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Mélancholia By Denis Duval
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Mon cher Denis, ...c'est avec une certaine appréhension, nous avons eu l'idée Yvon et moi de te faire plaisir en t'offrant un livre, ton livre, ton recueil de poésie. Nous,... More > nous sommes permis d'entrer dans ton univers poétique. Univers fantastique. Pleins de mots, de maux et encore des mots. Des mots choisis pour pouvoir expier les maux. Des mots d'amour, de haine, de peur et de vie. Souhaitant que tu aies autant de plaisir à le lire que nous avons eu à le créer. Sonia et Yvon< Less
Melancholia By Ailey Paxtee
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2013. Les Justiciers dirigent le monde. Imaginez alors une société… Parfaite. Plus de criminels, plus de maladies… Mais des morts inexpliquées, des mémoires... More > effacées, des personnes qui n’ont « jamais existé ». Mason et Alexander se considèrent comme frères depuis l’accident auquel ils ont miraculeusement survécu voilà près de treize ans, et pourtant tout les oppose : le premier est doux, attentionné et heureux ; le second est sombre, torturé et arrogant. Alors que le cœur de Gemma bat pour Mason, son attirance pour l’énigmatique Alexander la déstabilise toujours davantage. Qui est-il vraiment derrière ce masque de dureté ? Quel secret renferme-t-il au plus profond de lui ? Pourquoi se montre-t-il aussi dur envers elle ? Tandis qu’Alexander est rongé par la haine qu’il éprouve envers ceux qui l’ont privé de la vie qu’il aurait dû avoir, il va être confronté à des vérités qui renverseront toutes les convictions qu’il avait…< Less
Serial Psychseeing (*|*) By My Melancholia
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This book was crafted in 2008 under Brian Spellman's pseudonym. I became interested in celebrity serial killer documentaries. All my videos specifically this one:... More > Called Bryan Calvin Hartnell & Zodiac. I'm convinced that Hartnell Lied to Sergeant Detective John Robertson at his Queen of The Valley Hospital Official Police Interview on September 27, 1969 I read a transcript of The Official Recorded Interview by M. Feurle and it made me sick. I swallowed 50 100MG Seroquel (QUEtiapine - an anti-psychotic embedded with a sleep additive), and Ingrezza, - involuntary muscle movements). My lungs were scraped of asphyxiated vomit!< Less
The Beauty of Melancholia By Laura Showler
Paperback: $9.10
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This book entwines the feelings of beauty and sadness to bring to you a collection of gentle and dark poetry written by Laura Showler.
Melancholia Falls By Vanessa de Sade
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The derelict cemetery at Melancholia Falls stands perilously close to a dark and sinister reservoir, its black water lapping menacingly at the crumbling mausoleums and headless angels. It is to this... More > desolate place that Ellie comes to live with her father, caretaker to the deserted necropolis that no-one visits, and the father and daughter's relationship soon begins to warp and mutate under the cloudless Georgia summer sky. But who is the pale-skinned young man in black who flits soundlessly between the tombstones, and why do the seasons never change and the birds never sing at Melancholia Falls? Find out in this highly erotic ghost story from master story-teller, Vanessa de Sade.< Less
Melancholia in Music By Sherlock Holmes
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Long thought lost, Sherlock Holmes' monograph on the Posthumous Motets of Orlandus Lassus can at last be printed. The musicologist and Sherlockian, Michael Procter, discovered Holmes' notes for the... More > essay in the Bavarian State Library; in this booklet he describes his discovery and introduces and annotates Holmes' study, with essays on Lassus & Melancholy, Holmes & Depression and references to Holmes' life and to the cases of the great detective.< Less
The Haunting Melancholia By Neelam Sinha
eBook (ePub): $19.99
A master piece by Author, each rhyme reveals a condition of human-mind standing on crossroad… love, ambition, confession, soul search & enlightenment… this is a heart of... More > human-being… CONFESSION: When I close my eyes I don’t feel happiness My heart is broken and I am in deep mess What is in my destiny, alas! I can’t even guess All I feel is torn, unclear and helplessness. …continue< Less
Melancholia: essays on clinical depression By Catherine O'Sullivan
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"Melancholia" is a collection of humorous, honest essays describing the syndrome of clinical depression, its treatments, medications, personality types at risk, and valuable information... More > about navigating Health Maintenence Organizations. I am a sufferer, having traveled the routes from dispair to sanity. These are my stories and insights.< Less
Melancholia (2) (from The Last Days of Summer) By Richard P John
eBook (PDF): $1.52
Melancholia (2), from The Last Days of Summer (2015) by Richard P John
Melancholic Pigeons By Loretta Ryan-Krawczyk
Paperback: $13.95
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The utter desolation of pigeons explored through the lens of a camera.

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