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Laboratory Manual Book for Medical Biotechnology By Ali H Altimimi
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The wide concept of"biotechnology" encompasses a wide range of procedures for modifying living organisms according to human purposes, going back to domestication of animals, cultivation of... More > the plants, and "improvements" to these through breeding programs that employ artificial selection and hybridization. Modern usage also includes genetic engineering ,cell and tissue culture technologies. The American Chemical Society defines biotechnology as the application of biological organisms, systems, or processes by various industries to learning about the science of life and organisms. Eur.Fed. of Biot. stated that biotechnology is the integration of natural science and organisms, cells, parts thereof, and molecular analogues for products and services.Biotechnology also writes on the pure biological sciences (animal cell culture, biochemistry, cell biology, embryology, genetics, microbiology, and molecular biology). In many instances, it is also dependent on knowledge and methods from outside the sphere of biology.< Less
Antibiotics: Current Innovations and Future Trends By Sergio Sánchez
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-54-6 EAN 9781908230546 In this timely book respected international experts summarize the most important research to provide a timely overview of the field. Opening... More > chapters define 'antibiotic', explain why we need new compounds, outline the applications of antibiotics, both old and new, and describe the producing microbes. These are followed by chapters that cover antibiotic resistance, toxicity, overuse, new antimicrobial sources, new targets, novel technologies for antibiotic discovery (e.g. silent gene clusters), lantibiotics, natural antivirals, new macrolide derivatives, and antibiotics in the pipeline. This book is essential reading for everyone working in antimicrobial research in academia, biotechnology companies, and the pharmaceutical industry and a recommended volume for all microbiology libraries.< Less
The Explorers By Greg Farrell
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Students in 6th grade Science classes participated in this year's ExploraVision competition sponsored by the National Science Teachers Association and Toshiba. They designed a technology that they... More > envisioned to be available for the next 20 years and described through an essay the design process, the breakthroughs and the consequences of the future technology that they designed.” Students in Microbiology worked over the course of a marking period to develop research proposals. In their proposals they needed to introduce, propose, and justify an initiative (ex. Creating an educational awareness campaign) or research study (ex. Gaining further insight on disease pathogenesis) to address one of the many neglected tropical diseases. These include diseases such as Rabies, Leprosy, Lymphatic Filariasis (aka Elephantiasis), and Trachoma. Dengue Virus, Yaws, Chagas, and Schistosomiasis are featured in this issue.< Less
The Cell Biology of Cyanobacteria By Enrique Flores & Antonia Herrero
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Hardback: ISBN 978-1-908230-38-6 EAN 9781908230386 In this book, leading senior scientists and young researchers review the current key topics in cyanobacterial cell biology to provide a timely... More > overview. Topics covered include: historical background; cell division; the cell envelope; the thylakoid membrane; protein targeting, transport and translocation; chromatic acclimation; the carboxysome; glycogen as a dynamic storage of photosynthetically fixed carbon; cyanophycin; gas vesicles; motility in unicellular and filamentous cyanobacteria; cellular differentiation in filamentous cyanobacteria; and cell-cell joining proteins in heterocyst-forming cyanobacteria. This cutting-edge text will provide a valuable resource for all those working in this field and is recommended for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Parasitology for Medical,Health and Science Students By Ali H Altimimi
eBook (PDF): $399.99
Medical parasitology traditionally has included the study of three major groups of animals: parasitic protozoa, parasitic helminths (worms), and those arthropods that directly cause disease or act as... More > vectors of various pathogens. A parasite is a pathogen that simultaneously injures and derives sustenance from its host. Some organisms called parasites are actually commensals, in that they neither benefit nor harm their host (for example, Entamoeba coli). Although parasitology had its origins in the zoologic sciences, it is today an interdisciplinary field, greatly influenced by microbiology, immunology, biochemistry, and other life sciences.The book has been divided into four sections. The first is an introductory section describing the terminology and general principles of parasitological studies. Then there are two sections: Protozoology and Helminthology. In each section the parasites of man have been classified and described under the following headings.< Less
Managing Food Safety - Volume 1: Food Hygiene By Matthias Kausch
Hardcover: $102.36
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In this first of two volumes of Managing Food Safety: A Guide for Food Safety Managers in Retail and Catering, the author discusses best hygiene practice and ways to achieve it in business. The book... More > gives detailed background information as well as practical tips and tools on the central topics of food hygiene: Microbiology, personal hygiene, structural hygiene, operational hygiene, food safety management, training management and food safety legislation and law enforcement in Ireland. Designed as a course manual to accompany the MKRMS Managing Food Hygiene Course, this book is the ideal companion for every food safety manager in retail and catering. The included case studies and exercises make this book the ideal self-study textbook for food safety managers and supervisors. Hardcover edition with extra wide margins for easy note-taking!< Less
Microbial Biodegradation: From Omics to Function and Application By Jerzy Długoński
Paperback: $226.08
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-45-6 EAN 9781910190456 In this timely book, expert authors critically review the most important current research in this exciting field. Topics include the genomics,... More > metagenomics and metatranscriptomics of biodegradation, molecular markers in biodegradation, metabolomics and crucial enzymes, proteomics in metabolic pathways inspection, lipidomics in microbial adaptation to toxic compounds, degradation of endocrine disrupting compounds, dyes decolourisation and degradation, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation, biosurfactants enhancement factors, degradation of volatile compounds, heavy metals removal, and examples of the applications of recent research. Essential reading for scientists working in the field of microbial degradation and bioremediation and recommended reading for everyone interested in environmental microbiology, biotechnology and molecular biology.< Less
Cyanobacteria: Omics and Manipulation By Dmitry A. Los
Paperback: $226.05
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-55-5 EAN 9781910190555 Topics covered: The cyanobacterial core-genome with a focus on secondary metabolites; cyanobacterial evolution; genomics of NRPS/PKS biosynthetic... More > gene clusters; RNA-seq based transcriptomic analysis of single cyanobacterial cells; transcriptomics of the responses: genes, sensors, and molecular triggers; transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of diurnal cycles in nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria; proteomic analysis of post translational modifications; metabolic engineering and systems biology for free fatty acid production; isoprene production; ethanol production: impact of omics of the model organism Synechocystis on yield enhancement; engineering of alkane production; photoautotrophic polyhydroxyalkanoate production. This cutting-edge text will serve as a valuable resource for all those working in this field and is recommended for all microbiology libraries.< Less
Bacterial Evasion of the Host Immune System By Pedro Escoll
Paperback: $223.55
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-69-2 EAN 9781910190692 In this volume expert authors critically review the most important current research in this exciting field. Topics include: the seven most... More > important bacterial secretion systems; within-host envelope remodelling; subversion of macrophages; pathogen manipulation of host autophagy; mechanisms involved in sensing and restriction of bacterial replication; mechanisms of evasion by Salmonella; evasion strategies of mycobacteria; and role of Cyclic di-GMP in virulence and evasion of plant immune systems. This text is essential reading for everyone involved in bacterial pathogenesis research and an invaluable reference work for those working in fields as diverse as medicine, biotechnology, agriculture, food and industry. A recommended acquisition for all microbiology laboratories.< Less
Pathogenic Escherichia coli: Evolution, Omics, Detection and Control By Pina M. Fratamico
Paperback: $223.50
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-910190-77-7 EAN 9781910190777 Under the expert guidance of the editors in this book, renowned international authors provide timely and up-to-date reviews of current cutting-edge... More > E. coli omics, molecular- and cellular-biology research. Topics range from E. coli genome plasticity and evolution to the application of omics technologies for in silico modeling to understand stress-triggered physiological responses. This authoritative volume is essential reading for scientists, both experts and students, working on pathogenic E. coli in academia, government, and biotechnology companies. It is also a must-read for anyone with an interest in bacterial pathogenesis and an important acquisition for all microbiology libraries.< Less

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