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Freedom Trail By Brenda G. Unsworth
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When the president of the new republic is assassinated, the New Polity of Today takes over. Its young revolutionaries want to build a peaceful world that promises freedom for all. Unfortunately,... More > former support officers—also known as yellowcoats—have other ideas. War has broken out between the youth and yellowcoats. As rebels Slyster and Curane begin their quest to find others willing to join The New Polity of Today and help build a new world, they must battle the yellowcoats determined to stop them. As their journey guides them to meet Toska, a microbiologist, they are eventually led to an island where they discover a laboratory that houses living human tissue specifically for the creation of other human beings. Having made contact with alien sources during their journey, and as change looms in the distant future, only one question remains, where do they go from here? Freedom Trail is the tale of three revolutionaries in a dystopian world as they embark on a perilous journey to build a new future.< Less
Sergei Vinogradskii and the "Cycle of Life," 1850-1950 By Lloyd Ackert
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A scientific biography of Sergei Winogradsky (1856-1953), the Russian microbiologist who discovered the first autotrophic microorganisms and proposed the idea of chemosynthesis. Informed by the idea... More > of the "cycle of life" he promoted an ecological approach to soil microbiology.< Less
Sergei Vinogradskii and the "Cycle of Life," 1850-1950 By Lloyd Ackert
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A scientific biography of Sergei Winogradsky (1856-1953), the Russian microbiologist who discovered the first autotrophic microorganisms and proposed the idea of chemosynthesis. Informed by the idea... More > of the "cycle of life" he promoted an ecological approach to soil microbiology.< Less
Microarrays: Current Technology, Innovations and Applications By Zhili He
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-49-2 EAN 9781908230492 Written by expert authors this book is focused on current microarray technologies and their applications in environmental microbiology. Microarray... More > technologies and applications are introduced and microarray probe design, development and evaluation and data analysis are described in detail.Phylogenetic arrays (e.g., PhyloChip) and functional gene arrays (e.g., GeoChip). These generic tools for analyzing microbial communities from disparate environments, ecosystems, and habitats including soil, water, sediment, animals and humans, are described in detail with examples of specific applications. The authors also discuss the advantages and limitations of microarray technologies compared to high throughput sequencing technologies. This book is a valuable and useful source of information about microarrays for microbial community analysis and is recommended for anyone working on microbial communities, biofilms or environmental microbiology.< Less
Acanthamoeba: Biology and Pathogenesis (2nd edition) By Naveed Ahmed Khan
Hardcover: $289.71
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-50-8 EAN 9781908230508 This new edition is an essential reference text for parasitologists, microbiologists, immunologists, and physicians in the field of basic and... More > medical microbiology, as well as an invaluable reference for new and experienced researchers who wish to understand this organism better. This book is the definitive guide to current research on this increasingly important organism.< Less
Illustrated Dictionary of Parasitology in the Post-Genomic Era By Hany M. Elsheikha
Paperback: $223.40
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-67-8 EAN 9781910190678 With over 4500 entries and more than 170 figures this volume reflects recent, ground-breaking advances in parasitology research. The authors have... More > provided, in a single-volume, an up-to-date glossary of the terminology encountered in contemporary parasitology literature. The dictionary also covers many pertinent terms from related fields of veterinary medicine and life sciences, including microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, biotechnology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, zoonoses, public health, molecular biology, zoology, pharmaceutical science, environmental science, taxonomy and population genetics. This dictionary is highly recommended for students, academic staff, medical and veterinary professionals and life scientists, as well as for members of industrial establishments, governmental agencies and research foundations involved in research activities relating to parasitology and associated scientific fields.< Less
Microbial Ecology: Current Advances from Genomics, Metagenomics and Other Omics By Diana Marco
Hardcover: $243.89
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-912530-02-1 EAN 9781912530021 This book presents selected recent hot-topics in the application of advanced omics methods to the field of microbial ecology. Written by specialist... More > scientists under the experienced editorial guidance of Diana Marco, the book covers both the theoretical and applied aspects of microbial ecology. Topics include the investigation of the patterns, processes and mechanisms in microbial ecology, microbiome sequencing, soil microbiology, insular microbiogeography, sediment microbial communities, and wildlife microbial genomics and endocrinology. This timely volume is indispensable for scientific researchers, educators and advanced students interested in approaching the microbial ecology field by utilizing the most recent and advanced omics methods. The book is invaluable for everyone working in the field of microbial ecology and is recommended reading for all microbiologists.< Less
AGTC Biproducts Price List 2011/12 By R Russell
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UK price list for AGTC Bioproduct, supplier of: Reagents,FMOC Amino Acids,chemicals and Resins for peptide synthesis. we also supply custom peptides
Rapid Review Series By Sapan Desai
Paperback: $48.52
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Molecular and Micro - Biology / An International Edition By Prof.Ajit Pandya & kavya Pandya
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Molecular Biology - Introduction. Basics of ………Nucleic acids. Genetic material……..Nucleic acids DNA ………The Master code 3 D - Structure... More > of DNA Properties of DNA RNA………The Second Master code Central Dogma of Life……RNA based Replication of DNA DNA to RNA…….the Transcription Post transcriptional Modification Industrial applications of BT Translation…………………… Characteristics of the genetic Code. Post translational modifications Proteomics & Genomics Cell Theory & Cell Structure Biological evolutions… Mendel's Experiments. Bacterial as genetics RECOMBINAN DNA TECHNOLOGY Restriction enzymes o Microscope and Microscopy …… .. page 6 o Morphology & Structure of Bact o Nutrition of microbes …………..... o Stain, Dye, & Staining .…………... o PIGMENTED MICRO- WORLD….….… o SALIENT FEATURE& IMP OF MICROBS. o STERILIZATION & DISINFECTIONS… ..< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
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