Less
Inescapable Adventure By Benjamin West
Paperback: List Price: $9.58 $4.79 | You Save: 50%
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The story is about a youth, Shyia, who goes on an adventure with a companion to save his hometown. Thrust into adventure, Shyia struggles, but adapts to his new life. Journeying up dangerous... More > mountains and through dark forests he battles the dangers of the world, far from the comforts of home. Set on a quest more dangerous than any normal endeavour, he is excited by the journey ahead. Fighting for his life and safety of his hometown, he stumbles upon something far bigger, more intriguing than he imagined.< Less
Wulfscir: The Lost Prophet By J.A. Bierman
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
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On a rocky coast in Britannia, a raiding party of Angles led by Cenric the Brazen and his son, AEldred, capture a remote Roman village. As they line the survivors on the beach, AEldred is taken aback... More > by two slaves deeply in love. Emboldened, he claims the couple for himself, saving them from the slave markets. Cenric, a warrior obsessed with his reputation, argues with AEldred, which quickly divides the group. Cursing his son, Cenric soon departs with half his crew and half the loot. AEldred and his two new companions, Davus and Venaia, live in peace for several years. After changing his name to Wulfscir, Davus begins to teach AEldred about the world, philosophy, and God. In exchange, AEldred teaches Wulfscir how to wield a sword and shield. One evening, the village is attacked by Picts. Amidst the battle, Venaia is captured and carried away. Thus, Wulfscir makes it his purpose to rescue his wife. AEldred choses to accompany him on a great adventure through Romano-Britain and Pictish Caledonia.< Less
Storyteller Songs: Poetry from the Young Gwernin Trilogy By G. R. Grove
eBook (ePub): $4.99
This is a collection of prose and poetry taken from the first three books - the Young Gwernin trilogy - of the Storyteller series, which follows the adventures of a group of bards and storytellers in... More > the years after King Arthur's death. If you have not yet read the novels, you might want to go and start there, as some of these poems could be considered to be plot spoilers. On the other hand, you might just want to plunge in now and see how you like Gwernin's world...< Less

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