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The Night's Dark Shade By Elena Maria Vidal
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Set amid the turmoil of the Albigensian Crusade in thirteenth century France, THE NIGHT'S DARK SHADE tells of heresy versus orthodoxy, and of forbidden love versus fidelity. Heiress of her father's... More > estates in Auvergne, the orphaned Lady Raphaëlle leaves her home to marry a nobleman in a remote castle in the Pyrenees. There she encounters the mysterious Cathar sect who challenge all of her most deeply held beliefs. As she seeks the path of her true calling, she discovers hatred and betrayal, as well as abiding friendship and unexpected love. "From the first page, Vidal draws the reader into a vibrant world of action and emotion. Raphaelle de Miramande is an engaging young heroine, bravely facing physical and moral dangers and dilemmas in search of truth and love. Vidal’s novel captures the spirit of the Middle Ages." ~Stephanie A. Mann, author of SUPREMACY AND SURVIVAL "A harrowing and engrossing journey." ~Catherine Delors, author of MISTRESS OF THE REVOLUTION< Less
The Price of Power: Book Two of the Aspen Series By Daisha Marie Korth
Paperback: $20.00
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After the battle of Rosehill, Thorne and Aspen Darktower come face to face with finding the balance between peace and justice amidst the adversity that meets them head on as they explore their new... More > positions as the Grand Duke and Duchess of Elgolan. Being led forward by the imperious Sir Lernmoore, they find their relationship tested by the powers granted them by the king and the bonds of their love are stretched by the evil that surrounds them, unable to be found. Together they learn a new nobility through the people they meet and the places they see on their quest to return home. Their tale continues from the unforgettable story, Noble Courage! "There is a price to be paid for the power which we hold." ~ Hans Broadleaf< Less
Pablo's Bull By Jade Lunar Wise
eBook (ePub): $2.99
Pablo is a teenager living during the middle ages. From afar, the farm boy falls in love with the princess. The king of the land issues an impossible challenge. Part of the winning prize is marriage... More > to the princess. To the king’s dismay, Pablo rises to the occasion. However, for Pablo the biggest challenges have only begun. He has to learn what it means to be a prince, a loving husband, a leader and a tolerant son in law. All the while, he struggles with the demons of his mysterious troubled past.< Less
Guardian of Valia REVENGE By D. E. Herweyer
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Jennessa seeks out her revenge against the Valians for banishing her. She grows stronger by the day and with that strength her powers are nearly limitless. She now controls multitudes of Grend and... More > mutated beasts, and her target for destruction is Morgan Windsor, the Guardian of Valia. As Morgan strives to locate the reason behind the mutations someone is trying very hard to kill Valia's Resident Army Commander, Jarron Taylor, and Morgan fears they just might succeed. Nicholaus Windsor is fervently seeking a way to contact the Kar Seth without losing his head, he believes his answer lies in Westland, with Kailah. Reaching out to Warlord Zurian Kin'Sen seems to be the only answer to stop this conflict between them, but will the Kar Seth listen, or simply kill him as they have countless before him. He must try even if it costs him his life. Revenge is the second book in the Guardian of Valia series.< Less
Empire By Ashley Carter
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One day Elizabeth woke up a normal seventeen year old girl, and the next day shes a queen. Her life changed in the blink of an eye. When she arrived at the French castle, she learned more about her... More > long lost family, her arranged marriage, who the enemies of the French were, and the war that will soon be caused by her. How will she save the French, and prevent the war. How will she handle her long lost family, and who will she choose between her true love, or the one she is forced to marry.< Less
The Grape Empire By Ethan Wessels
Paperback: $10.35
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In this new generation of books, 'The Grape Empire' Stumbles into this world of fantasy. The Grape Empire is about two empires that are trying to be in control of the land and the empire. Our noble... More > and shy hero Grape is on the hunt for his answers to his questions. What Grape Really doesn't know is the past history of these two empires in which he dosen't know until now...< Less
The Forest Lovers By Maurice Hewlett
eBook (ePub): $1.99
A romance of medieval times told through the lens of the dreamworld, The Forest Lovers is the story of an overwhelming love. Isoult, an innocent young woman living in the faery world, tries in vain... More > to hide her love for the worldly Prosper.< Less
Verity By Marian Keen
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Marian Keen has long admired the universal appeal of fairy tales, but she decided there weren’t enough of them and so was born ‘Verity’ – a medieval romance that deals with... More > abuse, friendship, and love. The characters in ‘Verity’ are so engaging that they make a reader of any age laugh or choke with emotion. Abuse of children is a subject quite prevalent in today’s news. Appalling as it is, abuse is certainly not new to society. In this medieval story all the characters are affected by the perpetrator’s nasty abuse and, once again, it takes a community to raise a child.< Less
Ina Highland Fairlings Series Book One By Emma Ruthven-Stevenson
eBook (ePub): $3.39
When passions develop between Ina and the heir of firm friends the Brothaigh's, everyone is excited at the prospect of a marriage. But Alasdair Brothaigh is two years late in returning to Ina and she... More > is no longer convinced of his affections. Working his hardest to secure her hand in marriage the wedding preperations start. However a terrible illness penetrates the Elliot clan killing many including the Laird. Uncertain of what they are dealing with Ina orders the gates closed and orders Alasdair to stay away. New Laird, David Elliot quickly shows his cruelty as he depletes the rescources of the once affluent clan. Convincing everyone of Ina's death, he holds her prisoner using her to fulfill his perverse enjoyment of brutality. Finally being rescued by the middle Elliot child, Declan, he helps her to run to the Brothaigh lands were they hope to seek protection from Alasdair who is now Laird.< Less

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