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Messin' With The Blues Harmonica Crossword Puzzles By Aaron Joy
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Writer, podcaster and bassist Aaron Joy presents his series of blues music crossword puzzle books, spinning off from his rock crossword book series. Each book looks at the bands, albums and general... More > history, including famous and indie musicians. Great for the fan, musician or history buff. At least 14 puzzles in each book. Visit the publisher to find all his books. This volume of 15 puzzles features the topics: Carey Bell, Billy Branch, Shakey Jake Harris, Sugar Blue, Slim Harpo, Charlie Musselwhite, Little Walter, Darrell Mansfield, Magic Dick, Paul deLay, Louisiana Red, Little Sonny, Big Walter Shakey Horton, Billy Boy Arnold, Grady Champion, Curtis Saldago, Sonny Terry, Jerry Portnoy, Snooky Pryor, Sonny Boy Williamson I, Paul Butterfield, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Junior Wells, John Popper & Blues Traveler, James Cotton.< Less
The Last Sunrise By Thom Poole
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This is the story of the short life of George Woods, known as Twiggy, a boy who grew up unnaturally fast, ripped from his friends and family in the fervour of patriotic duty. He died alone many, many... More > miles from home. The history books will tell you that the battle of Messines was one of the few successes in World War I, the meticulous planning and ruthless implementation destroyed the German lines, and their morale, allowing Allied troops to make great gains of territory. Success in war, however, is relative. There is always a human cost, and this is typified by the short, and rather insignificant life of Twiggy Woods. This story relives the trials and horrors that this naive, young New Zealander had to experience before being cut down, like so many others.< Less
The Garden of the Badhbh (Black and White Edition) By Giles Watson & Buffarches
Paperback: $5.62
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88 feet below Messines Ridge, an enormous charge of explosives lurks in the darkness, waiting to be detonated under the German trenches, whilst members of the Royal Irish Rifles prepare for the... More > attack. Sapper John McCreesh entertains himself and his fellow miners with stories of the Morrigan, the war-goddess of the ancient Irish: stories which hold up a disturbing mirror to the lives of the men around him. Corry-Burnett, a young Lance-Corporal, must lead a trench raid in order to ascertain whether German miners are aware of the imminent danger, but one of his men is already a shell-shock victim whose conviction has been shaken by violence. Meanwhile, Siobhan O’Flaherty, a nursing sister, copes on a daily basis with the horrific injuries and psychological traumas of the victims of war. Her brooding, enigmatic presence and her strange connection with a pair of ravens will intrigue and mystify readers, as her feminine strength is mustered in a world dominated and traumatised by masculine power.< Less
Alley Loo By C. E. Walz
Paperback: List Price: $11.99 $8.99 | You Save: 25%
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Down in the swamp where the black waters flow, it gets real spooky when the wind starts to blow; there's danger all around and a warning for you: "Don’t go messin' with Alley Loo!"... More > [Children's Picture Book (rated G for all ages and audiences) | released in ebook and print on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]< Less
Alley Loo By C. E. Walz
Hardcover: List Price: $19.99 $17.99 | You Save: 10%
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2008 DFP Awards Best Children's Book: Down in the swamp where the black waters flow, it gets real spooky when the wind starts to blow. There's danger all around and a warning for you:... More > "Don’t go messin' with Alley Loo!" [Children's Picture Book (Rated-G) | Released in 2009 on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.]< Less
VA4398UV By Virginia Overton
Paperback: $6.04
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This book chronicles VA4398UV, a project that I organized and participated in during the Summer of 2006. The inspiration for the project was an anti-littering public service announcement in... More > Tennessee in the 1970s. The muse was a dirty man who recklessly drove an old beat up white convertible from which he threw trash wildly. I have never forgotten Ed Bruce’s song that accompanied the commercial. Tennessee trash, messin’ up the highways, Tennessee trash, junkin’ up the by-ways. Lord there ain’t no lower class than Tennessee trash. Lord there ain’t no lower class than Tennessee trash.< Less
Horror in Providence By Jess Sage
Paperback: $23.50
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(The introduction) "Like i said there is no way real way of me explaining what exactly I experienced..Maybe Black Magic was involved I don't know I don't understand,.. but I know what I saw..I... More > try to see things logically but I gotta tell you this really has been really messin' with me for years. I really don't care if your a believer in this sort of stuff. But I feel the need to share it with you in the hopes that you could maybe explain what I saw? I don't know... all I gotta say is I lost friends and family because of what happened and I think I may have also lost my Damn Mind...< Less
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Documents consulaires, Lettres reçues par le chargé d’affaires du Roi à Malte au XVIIIème siècle, Tome Trois By Alain Blondy
Paperback: $44.75
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Ces volumes couvrent la correspondance reçue de Rome, Naples, Livourne, Espagne, Palerme, Messine. "Ce fonds de plus de 4.300 lettres, envoyées des consulats français... More > d’Italie ou d’Espagne, de villes ou d’îles grecques, des Echelles du Levant ou d’Afrique mais aussi de Marseille, Toulon et Paris; un fonds hétéroclite, inégal, tant les sujets traités sont variés, mais riche de cette diversité. Mais au-delà de cette relation détaillée de l’histoire qui se fait, ces lettres sont un vivant reflet des préoccupations de l’époque dans les ports de la Méditerranée. Certaines, comme le rachat d’esclaves chrétiens ou musulmans ont heureusement disparu. D’autres sont plus permanentes: l’âpreté du commerce, les aléas du transport maritime, les grandes ambitions et petites querelles. Combien de lettres ont été adressées à « l’homme du Roi » à Malte pour solliciter une place, une dispense ! Ces volumes confirment également la densité des relations, au XVIIIème siècle, de la France avec Malte."< Less
Le beau pays de Courcelles-Chaussy :Historique By jean-louis boreux
Hardcover: $38.90
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depuis la pérode de Néandertal jusqu'à nos jours, l'histoire de Metz déja capitale d'une grande tribu celte et devenue ensuite la ville la plus fortifiée du monde... More > maintenant capitale de la Lorraine mélangée et comparée avec l'histoire d'une bourgade très proche dans le pays messin< Less

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