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Critical Mediumship By Joseph Haigh
Paperback: $10.29
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What is mediumship? Why does the quality vary from being so accurate through to being vague and generalised? This book asked both those questions and attempts to provide an honest, factually guide... More > to mediumship and psychic phenomenon. The book initially looks at what it takes to become a medium in simple steps, it then goes on to discuss some of the authors own experience and pitfalls when exploring the unknown. Finally it then goes on to look at evidence from around the world including scientific and peer reviewed cases including that of the Scole Experiment, Electronic Voice phenomenon. Done in a light hearted, easy to read manner, with contributions from some of the individuals involved in the studies, this book offers the reader an opportunity to explore the spirit world in open and honest way, from a typical, everyday person without the nonsense so often associated with supposed mediums and psychics.< Less
Genuine Mediumship By Swami Bhakti Vishita
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Learn the secrets of those gifted with the power and ability to reach out, beyond the misty veil separating the world of the living and the realm of the dead, and communicate with those seeking to... More > reestablish the vital connection with friends and loved ones they have left behind. Celebrated in modern television shows like "The Ghost Whisperer," the power of the psychic medium to divine the future, as well as communciate with those wandering spirits in the hereafter, is herein taught to those seekers wishing to establish their own psychic and spiritual practice. Learn the arcane knowledge and hidden truth of what it means to see with the "Third Eye." This book will make a believer out of you.< Less
Under the Veil, a journey into mediumship By Brigid Curran
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Under the Veil takes the reader on a personal journey into Mediumship. We follow Brigid as she shares the parallels learnt from her Catholic upbringing into her development as an International... More > Medium. This is a true story about a skeptic who 'fell' into Mediumship.< Less
The Simple Truth About Mediumship By Graham Deakin
eBook (ePub): $8.01
In this short book you will learn the secrets to mediumship that no one has explained to you it is a short to the point book explaining secrets that will help you with your development. many... More > beginners or even some advanced psychics do not know some of this information and it can hold you back.< Less
Divine Love Mediumship By Albert Fike
Paperback: $8.49
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Since the inspired work of James E. Padgett who brought through the truths of Divine Love with his gift of automatic writing, many have taken a keen interest in the subject of mediumship. Though... More > there has been some information given to us by Celestial Spirit Guides on what Divine Love mediumship is about, a comprehensive book has not been written until now. Albert J Fike, a Divine Love medium himself, has now written another compelling addition in the series ‘Explorations in Divine Love’. It addresses many questions relating to this subject. This book is short and easy to read. It is designed to both educate and inspire the reader. It is not just an instructional book for those who wish to become a medium, but gives valuable information regarding the laws that govern the gift of communication and rapport with Celestial Angels.< Less
Mediumship Exercises for Spiritual Communication By Graham Deakin
eBook (ePub): $7.58
This set of mediumship exercises are to help you gain some practice into working towards mediumship. They are a follow on from my other course psychic and mediumship development. These exercises can... More > be used on there own or as an aid to the above mentioned course. Each exercise will help you to open and expand your mediumship. Do not rush these exercises they are designed to help you with your visual skills which will increase your clairvoyance. You can practice these exercises as often as you like what i find best is if you start with the first one then progress down to the end exercise and then start again. Some of the exercises include the following, The coiled spiral, The spirit train, Dream time, The elevator, The spring meadow, The golden triangle, The chi ball, The blue room and more< Less
Psychic and Mediumship Development Course By Graham Deakin
eBook (ePub): $39.82
This book is a course in psychic and mediumship development it takes the student 48 weeks to finish the course and is designed on the basis that you will work with one lesson per week as to fully... More > absorb the content. Please also see the preview of the course for more details< Less
Motivate Your Mediumship Mojo By Kerrie Wearing
Paperback: $19.84
Prints in 3-5 business days
The companion workbook to strengthening your connection to Spirit and enhancing your mediumship readings.
Materialisation mediumship for Newbies By Warren Caylor
Paperback: $8.90
Prints in 3-5 business days
Materialisation mediumship for newbies ia a simple guide for those who wish to start a home circle.
Mediumship As A Way Of Being By Zing Nafzinger
eBook (PDF): $6.95
Waiting for someone to appear and save you from this big bad world? Try looking inside and seeing the glory of your inner Self, rising to show you the way to your own glory as a spiritual being in an... More > earthly body. Learn how to turn every negative situation into a positive one, guided by your highest inner wisdom. This book helps see you through the process of using your psychic abilities consciously. Twenty-six reference chapters outline reminders for you to contemplate, followed by sample readings provided to clients. "Zing has lovingly crafted several years of her conversations with the Sephorim into a work that is informative, enlightening, and thoroughly entertaining. Whether you are an aspiring or accomplished Medium looking for a comprehensive reference, or a simple sojourner looking for the next bright Light along your Path, this is a book which will serve you well." --Tim Ford, Stockton, CA< Less